My Favourite Places

My Favourite Places

Featuring The Communal Place, Kucina Italian Restaurant (KINEX), Fat Belly Social Steakhouse, Ramen Nagi (ION Orchard), The Wine Cove (Siglap)
Pakorn Ueareeworakul
Pakorn Ueareeworakul

I had dinner here with my friend earlier this month.

The best thing about the restaurant is their wide selection of food. Although the selection for each type of food is not as wide as you would find in a more specialized restaurant, you will surely be able to find a favorite dish for everyone in your group. This makes the restaurant ideal for group outings.

After taking some time to decide, we decided to go with the rosti, pulled pork burger, and smash meatball. The food is in general quite well made for the price range. Among these I like the pulled pork burger most.

The restaurant also offers some selection of desserts. We ordered the chocolate dome and had great fun dropping it onto a plate to break the chocolate shell.

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I've visited Wine Cove last Wednesday with a group of friends.

For the cold dishes, we had Trio of Dip, Tuna Mini Cone, and Para Picar (Chips, Olives, Pickles, and Guindilla Anchovies). Among these, I like the Tuna Mini Cone most for the creative design and the refreshing tuna tartare and sesame dressing. These dishes are paired with a dry and delicate glass of Manzanilla sherry

After that, we had the roasted romanesco and jamon bikini. Although I usually don't perfer romanesco-like vegetable, I really like the texture and taste of the roasted romanesco.

The best part of the meal in my opinion is the seafood. We had clams marinera and barbeque skate paired with a refreshing glass of Verdejo wine. The chilli marination on the skate is very nicely done, and the fish pairs well with the wine and salsa.

We wrapped up our meal with the burnt cheesecake and Px wine. The dried fruits taste of the wine and the berry sauce pairs well with the rich and creamy cheese cake.

On top of the food, the restaurant have a very nice ambience, especially the private dining room that we were in. The staff are also very friendly and knowledgable in recommending us the wine-food pairing.

I've had dinner at this restaurant earlier this week. The Japanese Scallops in the appetizer is of good quality, while the desert of Chocolate Bruciato strikes a good balance between the sweetness of Chocolate and the refreshing taste of the pears.

However, the true star of the meal is the tri-tip and zabuton cut Wagyu. The steak was very well-prepared with the perfect amount of tenderness and flavor. The sauce (the choice of which I left to the chef) also goes very well with the steak.

I've had the mac & cheese as a side for the steak. However, truffle fries or grilled mushrooms should also go quite nicely with the steak

The meal was very well thought out in general, and is very worth the price of ~100 dollars per person. In particular, I highly recommend the Zabuton cut Wagyu steak

Last week I had beef steak (Bistecca with Truffle Butter) at Kucina

Although I must say first that beef steak isn’t what I usually order at restaurants (I usually get ribs or grilled fish), I can say that the beef steak here is one of the best I had. The beef is nice and tender even at medium well (in hindsight I should have ordered medium). The sauce and seasoning is on point and perfectly complemented by the slightly sweet grilled vegetables. (10/10) definitely would go there again despite that it’s quite far from where I live.

My favourite ramen shop. Rich and thick soup, soft noodle, good portion size. Definitely a must try.

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