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Salads and Grain Bowls

Salads and Grain Bowls

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Maki-San (The Cathay), The Daily Cut (One Raffles Place), Haakon Superfoods & Juice ([email protected]), Dosirak ([email protected]), Urban Mix (One Raffles Place), SaladStop! (Velocity), Stuff'd (City Square Mall), Simply Wrapps (Plaza Singapura), Munch (One Raffles Place)
Anne Tay
Anne Tay

Accidentally ordered 2 servings of mashed sweet potatoes, which was tasty but extremely filling! The dory was unexpectedly spicy. Vegetables were all very good, I especially enjoyed the broccoli and mushrooms. I also liked the crunchy and sweet coconut flakes.

Base: mashed sweet potatoes x2
Protein: dory
Sides: broccoli, brussel sprouts, king oyster mushrooms
Dressing: mint
Topping: toasted coconut flakes

For some reason, today’s bowl wasn’t as satisfying as my urban mix bowls usually are. The lettuce was stale, the fish was dry and had no taste of miso or ginger, and the portions weren’t as big as usual. Also they no longer have my favourite rainbow rice vegetables. Hopefully today’s bowl was just a fluke as I usually like urban mix!

Base: romaine lettuce
Protein: miso ginger dory
Side salad: crab mayo
Toppings: feta (+$0.50), beetroot, seaweed salad
Dressing: smoky BBQ

Tried out the new fall menu. It’s interesting that they give you a choice of roast chicken in white, dark or mixed. Everything was flavourful, from the broccoli to the chicken to the quinoa. The mint dressing was interesting: brown, not green like I expected, and thicker and richer than I expected.

Base: quinoa, romaine lettuce
Protein: roast chicken (mixed)
Sides: brussel sprouts, broccoli
Topping: pomegranate
Dressing: mint

Unintentionally similar to the previous bowl I posted, but with a few swaps. I loved this bowl. The sweet potatoes were creamy and naturally sweet. The zucchini was soft yet firm and not oily. The dory was well cooked so it was moist and smooth.

Base: lettuce medley, mashed sweet potatoes
Protein: lemon butter dory
Sides: egg whites, zucchini
Toppings: green raisins
Dressing: ponzu

This was disappointingly mediocre, especially at this price. The cauliflower rice was undercooked and tasteless, and I had to mix it with the hummus to make it palatable. The falafel was extremely dry, hard and crumbly. I liked the sides, but they weren’t special.

Base: cauliflower ryce
Protein: baked falafel with caramelised onions
Sides: brusselsprout and jicama salad with cranberries, turmeric cauliflower
Dollop: hummus

I love the warm ingredients here, and it isn’t too expensive either. The dory was surprisingly juicy. I seldom find egg whites in other grain bowl places, and make it a point to always get them at TDC. The honey sesame cauliflower had a nice sweet sauce, and the king oyster mushrooms were nicely chewy.

Bases: lettuce medley, mashed sweet potatoes
Protein: lemon butter dory
Sides: egg whites, honey sesame cauliflower, king oyster mushrooms (+$1 for extra side)
Topping: green raisins
Dressing: raita

In my humble opinion, Haakon’s cauliflower rice and scrambled eggs set it far above many other grain bowls. The cauliflower rice, which you can get at no additional charge, is well seasoned, and the scrambled eggs are so beautifully silky and smooth. The other ingredients are good too, and this was a very satisfying lunch.

Base: cauliflower rice
Main: baked salmon (+$ 2)
Sides: scrambled egg (+$0.50), charred corn, mango and tomato salsa
Topping: furikake
Dressing: ginger ponzu

Had a make-your-own salad with shrimps, which were an additional $3.30. Did not really like this salad. The vegetables were stale, and the shrimps were soggy, tough and tasted like they had gone slightly bad. Service was poor too, with the server impatiently barking out instructions.

I enjoyed this grain bowl, with its different options for bases and proteins, the wide range of warm and cold sides, and interesting mandatory dips in addition to a sauce. There are options for every taste and preference. I particularly liked the addition of lentils to the cauliflower rice, all of the warm sides which were tender and well-cooked without being oily, and the tangy beetroot chipotle. The price I’ve stated here is before the 25% discount with Entertainer.

Base: cauliflower rice and lentils (+$1)
Protein: sous vide chicken breast
Sides: fried eggplants, roasted pumpkin, charred cauliflower
Garnish: furikake
Dip: beetroot chipotle
Sauce: pineapple tamarind

I really like the current season specials. The eggplant and tofu in particular are delicious, and the hard boiled egg is big and with a nice substantial bite. The smoked salmon was a little too salty today.

Protein: smoked salmon
Sides: broccoli, hard boiled egg, sesame tofu, sautéed carrots, turkish eggplant
Sauce: smoky BBQ

I refrigerated this and had it chilled the next day, and it was refreshingly good! I swapped out the rice for tofu, and got cubes of semi-firm marinated tofu. The tofu, beanspouts and pickled cucumber all tasted like things you’d get as banchan in Korean restaurants. My favourite things in the bowl were the tender seared salmon, the crunchy beansprouts, the nicely seasoned cucumber, and the tofu. I didn’t use the sauce as I tried a little and it was rather salty, and the ingredients tasted good on their own.

Main: soy citrus salmon
Sides: beansprouts, carrot, corn, pickled cucumber, spinach
Base: tofu (+$2)
Sauce: soy garlic jang

Main: seared tuna
Base: cauliflower rice (+$3)
Sides: corn, onion, beansprouts, spinach, cabbage
Sauce: soy garlic jang

Loved this bowl so much! I actually forgot to add the sauce and didn’t realise because the ingredients were already tasty on their own. I liked the cauliflower rice the most, which was warm and nicely seasoned. The tuna was perfectly seared. The vegetables were all fresh.

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Anne Tay

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