Tempura were fresh and crispy - love the lightweight batter. As usual, mushrooms are my favourite although I do enjoy the prawn as well. Paid +$1 for the udon as I like how soup and noodles β€œclears” the oil in my mouth after eating the tempura. Serving for the udon can be bigger though.

Damage: $16.90

The broth was not very thick but tasted rich and full of crab. I do prefer the lobster broth one though as that is thicker. Comes with runny yolk egg and very thinly sliced pork char siew.

Damage: $18.90

First time eating ramen with a piece of fried egg on top and wow the fried egg is fluffy and tasted lightly of crab. Very unique taste.

Damage: $13.90

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For the price, these gyozas are juicy and pan fried perfectly!

Damage: $10

This set came with 10 skewers and basically most of them are the same chicken base with different type of sauce (mayo, mentaiko, wasabi etc.) and the mushroom skewer only had ONE small mushroom. The chicken one was juicy and flavorful but we were actually expecting more variety from this omakase set. So my advice is to order the skewers separately.

Damage: $38

This platter came with a variety including snow crab, oysters, prawns, salmon, octopus, tuna etc. I only enjoyed the snow crab which was really sweet, salmon roe as I mentioned in my other post the ones here are flavored perfectly and the scallop. The others were very average and not worth the price paid.

Damage: $69.90

Ramen came with two thin slices of char siew and lots of bamboo shoots and onions. Although thin, the char siew was a good mix of fats and meat which I enjoyed. Soup was average as it tasted more like MSG than pork essence and my noodles were a bit hard for my liking.

Damage: $15.90 (+$2 for an egg)

At $10.90 per plate, we gobbled down all in less than 5mins. Looks just like any plain fried potatoes but tasted so fresh and good. We think that baby Hokkaido potatoes were used thus the tastiness.

This is the best dish in the restaurant! I love how nicely salted the salmon roe is and how it bursts and pairs perfectly with the rice! Too overwhelming for one pax though so it was really good as a sharing bowl for four of us. Priced at $39 for a bowl.

Always liked noodles and the Mazesoba here did not disappoint. Noodles here are specially handmade using their own recipe and the thickness and chewy texture is a perfect match with the minced meat and sauce. I especially like the ample amount of onions and seaweed in this bowl. Bought the 1 for 1 mains voucher with chope and only paid $13.80 for two bowls of this goodness.😁

Was excited to try out this buffet after seeing all the positive reviews. The must order is the salmon sashimi which was fresh and thick. We also love the juicy gyozas, grilled saba with shio, pork belly on stick, aburi salmon sushi and many more. There is a wide variety of choices for everyone. All the dishes ordered were served so promptly that we continuously had a table full of food. With Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, bill came up to $63.45 nett for 2 pax which is an awesome value. Highly recommend for Jap food lovers.

Pretty big chunks of sashimi on top of perfectly cooked Japanese rice. I am not a fan of rice usually but savored every grain in this bowl. The combination is delicious. The Burrple Beyond set came with pan fried gyoza and a drink, which the gyoza is much better than expected (compared to Ajisen). With 1 for 1, the bill came up to $35.20 nett for 2 pax.

Enjoying life at minimum cost 😁

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