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Featuring East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Pig N Whistle, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, Pimp My Salad (PasarBella @ Suntec), Komala Vilas Vegetarian Restaurant (Serangoon Road), Food Republic (Suntec City), Ananda Bhavan (Syed Alwi Road), Bali Thai (Suntec City), Jewel Coffee (Claymore Connect), Pepper Lunch (Bedok Mall)
Supreet Kini
Supreet Kini

Refreshing and a light soup - works great if you want to have a light lunch. Served fresh. The drumstick was slightly disappointing though.

Hearty way to wash down a heavy meal at Albert Center, Bugis.

My go-to meal when I am in Bugis. Simple, consistent and filling. Love the popcorn chicken (crispy and tasty). Always prefer to add the raw egg to the congee as well. The Youtiao is served hot and just adds to the flavour of the congee.

Loved this filling Mac & Cheese Sub @ Super Sub, Suntec City. The sausage is off excellent quality and they also sprinkle a generous amount of tortilla chips.

Ordered this for a filling lunch. Loved the explosion of simple flavours out together. A definite must try at Bali Thai.

Dahi Vada (An Indian curd based chaat) to top off my puri bhaji.

Was craving Indian food, was satisfied with this sumptuous Puri Bhaji.

Fried Kway Teo from Choon Hiang, Stall #46. Loved this!

The excellent barbecue chicken at Chong Pang Huat BBQ Chicken, Stall #18.

Had the excellent Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee at Stall #46, owned by Aunty Mui Mui. This was a delicious dinner, the Hokkien Mee was excellent!

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