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Featuring Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), The Feather Blade, Le Bon Funk, Kei Kaisendon (Paya Lebar Square), Baker & Cook (Opera Estate), Ming Fa Fishball (Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre)
Keng Heng  Neo
Keng Heng Neo

Whenever we come here, we will definitely order the pictured Plank Crispy Garlic Bread [$6]. It’s an affordable dish which presents itself in a non pretentious way, served freshly baked and sliced on a wooden board. The dough is similar to their pizza crust, which is sourdough based. This means that aside from a satisfying crunch and chew, you get a slight tang that keeps you going back from more.
The garlic spread is also a fuss free garlic and herb mixture, no unnecessary frills but very effective in delivering flavour.

Satisfying, affordable, and even photogenic! It’s definitely something to order if you’re here!

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Usually I’ll get a Salmon Dill Cream Cheese on a salt bagel but this time I opted for a Cheetos (still on a salt bagel). The Cheetos [$12] comprises of Blackforest Ham, Honey Baked Ham, Onion Jam, Comte, and Brie. Why I love @twomenbagelhouse is because you can really tell that there is passion and drive when it comes to the R&D for the food. The onion jam was particularly juicy(?) and it turns out there are raisins within the mixture. Say what you want about raisins but I do think it adds a different nuance of sweetness to an onion jam that risks being both one note and overpowering.

I also love the fact that there were two different types of both ham and cheese. The honey baked ham and blackforest ham were both distinct enough and lends different dimensions of saltiness to the bagel. The blackforest ham (I’m assuming here) has a drier texture resembling those of jamon iberico-type charcuterie while the other was like a typical breakfast ham.

The two cheeses were great too. Comte was really thinly sliced, giving a nice nuttiness while the Brie added a unmistakable but subtle dairy funk. The torching of the cheeses also did a lot of heavy lifting to provide that signature aburi toasted fragrance that I personally really enjoy.

If I have one tiny suggestion (my personal preference), I would have preferred if my bagels were a touch more toasted to have a drier crisp at the top. I found that the bagels were slightly less toasted after they expanded and renovated their outlet at Icon Village.

Other than that, I enjoyed my food and I will still be returning, knowing that I won’t be disappointed.

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Beef tongue is a cut (?) that is very high in fat, resulting in an unbelievably soft and tender bite. The beef tongue here is sliced into delicate sheets that absolutely melts in your mouth as you make your way through the sandwich.

The gribiche was also a great condiment: a sauce made with mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, mustard, and herbs. The warm pillow of meat is met with a cool, refreshing, and tangy bite of the sauce, with bits of cucumber and pickle providing a nice crunch for contrast.

Once again, the sandwich is held together by the buttery brioche bread whose sweetness was unassuming but integral to half of the food that we ordered today. Absolutely recommended!

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I asked the staff if they are available for purchase and I was told that because it is made fresh daily, we could put in a request when we make our reservations next time. The sourdough goes for $24 for the loaf and $6 for 5 slices when dining in.

I like my sourdough with a gutsy tang and sliced into thick chunky pieces and Le Bon Funk’s version is truly the poster boy for my ideal sourdough. I also do not like when bakeries over toast their bread, creating a crust so crunchy that it scratches the roof of your mouth. The version here is perfect, you still get a crunchy, chewy crust but it is quickly replaced by an incredibly soft and tender crumb.

I highly recommend ordering this when you are here as it is affordable and satisfying. They also offer some butter to go with the bread if you so choose but I definitely recommend getting the Burrata Gremolata to go with the bread.

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We ordered the Sourdough [$6], Burrata and Pumpkin Seed Gremolata [$18], and the Paleta Iberico De Bellota [$16]. We were also offered some butter to go with the bread (not pictured). The burrata is my favourite out of the two sides. It came drizzled with a peppery olive oil that blanketed the almost whipped texture of the creamy cheese. Together with the Gremolata that had a spiciness from garlic, a freshness from the parsley, and a toasted fragrance from the pumpkin seeds, it was a perfect condiment to be smeared on their crusty sourdough bread.

The Charcuterie plate has 3 different meats: chrozizo, acorn-fed iberico, and a beef variety whose name escapes me. The olive oil once again makes an appearance and this time accompanied with a mustard sauce that features a fun crunch from the pickled mustard seeds. This is also a very solid platter of meat, flavours ranging from slightly sweet to spicy.

I personally preferred the burrata but I think the charcuterie is worth a try as well. Both are relatively reasonably priced for what they are and compared to their counterparts in other restaurants.

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I made a reservation at 6pm and was one of the first few diners in the establishment. The Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast [$18] was the opening act and the first (and practically only) thing you see is the snowy mountain of shaved foie gras that’s inviting you to sink your teeth into.

The foie gras shavings instantly disintegrate in your mouth, leaving a salty and meaty aftertaste that set the stage for the next ingredient. The cedar jelly was a thin veil between the foie gras and the bread, giving a dainty floral sweetness to the dish. Finally the brioche echoes the sweetness and fattiness of its toppings, grounding the ethereal texture of the foie gras without distracting from the overall cloud-like bite.

Delightful, moreish, yet light. Definitely a dish to try if you’re here at Le Bon Funk.

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Served freshly fried and glazed, these crunchy shards of eggplant came drizzled in a dark sticky sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A closer look reveals pieces of fried garlic, dried chilli, spring onion, and of course, Sichuan peppercorns.

When you bite into the first piece, the crunch takes you by surprise. It’s a combination of the crispy exterior thanks to the hot oil but also the caramelising of what I believe to be a sweet dark soy sauce. Then you get the fragrance of the aforementioned aromatics before the creamy eggplant rounds these punchy flavours and textures into the perfect bite. All while it was hot! Absolutely fantastic, and unpretentiously delicious.

I find myself scavenging the bowl for bits of fried garlic and peppercorn and wow, what a delightful dish from start to end. I will definitely come back and I can only wish that it lives up to this first appearance. (I cannot seem to find the Geo-tag for this restaurant. It is a Delibowl x Nuodle concept store at Tampines Hub.)

However I was disappointed to see that the eggs are removed from the menu, leaving only the free flow salad and soup behind (both extremely forgettable but hey, it’s free. If you need to know, the salad is doused in that goma sauce; you know which one)

I got the KEI Signature Kaisendon [$16] and what you see is kinda exactly what you get. It’s an average Kaisendon for below average prices so you would have to adjust your expectations. It comes w nicely sized chunks of tuna, salmon, tako, and some other fish that I honestly forgot right after. There was also a slice of abalone, some ikura, and diced cucumber, all sitting on a bed of Wakame.

Tuna had a mushy texture while everything else was fine. The signature sauce wasn’t too invasive, tasting like a typical soy and sesame oil combination that almost faded into the background. The nori was a bit floppy, I think it could have used a quick toast so it doesn’t result in an unnecessarily cumbersome eating experience. Rice wasn’t as pearly and glossy as you would want from a Japanese rice bowl, but it’s not too bad either.

The dining area is really small and cramped and the staff are rather curt so I would suggest KEI Kaisendon if you want a quick dinner alone.

Eat your average Kaisendon, pay a good price for it, and get out.

Personally it could use a more severe sear to give it more flavour as the only flavour that’s coming from the meat is an oddly metallic liver like aftertaste that’s characteristic of frozen beef. (Edit: I doubt that it’s frozen as the texture was not indicative of frozen beef and the livery taste can be attributed to the flat iron cut which contains more iron. So this is not particularly a jab at the handling of the beef, it was just unexpected) It was also a workout to eat.

The sides on the other hand were really great. The free popcorn was intensely buttery and truly the most memorable dish on the table. The creamed spinach [$7] was solid as well; I have yet to see an establishment mess up creamed spinach. The Roasted Potatoes w Beef Fat and Siracha Mayo [$7] was one to order as well. On first glance it looks almost too charred but the colour was not indicative of its taste. Honestly the beef fat wasn’t too present but considering the heady aroma of the buttery popcorn w the steak on the table, it didn’t need to be.

We ordered 2 different sauces to go w the beef. The Red Wine Sauce [$2] held its own and definitely imparted a sweet shalloty flavour to the steak, highly recommended as the steak gets one dimensional after the first few pieces. The Horseradish Cream [$2] was interesting, having the texture of whipped cream as opposed to a cream sauce. Flavour wise, it provides a cool milky note to the steak but frankly w the popcorn being the dairy heavyweight champ of the table, I would rather opt for perhaps a more piquant sauce.

The total bill was $70 for 2 pax, no drinks involved. Popcorn was free for the table. We had 2 steaks and 2 sides. If you’re in the area and craving some steak and buttery popcorn without wanting to break the bank, sure, give The Feather Blade a visit. Just manage your expectations as you’re after all paying $21 for a decent portion of steak.

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