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D Meitian Chi
D Meitian Chi

Servings were pathetic with lots of rice, rice not done well either 😔

This measly portion of scallop sashimi was $4.80++

Not coming back for sure

Worst dining experience ever that I had to log in to Google to write my first review publicly. Do not recommend for special occasions or any occasion at all.

1) Booked online but the restaurant was unprepared and even completely unaware of our reservation for a birthday.

Part of our dining group were lost trying to locate our table and had to rely on the neighbouring store’s staff to bring us to our room.

2) It was extremely difficult to order or request for bill - simply because there’s no one around. Poor service. It cumulated to me calling in to the restaurant’s hotline just to get someone to come over with the bill.

3) Wrong orders. Two dishes were missing and we had a repeat dish. We were also charged an additional dish.

We ordered 2 ngoh hiang, bill accounted for 3. After waiting for the bill, Staff 1 finally appears with the bill and we pointed out the inaccuracies. After some time later, Staff 2 comes to clarify. We repeat our story. Yet some time later, both staff reappear with plates from the kitchen claiming we had 3 servings.

That was more than 3 rounds of waiting for staff to basically appear, on top of frustration to get basic service the whole night.

We were more than happy to pay for the repeat dish which we did not order, but it’s something else to argue over 2 or 3 plates of ngoh hiang when we can clearly count the dishes on the table.

Worst F&B experience ever on top of ruining a birthday surprise.

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Surprised at the lack of updated reviews, maybe everyone wanted to keep this place a secret.

Ordered a couple of stuff and everything was well executed, special mention for their roasted duck, char siew chee cheong fun & ee Mian.

Many more things I want to try, will be back ASAP

DBS card has 15% off and the staff was very helpful to inform us of that. Great service from the moment we stepped through their doors. Impressive

Wasn’t too impressed with the serving size but damn food is yummy I’ve got to come back.

Worth a try!

Unnecessarily difficult and rude staff

Wanted to get their waffles with a hojicha scoop and checked with the icecream counter, girl said to order from main counter just request it since all priced equally.

Realised my friend ordered the wrong icecream flavour and went back to the cashier immediately to clarify, cashier girl said you can’t change orders after they’ve been made. Even if we went back within the minute.

After much discussion and frowns (wtf!) another guy said it’ll cost a dollar to swap flavours. I clarified that I did check with the icecream counter and they said no such thing.

Guy went let me verify - later he came back and confirmed that was what’s communicated by hvala and they’ll honor it.

Wow cashier girl grouched like I owed her a million bucks, went back to the main counter and shook her head, bitching to her staff all in full view as I was seated right in front.

I have said all my Ps & Qs despite hvala’s miscommunication and resolution. I haven’t even frown at you for being unnecessarily difficult and got served instead. Fuck lol???? Don’t waste your weekend here for sure.

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Had to come back to try more dishes.

Loved the Japanese influenced kueh pie tee, with lobster salad and ikura. It’s quite substantial, super shiok!

Brussels sprouts was amazing. Excellent Asian interpretation, you have to try it yourself.

Ngoh Hiang wasn’t my favourite though, the other dishes were superior. Also, I don’t know what they did with their ice lemon tea but it’s fab 🤩

Great vibes, food and chili. What more can you ask for?

I liked the Hokkien mee better than beef horfun, the former was a star with pieces of fried pork lard, baby sotong and prawn, superb stock. Over all a really hearty experience. Only downside was their scallop was awfully fishy.

Beef horfun was lacklustre for me that day it’s wokhey was a little dull and the oily kway teow quickly made itself known.

Loved the ice lemon tea, wasn’t expecting much but the tang was gr8. So was the sinful pork ribs we ordered.

Will be back!!

Sashimi slices were ok, but the dish was ultimately compromised by cold, badly vinegar-ed rice. The aburi salmon mentaiko roll had very thinly sliced salmon slices too.

At $25 for the chirashi, I’d recommend The Sushi Bar instead.

Also they don’t serve some alcohol by the glass like umeshu, if that’s something you’re looking for.

However cold udon was fairly decent.

Guess a picture speaks enough - overboiled spaghetti strands.

Coffee was over roasted as well, hardly touched my ice latte :/

Very awful experience I won’t be back for sure!

Ordered this from Deliveroo and it was so nasty I had to leave a review on Burpple.

Pasta wasn’t salted enough when boiled, leaving this tap water taste. Tomato base is thin without much depth as well. Overall shockingly disappointing, I haven’t had such bad pasta in a Long time.

Not worth the $17.12, cold plain prego sauce on badly boiled pasta tastes about the same.

Googled a bit more and found out it’s a restaurant BY Deliveroo that doesn’t have a storefront at all.

Holy crap don’t order pls. Upsetting food

Recommend going for the double it makes it so much juicier.

Loved it, better than five guys imo. Recommend getting the blended custard as well, I had the pandan special and it was great.

Pro tip: if you’re getting cheese fries, request for sauce on the SIDE. no idea how they screwed that one up - it’s definitely not for everyone. KFC’s cheese sauce is better.

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Bill came up to $70 for two syrupy fruit punches and ribeyes. The pictured rib eye was supposed to be medium rare and can unevenly cooked - some parts medium well and others completely rare.

We waited 30 mins for this and probably won’t be back.

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