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Keto Friendly

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Fat Belly Alternative Steakhouse, boCHINche, Breko Café, Enjoy Eating House and Bar (Jalan Besar), Plentyfull (Millenia Walk), Sideways, The Public Izakaya by Hachi, The Daily Cut (One Raffles Place)
Katherine Catapang
Katherine Catapang

Had the Denver and Deckle steak cut. Preferred the Deckle cut as it was tender and much juicier than the Denver. Steak was pleasant, however it was overly salted, making every bite an unpleasant thirst quencher. Perhaps the salt level on the meats as well as the salt provided at the side could be toned down. Alternatively, customers could also be given an option to request for salt or no salt to be sprinkled on the meat. It would have been a better overall experience to savour the actual flavours of the wagyu beef than to let the meats be overwhelmed by the salt provided.

Also ordered the truffle fries that were nicely crisp and sautéed mushrooms that were very chewy and flavorful. While the sides were tasty, the overall meal left an unpalatable taste in my mouth after due to the extremely high sodium content.

Ended off the meal with a Basque burnt cheesecake that had a gooey centre with a sweet and tangy berry sauce. While the experience was marred by the overwhelming savoury flavours of the meal, it was still a decent delicious meal.

Chef Joel's Brandy White Fish Soup, smooth white collagen rich fish soup that is achieved through hours of preparation with no milk added (concentrated fish stock from fish bones which Chef Joel shared that he uses 1 fish for only 2 bowls of soup!) 👍🏻

One of the dish that is great for sharing! Presentation on point and well sliced up. Dipping sauce is great too! #shiok

Love the sear and sambal rub on the surface of the brisket which really enhances its natural flavor. The meat boast of an outstanding flavor and exceptional juiciness. The caramelised shallot is creamy and rich, with a subtle sweetness. It really shone greatly in this dish. I like the creative ways the restaurant uses plant is its dishes. You also get the nicely charred grilled pardon peppers as accompaniment! Every component is so thoughtful and yummy!

Stewed to yield fork tender perfection, crowned on a pool of mint yogurt garnished with green olive, chilli tapenade, buckwheat and jicama.
📸 & 📝 @whatjeanneats
Location: The Botanic @thebotanicrestaurant 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-22A, Singapore 179103
#thebotanicrestaurant #burpple#burpplesg

I ordered the Lemon pepper chicken ($10.50) with 2 complementary sides. The broccoli and sauteed brussels are always my to-go sides😅😊 ahahaha because the portion is big and i love vegetables!! Other sides i recommend are the spinach sesame salad and cinnamon pumpkin!! Shall try the baked olive rice next time when i want carbs~

I found that the chicken didnt had any lemon nor pepper flavour and was a tad salty for my liking. Shall not order the chicken from isteaks anymore... quite disappointing. Hahaha i think their salmon is really nice because they cooked till medium well (the salmon remains soft and moist) and their steaks are really affordable. I also love their pork ribeye because the sauce is flavourful and the meat isnt too dry or hard.

Nonetheless, this is my favourite to go place for western food because i find it really affordable (prices are inclusive of gst and there isnt service charge). Furthermore, there are a plethora of sides to choose from such as cheesy cauliflower, garlic butter eggplant and even mac&cheese which is one of their popular sides.

Worth it: 4/5
Taste: 3.75/5 (because it really depends on what you order so i cant really give it a 4 since not every dish is nice)
Ratings: 7.75/10 (the dishes there are either a hit or a miss but for the price point and affordability i would really recommend it!! Their quality is WAY BETTER than astons. Astons was my childhood western meal because it used to be very cheap and affordable to us students...but their prices keep increasing and standard keep dropping☻) haha

No go
Can go
Must go😊


💵: $5

📈: 6.5/10

🤔: A normal bokchoy, not much to comment on. Probably a healthier version compared to tze char stores as these were blanched in water instead of being stir-fried.

Burnt Chilli Chicken 2.0 ($10+):
Chicken was very flavorful with many depths of flavor coming from the burnt chilli, kaffir lime leave, ginger and some other ingredients. Goes well with their chilli sauce and shiny rice!

We ordered Blackened Barramundi and Pork Belly and both were good! ⁣

Super love the pork belly fats 🤣, it was very soft! Barramundi was good and fresh too but the sauce were inclined towards being sweet. Avocado was super good and fresh as well! ⁣

We also ordered an additional rye sourdough which was yummy too! It came with butter and olive oil+vinegar to go along with your sourdough. ⁣

If only Burpplebeyond is entitled to choose other main dishes as well! But still a super yummy and satisfied meal, we’ll be back! ⁣Staff was super friendly and helpful too~

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Glad i ordered this as it was mainly due to curiosity on how good asparagus could actually be. Portion of the burrata definitely seems reduced compared to reviews by other burpplers previously, thus it was found a bit wanting but flavour was there.

The asparagus were seasoned and spiced very nicely, and the cook was essentially perfect as well. Tender but still retaining a crunch, it's really a Surprise how well it works with the wonderful burrata. Burrata is usually the star of any dish but for something with little inherent taste, this dish really shows the potential it can have as a Side, much like Dwight Howard for the lakers this season.

Due to health Concerns of my dining partner, EVOO was omitted and thats definitely a mistake in my eyes. Nonetheless, this was really good and a must-try for the high quality and execution


- Being “naked”, there was no carbs so it looks like some hard patty lost in a garden but in reality, this Spinach and Cheese combo with Parmesan Cheese & Pesto is REALLY DAMN YUMS (see second pic)! .

The buns - Multigrain and Sourdough - are flown in from Germany but they have this great softness about them. You would love either one for sure. The beef patties are also really juicy and full of flavors. My faves are the ones with bacon or parma ham but today, I realized that the one with avocado looks pretty dope too. That shall be next on my to-try! . .

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The cuts may have changed a little over time, as did the presentation and sides, but Bochinche’s steaks have never missed the mark. The cook on them has consistently been perfect, exactly to our requested fondness. Seasoning’s always spot on and I’ve never wanted for more/less salt. Quality of the meats is never in doubt. And can I highlight that they make the best best bestest chimichurri sauce? Perfect with all their steaks.


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