I love pan mee and this one doesn’t disappoint. Comes with a sweet delicious superior soup, loads of crispy fried anchovies and green onions (love it!). Signature meat balls were good but not as juicy as I expected it would be. Was expecting the bursting with juice in the mouth kind of meat balls.

This dish is basically made up of stuffed yong tau foo. Not a fan of capsicum, lady’s finger nor brinjal so this is just an average dish to me.

Damage: $15

A must order in my opinion. The pork was so tender and juicy and goes very well with the sauce. The portion was pretty big and fed 8 of us well. Love it!

Damage: $26

Curry was thick and fish was really fresh. Not an avid fish head curry fan but still liked it. Only thing is that the price point is too high for me for this portion. I am not sure if this is the usual price for curry fish head?

Damage: $53

Crispy chicken with very strong (overly for me) prawn paste taste. Chicken parts are random so I didn’t really like it and prefer those with all mid wings. Average dish in my opinion.

Damage: $13

Plated like a chicken but did not taste like the usual chicken. The taste is more like fish cake mixed with prawn and wrapped up in a light crispy skin. Very unique dish and was the first dish to clear once it reaches the table. Pretty steep price but worth at least a try.

Damage: $32

First time trying this instead of the usual pork rib soup and totally love it. The pork slices are tender and ample of pieces so I had a good time savoring it. Much easier to eat as compared to pork rib as well. Take the extra peppery soup for the extra kick!

Damage: $8

Fresh and good! Take the extra peppery soup for more kick!

Damage: $9

Another seasonal item on the menu and at first we were not expecting much but it turned out very tasty and I would recommend for oyster fans to get this.

Damage: $17.90

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This is a new seasonal dish at Putien and it did not disappoint. There were ample of oysters in it and it was fried to crispy perfection. It is much more crispy and somehow less oily than our usual hawker kind of fried oyster pancake. Will order it again when I go back for another round!

Damage: $17.90

Tofu tastes ordinary and I guess at this price you can get better ones at other restaurants or even kopitiam.

Damage: $14.90

Must order at Putien. However the ingredients seem to have shrank from the last time I visited it months ago.

Damage: $10.90
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Enjoying life at minimum cost 😁

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