Casual Dining

Casual Dining

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Clement & Ashley
Clement & Ashley

A generous serving of tender pork with savory marinade wrapped in mildly crispy quesadillas, this hearty starter whetted our appetite for what was to come!

This was our second time at Steakgrill and we ordered the Ribeye. The meat was amazing and juicy and cooked to medium-rare perfectly. The mac-and-cheese was not to be outdone either. Below the crusty, golden-brown outer layer was oozing cheesy goodness. What a perfect dish!

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Came here because of the burpple 1 for 1 deal and it was really worth it! The menu has many unique choices, which you can’t find in other KBBQ places, such as lychee pork belly, bak kwa pork belly and many more! The food is also pretty decent! I highly recommend the black pepper fish and garlic pork belly, it was a hot favourite for my party. The buffet also comes with icecream and there were 8 flavours (if I recall correctly), which was a nice touch to end the meal off!

The only bad thing is that the place is a little smokey and the floors are quite oily, but it didn’t really bother us. Overall, a great value for money meal and will definitely go again!

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Smoked hay semifreddo, chocolate textures

For those of you wondering “what’s a semifreddo?”, trust me I thought that too. But essentially it’s pretty similar to icecream (the difference being that this is suppose to be a little creamier). This was such a great way to end of the 5 course meal! The semi-dark chocolate and the smoked flavour really balanced the dish well with the creamy and sweet semifreddo! Surprisingly, I really loved the smokey flavour, it added another dimension to the dessert which made it stand out from many ice creams out there. The chocolate shards were a great addition for a contrast in textures, would highly recommend!

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Smoked duck breast, pomme aligot, beet root gel, burnt leeks

Was pleasantly surprised when this was presented to us, the adorable dots of sauces on the duck was so cute! The duck itself was very savoury and the the sweetness of the beet root gel and the black pepper sauce(?) complimented it extremely well! The aligot was decent as well, but the only thing I would say is that the cheese flavour was not as strong as I had hoped, but nonetheless, still a great mashed potato!

Dashi risotto with seaweed powder

Not the best looking dish, but don’t looks fool you! The risotto seemed to completely soak up the dashi stock and tasted pretty unique! Full of flavour, but not too overpowering. Somehow it tasted pretty homey :)


Charred cauliflower, hummus and furikake
If you’re someone who doesn’t fancy cauliflower, you’d be surprised when tasting this! The tastiest rendition of cauliflower that I’ve ever eaten. The furikake makes the dish very palatable and the creamy hummus complements all the flavours. You’ll never look the same way at cauliflower again!

Used the burpple 1 for 1 deal for the $80 5 course menu, and I must say it far exceeded my expectations! Great value, great food with their own unique spin. Very small restaurant with a cosy ambience as well, really great for dates.

The first course was the truffle capellini which was pretty flavourful and just the right amount of creamy such that it wouldn’t be too jelat. I love the addition of ikura as it adds little bursts of umami with every bite! Mushrooms were also very well done!


Decided to try this unassuming place out because of the burpple 1 for 1, but it greatly exceeded our expectations! We ordered the truffle pork chops with mac and cheese as our mains and the pork was quite tender and went well with the truffle cream sauce! The mac and cheese was very cheesy and much better than those nacho cheese based mac and cheese that other western places typically serve.

However, what stole the show was the appetisers! We ordered the home curled bacon thicks ($7) and the queso fries ($9). These completely blew us away! The bacon thicks were so flavourful and tender and the fat completely melted in our mouths 😋, I’ve never had anything quite like it! The jalapeno cheese that came with the fries was really creamy and tasty as well. It perfectly complemented the crispy fries (they were also awesome plain). The fries also came with bits of grilled beef which was a nice surprise and very tender - an indication of how their steaks would be (will try this soon!).

Overall, great food and value for money! I would highly recommend! 👍🏼

Truly a hidden gem! The cubanos are awesome! We had the pulled beef brisket ($9.90) and the Ribeye cheesesteak ($10.90) cubanos and they were both delicious. The bread was crispy on the outside and soft within and the filling was so flavourful! Will definitely be back for more!

Went on a weekday and it was pretty quiet and had a nice ambience! The food was just alright, nothing to scream about. However, if you are using burpple beyond, it’s very value for money! Also, a nice place to chill (they had a pool table!)

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Really interesting concept that lets you customise your very own pizzas! They have a wide variety of toppings (and so many different types of cheese, which is great for cheese lovers like me!). They don’t limit the number of toppings you request as well, which is insane! Pizzas are well made with good crust as well. Highly recommended! (And also super affordable with burpple beyond)

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We love food!

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