Western Foods

Western Foods

Featuring Eleven Strands, Homeground Grill & Bar, Cali (Rochester)
Jinghui Huang
Jinghui Huang

Bought it with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 (usual price around 18 bucks), so very worth the price.

This dish was simple yet elegant. The pork itself was tender and not overcooked. The biscuit coating was nicely crispy and did not turn soggy easily. The coleslaw was also nice and refreshing. With 2 elements on the plate it was not confusing and it's minimalism allowed the pork to be the star. Portion size was also good. Would have been great if they used a darker pork cut, like the shoulder butt, as the pork chop was a bit rough and lean but that's a personal preference thing

Used the Burpple 1 for 1 (usual price: $26)

A credible steak. It was nice and tender, medium rare as requested. Meat quality was quite good for the price. The steak was flavourful, the red wine sauce went well with the steak. However, the steak could be seared at a higher heat as there was barely any sear on the steak.

The salad was okay nothing to complain or rave about.

Ambience wise the place is pretty nice. You are able to look into the kitchen (always a plus for me), and there were some books and games to give a chill vibe

Uses hungry go where (50% off at selected timings). Usual price is $26

The cheese at the top was nice, pasta was cooked with the right doneness and overall a pleasant dish.

Flaws would be there is not enough cheese, and it tasted more like a cream pasta with cheese on top vs a cheese sauce. They could be more creative with the cheese usage to add a cheese with a sharper taste like aged cheddar

Overall a nice dish but nothing spectacular

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Overall a very nice dish. The red wine sauce was nice and deep and the dish was seasoned well to balance the tartness of the sauce. The fresh tagliatelle gave a nice egg flavour, and the beef was tender. Good dish with nothing much to fault (could be slightly more salty).

Used Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 (UP $26). What left a sour taste to the meal was that you are charged for the service charge for the free item as well, so its not really a 1 for 1...

Eleven strands is a cafe that has been quite a trend recently, with some around me giving rave reviews about the place.

Starting with looks: the plating was decent, could do with the elements being packed tighter on the plate. The individual elements in the dish were done well. Nice to see the pork with char grill marks, and a large enough portion (even though it was slightly dry, slightly overdone), the sauce tasted good, apples were nicely caramelised.

However, the dish overall was not cohesive, and not balanced. There were too many sweet notes, with the apples, pickled onions. The pork and mashed potatoes were not salty enough to balance it. The cream based sauce was also not appropriate as it has an element of sweetness in its balance; a brown sauce would have added a more savoriness to balance the overall dish.

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