Chicken Rice/noodles

Chicken Rice/noodles

The staple food of Singapore. If u cant get this right, just close your shop thanks
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Awesome chicken rice without the Maxwell Crowd.

Same gold standard as maxwell.

Love the thick sauce drenching the white chicken.

Chicken always tender and fresh here.

5/5 rating for me all day long

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YY Kafei Dian is a very popular coffee shop serving hainanese fair. Came down on a Sunday lunch time, and was presented with a long queue, have to chop table first before joining the snaking queue.

The most important must have dish at any hainanese food establishment, is the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The Chicken was surprisingly very good, I dare to say can fight for champions league places of my chicken rice league table.

Chicken tasted quite good, meat was tender, sauce was quite thick, but has a light savoury taste.

Chilli was only ok I feel, but the chicken was really good.

I will return to try their Ee Mee and Hainanese Pork Chops next time.

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There are 2 curry chicken noodles stall here at Hong Lim Market. Both are good, so no need to compare.

Heng kee opening hours are shorter though, so it was more elusive to me as I work 8-7 daily.

By choosing drumstick option, it will set u back $9.

Chicken was fresh and tender.

Fish cake was bouncy. Potato was soft.

Chilli was shiok.

Overall, really excellent bowl of curry chicken noodle.

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The only thing I like about this chicken rice is that the chilli was quite good.

The chicken looked very bland and the taste of it was bland as well.

The curry puff and goreng pisang here is very good thou, so if u are passing by, u should get it. I especially like the goreng pisang.

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This is really damn cheap. $4 for entire Leg + Hor Fun.

Hor fun also quite good with the chilli.

Chicken is soft and tender and the soya sauce soak skin was also very very good.

This store was featured on Food King.

Used to eat this weekly back when I was staying at clementi. The queue is still as long as 4 years back during dinner time.

Chicken is soft and tender and sauce is flavourful.

No wonder still as popular.

$9.40 for the entire chicken leg+ egg + rice.

Returned today for their soya sauce chicken.

Chicken is consistently soft and tender.

Certainly one of the best soya sauce chicken I ever had.


Recalled queuing over 1/2 hour the last time I was here a few years back. Due to their opening hours, only possible for me to come here on my off days.

This time around, still the same, long queue during a weekday lunch time.

The roasted chicken was soft and tender. And the roasted chicken skin was damn shiok.

Always noticed a long snaking everytime I come to geylang bahru for lunch.

Finally, a shorter queue has presented this opportunity for me to try.

Quite generous amount if meat was given and there's complimentary tau gei under the chicken as well.

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After ogling at my hor fun, my wife ask me get another one for her as it tastes so good and is so value for money.

Decided to get the noodles version. The noodle was springy.

Chicken standard is consistent, soft and tender like the previous bowl.

Unbelievable price, for this entire chicken leg+ Hor fun, only $4.

Queue was quite long during weekend lunch time.

Chicken was soft and tender. The meat easily slides of the bone.

The chilli was quite good and mix quite well with the hor fun.

Overall a very filling bowl of hor fun.

Have been around since the 1960s, Lee Fun Nam Kee has been around for over half a century.

The soya sauce chicken is definitely one of the best around in Singapore. They may even have been the originator of the Singapore style soya sauce chicken(according to their Web page)

Their chicken is soft and tender, even their chicken breast was soft and easy to eat. Their soya sauce is also just as awe-inspiring as their chicken.

The staff here are also very friendly and the place just have a very homely feel.


Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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