Salads and Grain Bowls

Salads and Grain Bowls

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Maki-San (The Cathay), The Daily Cut (One Raffles Place), Haakon Superfoods & Juice ([email protected]), Toss & Turn (ION Orchard), Old Hen Kitchen, Dosirak ([email protected]), Wheat Baumkuchen (Raffles City), Cedele Bakery Cafe (Velocity), Urban Mix (One Raffles Place)
Anne Tay
Anne Tay

This salad comes with a large amount of greens, seared tuna, quail eggs with runny centers, olives, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, dried cranberries and a light passion fruit dressing. I liked how the tuna wasn’t as salty as in other places. Good for a light lunch, and probably the healthiest option on the menu.

Almost every ingredient I’ve tried at Daily Cut is excellent. My favourite in this bowl were the balsamic-glazed carrots, which were tender and very well seasoned with balsamic, and the charred broccoli, which were cooked till they were very soft yet retaining a firm bite. The sirloin steak was juicy, flavourful, and not fatty.

Bases: mashed purple sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce
Protein: sirloin steak (+$0.75)
Supplements: balsamic-glazed carrots, brussels sprouts, charred broccoli (+$1 for extra supplement)
Topping: crispy garlic chips
Dressing: lime squeeze

I was in the mood for a carby creamy salad, so went to Plain Vanilla and got a mix of 2 salads in small size (petite is $6, small is $12, large is $18). One of them had orrechiette and carrots. The other had kale, red rice, pumpkin, edamame, pine nuts, pistachios, feta cheese and an avocado dressing. Both were creamy and delicious, the kale salad more so.

Trying out the new winter menu. There are some nice warm earthy items on the menu. I really liked the turkey breast, which was unexpectedly moist and juicy. The brussels sprouts and carrots were beautifully tender. I couldn’t taste any orange in the beetroot and orange salad, and I would have preferred the mashed sweet potatoes less milky, but I still liked them. The only thing I didn’t like was the cranberry compote which was very sweet.

Bases: mashed purple sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce
Protein: turkey breast (+$0.75)
Supplements: balsamic-glazed carrots, beetroot and orange salad, brussels sprouts
Topping: croutons
Dressing: cranberry compote

Cedele has always given consistent tasty salads over the years. Today’s portion was especially huge! The ingredients were all moist and juicy and went well together.

Base: mixed base of romaine lettuce and soba
Protein: falafel
Sides: pumpkin, corn, tofu, wakame seaweed
Dressing: lemon mustard

Tried different ingredients from my usual and was pleased to find that they were just as delicious as my usual choices. The shirataki noodles were the least of my favourites – cold and tasteless, but then they’re zero calorie. I mixed the furikake into them which improved their taste significantly. I remember not like the beetroot hummus when I first tried it a few years ago, but they’ve improved it, making it creamier and tastier than before. Wakame and broccoli were both very tasty, and I liked how the broccoli was tender.

Base: shirataki noodles (+$0.50)
Protein: white fish
Sides: wakame seaweed, beetroot hummus, steamed broccoli
Topping: furikake
Dressing: ginger ponzu

Why is Toss & Turn always sold out by dinner time? It’s been like that every time I’ve patronised it for the last 6 years. I went there at 6pm this time, and several of the salad options and all the soups were already sold out. It’s a pity because Toss & Turn serves good food. I really liked the roasted vegetables, which surprisingly were available as a base. They’re nicely roasted so that they’re solid yet soft, and retain plenty of their natural juices. Also loved the mushrooms and tofu, and how the ingredients were moist but not oily.

Base: roasted vegetables, linguine
Protein: salmon (+$2), portobello mushroom
Sides: edamame, shimeiji mushrooms, tofu
Topping: furikake
Dressing: honey mustard (I didn’t use this)

There’s quite a number of unique ingredients here, in particular several Japanese-inspired ones. Of the ingredients I chose, I particularly liked the mushrooms. Sweet potato noodles made a nice unique base too. This is much cheaper than many other salad bowls, although the portion of ingredients is also less than in other places. The staff were fantastic, enthusiastic and eager to serve.

Base: sweet potato noodles
Crunch: seaweed strips, bonito furikake
Protein: seared yuzu tuna
Toppings: roasted ‘shrooms, tender tamago, pickled lotus
Sauce: gochujang

I liked the hefty and well-grilled piece of salmon. Chicken breast was ok, not as tough as some other places but could be more tender. Really liked the chopped broccoli and cauliflower, which come in small cubes, and the mushrooms.

Base: chopped broccoli and cauliflower (+$0.50)
Proteins: grilled salmon fillet, grilled chicken breast
Sides: wakame, asparagus, beetroot, mushrooms

Accidentally ordered 2 servings of mashed sweet potatoes, which was tasty but extremely filling! The dory was unexpectedly spicy. Vegetables were all very good, I especially enjoyed the broccoli and mushrooms. I also liked the crunchy and sweet coconut flakes.

Base: mashed sweet potatoes x2
Protein: dory
Sides: broccoli, brussel sprouts, king oyster mushrooms
Dressing: mint
Topping: toasted coconut flakes

For some reason, today’s bowl wasn’t as satisfying as my urban mix bowls usually are. The lettuce was stale, the fish was dry and had no taste of miso or ginger, and the portions weren’t as big as usual. Also they no longer have my favourite rainbow rice vegetables. Hopefully today’s bowl was just a fluke as I usually like urban mix!

Base: romaine lettuce
Protein: miso ginger dory
Side salad: crab mayo
Toppings: feta (+$0.50), beetroot, seaweed salad
Dressing: smoky BBQ

Tried out the new fall menu. It’s interesting that they give you a choice of roast chicken in white, dark or mixed. Everything was flavourful, from the broccoli to the chicken to the quinoa. The mint dressing was interesting: brown, not green like I expected, and thicker and richer than I expected.

Base: quinoa, romaine lettuce
Protein: roast chicken (mixed)
Sides: brussel sprouts, broccoli
Topping: pomegranate
Dressing: mint

Anne Tay

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