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Natty 🤤
Natty 🤤

Seafood chicken pot w spicy fragrant gravy $28.80 ($14.40 after burpple beyond 50% off)
Added golden mushrooms $3.20

Super yummy and worth it with burpple 50% deal. Got the Spicy Fragrant gravy in 中辣 and it had the right level of kick. Chicken was tender (has bones but that’s normal for dishes like this), prawns and squid were fresh.

M size is good for 2-3 people (3 if you’re small eaters).

Worth a try and I’ll definitely be coming back!

Burpple 1 for 1 for Mains:
- Boston Lobster Linguine in Arrabbiata sauce $34++
- Pork Ragout Pappardelle $30++
- Sides: Calamari $28++

LOVED the food here. Service was ace. I was too excited to eat my pasta I couldn’t be bothered to take a nicer picture to do the food justice.

For the lobster linguine - lobster was fresh and succulent and I could taste its sweetness. Pasta was al dente and the tomato based sauce had the right balance of tang and sweetness. Chilli padi gave this a nice kick.

The pork ragout was nice especially for the pappardelle pasta. I thought this paled in comparison to the lobster linguine though but that’s just my preference for seafood and spice.

Fried calamari had good batter, was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Way better than the usual fried calamari that tends to be hard throughout.

Bread basket was refillable - they serve really reaaaally good bread. Warm and crisp, yet so soft inside.

Definitely try this and I myself will come back even without burpple 1 for 1.

The desserts looked amazing but I had no stomach room for them. Next time!

$8.90 for 2 DIY pastas under Burpple 1 for 1

Tbh it wasn’t as nice as I remember it to be from last time at their CBD outlet. But their garlic bread is still 💯.

The pasta lacked flavour and I had to add a fair bit of salt to get some taste out of it. I guess they might be better for their pizzas?

Stillll a very good deal with burpple 1 for 1 and works if you’re craving for some quick pasta (not Italian kind of pasta but the more casual American kind of pasta)

Seafood cream pasta $19
Cheese steak burger $18
Worth it with burpple 1 for 1 for sure!

Seafood cream pasta was very tasty - the broth was 💯. Pasta was cooked al dente. Serving was generous as a whole though I didn’t think much about the seafood in the dish. Would return to eat this again!

Cheese steak burger (not pictured) is also a popular dish of theirs but thought it was okay. Meat was tough but overall taste was good enough.

Coffee was quite decent!

All in brekkie $19 (Burpple 1 for 1)
Oat milk latte $7

Oat milk latte was the star... not many places can do oat milk coffee well!

All in brekkie is better than the usual served across cafes - this had avo and the chorizo was good!

Very worth it with burpple 1 for 1. Would go back even if there’s no 1 for 1!

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Bunker Burger ~$25
Maaan this was one good burger. My stomach is growling as I type this and think of the moment I had this burger a week back.

Meat was well seasoned and actually juicy (very rare! and that isn’t a pun). Doneness at medium-rare to medium. Sweet potato fries were yummy. The charcoal bread didn’t taste notably different though still fluffy and good. Nacho cheese sauce didn’t exactly go with this but went well with other finger food and their normal truffle fries. I really enjoyed this dish.


Crabmeat Pasta $24++ (1 for 1)
Pretty generous serving of crab meat. Would have been a good dish if the pasta wasn’t soggy.

Kurobuta Pork Chop $29++ (1 for 1)
Was okay. Not great but not too bad really. Seasoning was alright. On the drier side but not at the level where it’s tough to chew.

Onion Soup $9++
Don’t bother.

They have nice tapas here! Go for Tapas Tuesday!

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Crabmeat linguine was quite ok, chilli padi gave it a nice kick. Not fine pasta or anything but it works when you want some pasta. Iced coffee wasn’t great though as it was diluted - I think the hot coffee would have been better. Good deal overall w the burpple beyond 1 for 1 deal - paid about $20 for 2 iced coffees, 1 pasta, and 1 all day breakfast.

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I’m honestly always eating beach rd prawn mee so I’m trying to try new things with this

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