Food hopping w/ friends

Food hopping w/ friends

bunch of food i tried w my chingus
Jessica Joyce Lee
Jessica Joyce Lee

ummm the portebello burg here was slightly disappointing cus it wasnt served hot:((( but the fries here was way better than at jewel; hot and crispy but still a fan of thin crisp/soggy fries hehe

love the sesameeeee but the vanilla is wayyyyy too sweet. my friend cldnt even eat past a few mouths. wish there was more black sesame, afterall isnt it open sesame and not open vanilla??? HAHAHA the brownies were pretty avg~

Came here before and didnt rly have a good impression previously but was pleasantly surprised this time!

Had their charcoal egg tarts - size n taste iz goooood

the maggie mee HAHHAA good also leh i mean maybe not worth but seeing how they put in effort to fry egg in star shape so cute

enjoyed the crispy bbq pork bun also altho not as good as THW but still gud enough for me :-)

overall damage: $18/pax

Lowkey q surprised by this place!! thought it was jap at first but i think its more chinese hahaha loved the soup base was so comforting abit like an atas prawn mee 😂 but my friends found it too much (their portion also rly q generous!) THE DUMPLINGS R SO HUGE BTW

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Got the large ($11.50) but got cashback with shopback hehe came here specially for the hojicha. thick and creamy like icecream; thankfully got the acai to balance it if not i think wld be hard to finish

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Umami > Truffle carbo > hae bi hiam aglio > crab pomodoro

my favourite still is the umami prawn hehe truffle carbonara portion for some reason seems alot more (diff pasta noodles) the other 2 is just mehhhhh

over ordered because everything looked good here hahah they have toast sets, baked rice, western food - chix chop and pastas, dim sum, sides and traditional coffee shop drinks and more! everything looked so good hahahaa

tried the hargow ($3.80) ok nubbad
bacon & shimeji baked rice ($7.90) yums the mushroom so flavourful and it uses egg fried rice!
had the kaya butter toast set ($4.20) pretty good but if left out awhile the bread gets soggy, ying yang was shiok even when less sweet
sweet potato fries ($5.90) not bad!! but i think two cranes still nicer hehe
this much among 2 pax is WAY TOO MUCH but feels damn shiok HAHAHA

Nice place to chill especially since we went down on a weekday for lunch. service was good, welcome mocktail was v refreshing! ordered the seafood cream ($19) and a thiccc burger ($20) and both were good! more memorable was the seafood cus i really enjoyed the creamy sauce that went well w the linguineeee. the burger is good but not mindblowing haha would go back to try other dishes!! this place is gr888 because of burpple beyond haha but if u looking for a good pasta cafe place here is good!!

eh got the choco oreo donut for $5 honestly give me an original glazed krispy kreme donut. the texture is v fluffy but its not a good donut that i was expecting after seeing all the hype mehhhh but yea its pretty huge sooooo...

my advice: get their sandwich!!!

$13 for this sinfully good grilled cheese sandwich!! pre ordered this to avoid disappointment and there was a long q during lunch crowd!! but so goooood yums just that its probably too much for one person HAHA so share it!!

they had q a few interesting looking desserts and also many of those we are familiar w. went for the milk with peanut and sesame balls ($3.50) for the 1 for 1 bb deal. so technically 1.75 per bowl eh... sweet milk lo hahaha not bad but i think this one can DIY at home! would go back to try their other desserts which unfortunately not under the 1 for 1 deal... got the ah chew vibes w the menu on table but here v brightly lit

Had the seafood aglio olio but more like bacon and mussel???? what seafood is this hahaha but this dish was more like fusion style IMO

prefer shoestring truffle fries altho the seasoning and truffle taste was pretty gud

the cauliflower was so good tho!! the batter 10/10

the burpple beyond deal was pretty restrictive also

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