Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

The staple food of Singapore. If u cant get this right, just close your shop thanks
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Theres plenty of chicken rice stalls here at bendemeer market & food centre.

This is one of the better ones.


2nd time eating this chicken rice.

Value for money.

Overflow with complimentary bean sprouts.

And the very generous serving of chicken meat.

I just paid $5 form what u seen above.

And the chilli, was quite explosive, please consume in moderation. My tongue was still in trouble even after downing a large soya bean milk drink.

The soya sauce chicken was quite good.

The char siew and roasted pork was kinda disappointing.

The sambal damn shiok.

The tomato fried rice so so only. Will go for chicken rice instead next time.

Skin is expectedly crispy.


Tong kee was previously stationed at commonwealth hawker centre along Margaret drive, which was just beside my secondary school.

The roasted chicken was juicy, left the juicy skin last.



Looks messy, but it's so delicious.

The roasted pork was crispy as well.

Was initially disappointed that fatty cheong was closed. But this alternative is good substitute.

I would think so.

Chilli good

Rice good

Chicken good

It's all good. Certainly one of the better chicken rice in sg.

At least here, it's not as crowded as at Maxwell.

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The meat is only so so

The chilli was too watery.

Thumbs down

It's only $8 for half of this crispy roasted chicken at this outlet. Other outlets are at $13++

The chilli at boon tong kee has always been awesome.

I have been eating plenty of chicken rice, and I can confidently say that Boon tong kee definitely has the best chilli in Singapore.

The sauce is quite sweet. Overall the chicken is superb. Fantastic even.

But I am not a fan of their chilli. Its too sweet for my liking.

Chicken was fresh and juicy.

Long queue during lunch time

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The nasi goreng was not cooked long enough. Doesn't have the brownish texture.

But I will say, their blanchan is damn awesome.

Their signature dish.

The chicken is super fresh.

Ginger tasted good.

But their chicken rice chilli needs improvement.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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