Chicken Rice/noodles

Chicken Rice/noodles

The staple food of Singapore. If u cant get this right, just close your shop thanks
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Evertop Hainanese chickennrice has been opened here at clementi ave 2 for over a decade already at least.

The chicken rice here has always been consistently good.

Chicken was tender and sauce was flavourful.

The chilli also good here

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Very Old school chicken rice stall, instantly felt I was transported back to the 90s.

Located at Old quiet neighbourhood at Jalan Rumah Tinggi.

Chicken rice here is rather good. The sauce is not very flavourful, but the chicken was fresh and tender. Rice was damn flavourful

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El dente noodles.

Soft and tender soya sauce chicken. One of the better ones I ever had.

Expect Long Queues.

Hard to find parking during meal times

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Very Value for money.

Good portions of all 3 meats and all tasted above average.

Comes with vegetable and salted Egg too.

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De Ji has a few outlets around SG, and their signature dish, is definitely their Soya Sauce Chicken.

Their Chicken is so tender, the meat really slides off from each bite.

Their Noodles also good, el dente.

Lastly, price is affordable as well, $10 for half a chicken.


Indeed 1 of the best Roasted Chicken I ever had. The Chicken was well marinated and Roasted with some herbs.

Meat was tender and moist. But their Roasted skin us too damn good.


The steam Chicken here is quite good.

Chicken is tender. And the sauce was rather good. Can try.

But their roasted chicken here is the star, one of the best roasted chicken I ever had.


Michelin Chicken Rice at such affordable prices.

Chicken was tender and moist. Rice was quite good.

But what really was damn good for me, is their chilli, got strong ginger taste. Shiok.

Very long queue though, came at 11am on Sunday, and already got over 15 person in front of me.

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RedRing specialty, is their Chicken Cutlet Noodles.

Their Noodles were springy and el dente. The gravy though it was watery, was rather flavourful. Had the spicy version, was it was only a small kick.

The Chicken Cutlet definitely good. Crispy and tender.


Rice was very flavourful

Chicken was tender.

Chilli was on point, spicy.

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There's a wide Variety of food at this "Food Court" here at Dignity Kitchen

Gets very crowded during lunch time, and I am glad they have expanded their seating capacities.

The chicken Rice stall has been around at diginity kitchen since it opened.

The Rice was fragrant, Chicken was tender and flavourful. Their Chilli and Ginger Sauces were on point as well.


Chicken rice here is quite good.

Chicken was tender and the chicken skin was damn shiok. Rice was fragrant and the chilli was good as well.

They also have zhi char here, and their assam Fish head was quite solid also, which i had the previous time I was here.


Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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