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pizza fries and everything nice!

pizza fries and everything nice!

Featuring Lola's Cafe, Mad For Garlic, Gyu Nami, Elixir Boutique Roasters, iO Italian Osteria, O'maJ, Steakgrill, Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup, Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar, Nana Original Thai Food (Ang Mo Kio)
Guiting Toh
Guiting Toh

We ordered a cajun chicken and sirloin steak using burpple beyond, and its so affordable (prices stated on the menu are nett!!!!!)! The chicken is juicy and tender, seasoned perfectly and the sauce (on the side) is slightly spicy and tangy. The steak is average, he felt that there was not much flavour to it, but the meat isn’t tough and there is no gamey taste. Not the worst, but not outstanding either. You are able to choose a side that comes with the main, so we both got the potato skins. The skin is crispy and they even added cheese to the potato, totally delicious. For the price you pay, it’s quite worth it! We would definitely go back for the chicken and to try their pork chop! Also, it might get crowded during dinner time as it is nestled under a HDB block (and surrounded by HDBs), so do come earlier or make a reservation :)

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I ordered the tsukemen (dipping ramen) and he ordered a lobster mazesoba (dry ramen) and they were both really good! The tsukemen broth is on the sweeter side because the seafood has been infused into the soup. The meat was nicely cooked with a good amount of fat and lean meat, with a subtle charcoal flavour to it. As for the mazesoba, i loved that it had the right balance of flavour (not too salty or spicy) and there was a strong garlic taste, which made the dish really tasty! The place is furbished nicely, a great place to hang and chill with friends!

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Just a 5 minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT, this brunch place is tucked away in a small space at Serene Centre. We visited on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite busy, but we managed to get seats at the counter! Used burpple and we both got Breakfast Works - their big breakfast is really BIG. The first thing i tried on the plate was the scrambled eggs and i fell in love! It was creamy and buttery, totally love at first bite. The brioche slices were toasted on both sides perfectly, and they even gave a few potato wedges and slices of smoked salmon. Super worth it if you use burpple and we really enjoyed it! Their coffee was alright, i don’t think its the best but we would definitely come back here for their big breakfast. Wouldn’t recommend coming here during weekends as it might be a little packed.

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I first dined at this outlet when they were called Pasta J, and they were located at Upper Thomson. They have now relocated to Novena and we have yet to go there. I’ve tried their Breakup Steak and Pesto Pasta with Prawns and Squid, and I was blown away both times. The steak is tender, cooked to perfection and so flavourful. I’m not a fan of prawns, but believe me, the prawns in their pesto pasta are the only prawns I actively want to eat (and miss eating). I asked them to switch out the squid for more prawns, because that’s how much I love their prawns! Their twice sautéed shrooms are absolutely delicious as well. Highly recommended because of the great food, and also because you can bring dogs to the restaurant 💕

This is an inconspicuous place at Orchard Gateway, I wouldn’t notice it if I was just passing by. We both ordered the Wagyu Beef Bowl, which is the main highlight. They have other dishes, though not much variety. The egg yolk and sauce created a delicious combination, and together with the flavourful beef slices, we really enjoyed this bowl of goodness! The portion is on the small side, so if you’re not looking for something too heavy, this would be good to try :)

I am a huge fan of garlic so this was a place I wanted to visit for a long time! We used burpple beyond for this and ordered 2 rice dishes. He had the Garlic Sizzling Rice and I opted for the Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto. I love how tender the chicken was, and the garlic taste in the risotto was not too overpowering, but enough to remind you its there with every spoonful. The sizzling rice had fried garlic pieces sprinkled all over the top, it was a really nice touch. Overall, the garlic in these 2 dishes aren’t too overpowering, but it wouldn’t be ideal for first dates/people who don’t fancy garlic. We will definitely be back!

Lola’s has been around for many years, I remember coming here during my secondary school days, just chilling with friends and having some of their wings (which is STILL good!). I absolutely love their truffle fries - shoe string fries topped with lots of parmesan cheese! I ordered their basil pesto chicken sandwich, which i felt was average (chicken was a little dry). I enjoyed their big breakfast more though, which is really hearty, definitely will keep you full! Would recommend this place if you’re looking for a place to hang out and if you’re in the area! It can get crowded on the weekends though, so come early! :)

I must say, this place has one of the best Italian food in Singapore! Albeit a little cramped, the ambience of the restaurant gives off a wholesome vibe. We were so blown away by their starters and appetizers that their mains became quite underwhelming! Some appetizer must orders are - stuffed roman schiacciata, baked pork belly w/ wild fennel, and assorted pizzas. Trust me, they’re enough to fill your tummy up, you won’t need to order the mains anymore! Every time we go there, no matter how full we are, we’ll always order a lemon meringue tart. It’s not on the menu, but is displayed in the restaurant, so do ask for it if you feel like having a tangy and sweet dessert! Also, remember to reserve a table as it can get quite crowded. :)

Compared to their neighbour/competitor(haha) Authentic Mun Chee Kee (AMCK), this place serves a relatively clear and hearty soup. The porky taste is not as strong as AMCK though. They give generous amounts of offal and their meatballs are made in house too. They do serve other dishes such as vegetables and vinegar pig trotters. I’d give this a 6.5/10 for the pig organ soup! You can give it a go if you happen to be around the area :)

It’s my first time trying the Thai food here and it was quite good! We ordered the garlic fried pork, tom yam soup, plain egg omelette and basil pork. They are generous with the portions, which makes the dishes really value for money! The tom yam soup was tangy and not too spicy. We opted for the seafood version, and there was a good amount of seafood in there. The soup is enough to feed 3-4 people. Overall, this place is affordable given the portion size and the food is pretty authentic! Will definitely come here again :)

going on food adventures with my girlfriend! (she does all the reviews HAHAHA)

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