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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Off the menu items:baked brie/camembert w maple pecan and sourdough, pastrami sandwich, baby back ribs(Sunday only)

It's decent, but the wait is really long. 30-40mins I think. Flavours were quite mild, kind of like pulled pork without sauce tbh. I gotta say the waitstaff were v charismatic, lovely people.

The spicy cheese sauce wasn't v spicy, bread could be a bit airier and crispier.

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So it's 14.95+(gst). The service was really good(this dashing 20yo Swedish? who spoke perfect English) and you're supposed to tip but the quality of the food really made that difficult

It tastes exactly like an NY to me, idk why. First of all the cheesecake doesn't flow AT ALL. Though they explained it's meant to be that way, to go with the ice cream. Cheesecake itself was executed decently but it's nothing special about it at all. Take note this is 16 before service charge(tips in this case). Olivia's one is 14 lol

Salted caramel ice cream was more like shoyu ice cream, it's watery and very salty.

Come here for the service team. Srsly though, they're pretty cool

The cheesecake had a slight marshmallow texture lol. Interesting but the flavour was mild. Everything came from the intense butterscotch. Felt it needed a tad more butterscotch to balance out the tasteless cheesecake(this isn't a knock at all, it works in this case) but the butterscotch was pretty sweet so many more could have made it too sweet.

There is a bit too much salt though. Overall still a winner, as expected from this failproof combination.

I was just surprised by the total bill. In the end it was 50. Not that I didn't know the price of the individual dishes but somehow I didn't expect one main and one dessert to cost 50 lol. Though I guess everyone comes out of a bar paying more than they expected to lol

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this was pretty decent though, slight crisp and a lot of tang. It's a light marinade and there's no need for lemon at all. Deboned and succulent

Sides were good too, with the herbed tomato and the fluffy baked potato

Separate menu, do ask for it. They don't present this unless upon request.

There's Belgian waffle as well

So evidently, no more roast chicken. Replaced by peri peri ckn

So don't be surprised to find stellar Chinese cuisine here

How is it that most ee-fu noodles taste bad lol. Finally a decent rendition and it's clearly the best I've had(I don't eat ee-fu noodles v often). They circumvent the usual sogginess by using thinner noodles that aren't as absorbent, but it's paired w a strong sauce that's also much much fragrant than the usual ones, so it goes well and the noodles are still flavourful. Striploin isn't half bad either.

Only complaint is that there's nowhere to hide from the cigarettes smoke, the seats only extend so far inside, not early far away enough from the outdoor tables(where they are smoking)

I don't appreciate it as I tasted it without any sugar added, but it was creamy and my friend really liked it.

P.S. the lady was very nice and allowed us to order the tea time set before 230pm(usual start time)

The blue Cheese isnt too strong at all which was great, and the generous use of hazelnut was interesting as it's commonly associated with sweet foods so there's a certain connection your brain makes, without any sweetness in the dish itself. Pretty decent but not mindblowing

Worth a post due to the fact that they have various aromatics inside which was very innovative and a game changer

Would travel for food

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