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List of places on burpple beyond that are more of a "hit" than a "miss", since places on burpple beyond is either a hit or a miss.

Loved the wide selection of food. They have free flow flower crabs. Soup base was gd too. $30/pax for wkend lunch

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(+) Shiok smokey smell. Pork ribs are a must try! Possibly one of the best in SG. Priced at $30++, it's reasonable for quality.
(+) Chill ambience with live band at 7pm
(-) falafel burger was BAD. That said, it came with a generous portion of fries, hence I took it as paying $20 for curly fries.
(-) World's most expensive chicken wings! Paid $15++ for six tiny tiny buffalo wings.
(-) curly fries weren't hot - felt like it sat there for a while
(-) not a fan of how they made us pay for iced water
Ok la but tbh even with 4 negative points and only 2 positive points, the negative ones are really minor details. Though correcting the negative points would help to perfect the dining experience, the status quo doesn't materially deviate from the core of an enjoyable meal. Hence I would highly recommend this place for its chill ambience and good ribs (dont get the falafel burger pls). It wld make a gr8 idea for a romantic date night :-)

Hands down, one of the best experiences I've had with burpple so far. The portion was huge, and the food was of high quality. Ordered the 1f1 Wagyu steak + truffle mushroom pizza.
(-) steak wasn't evenly cooked (as pictured)
(-) they charged for tap water :(
(-) location was quite ulu - hard to find if u don't drive
(+) huge portion - my bf and I could barely finish, and I considered myself a big eater!
(+) the truffle was really fragrant and aromatic. They def weren't stingy with it.
(+) very value for money -$33 for two mains
Overall, highly recommend if u dont mind the distance to travel/live nearby!

Taste: 4/5
Presentation: 2/5
Value for Money (with burpple beyond): 3/5
Value for Money (without burpple beyond): 2/5
Spent $40 for 1-for-1 mains, plus one bottle of mineral water (they dont serve tap water), and one yoghurt drink.

Rly worth the money ($17 for 2) with burpple beyond (but they're having one for one all day promotion now lol). Loved the interior decor of the restaurant too. The soup was boiled for 8 hrs (acc to the menu). The wagyu beef was tender and good quality too. Wld not want to pay $17 for one bowl though.

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