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Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

I first tried @luciacakes.singapore's brownies in 2019 and I still get their brownies from time to time because they might look small but they are super rich and indulgent. I especially like how the tops are still crinkly too! I got the non nutty box which has biscoff, Oreo, triple chocolate and salted caramel and liked all the flavours 😍

got these on, you can get $5 off with my promo code "FLYEETELFLY" 🤗

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The brownies had a crispy top and were quite fudgey but the texture was a bit more cake like so it wasn't the type of brownies I prefer.

Came with no intention to have dessert but I just had to order a slice when I saw the staff cutting this up in front of me. This was extremely fudgey and I loved how the Nutella and macadamia complemented the rich chocolate flavour 😋

I love how the brownie is crisp on the outside and very fudgey inside (while still being s bit fluffy). I toast them before eating so the top get extra crispy and the chocolate melts.

[@mydaily.bread's bake sale]
The brownie was really rich and chewy, not overly sweet too.

These brownies are crispy outside and fudgey inside. They were extremely rich and the salty bits balanced the sweetness out.


These brownies from Avomin are good as nice simple brownies. I say that because I got the 4 flavours box and they all tasted the same. The textures were pretty good, they were moist and rich on the inside. I wouldn't say they're the best out there. They're definitely convenient though!

The praline brownie is one of my favourite brownies. The top was crinkly while the inside was moist and chewy. Plus it has many hazelnuts too!

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The chocolate brownie was moist and dense while crisp at the top.

The fudgey sea salt brownie really lived up to its name. It's really fudgey and dense in texture. The flavours are simple yet rich too.

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The peanut butter had a good mix of sweet and savoury flavours. The brownies are best shared because they're really dense too. Do check their Instagram to see if you need to preorder because they tend to be sold out really quickly!

Finally visited them because I saw their hojicha brownie on Instagram. This is a small bakery that sell bakes to go in the CBD. The hojicha flavour is fragrant while the brownie was a bit too sweet. The brownie is quite light and quite soft in texture too. They sell matcha brownies and chocolate brownies as well.

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