Food hopping w/ friends

Food hopping w/ friends

bunch of food i tried w my chingus
Jessica Joyce Lee
Jessica Joyce Lee

wow their creamy pb just elevated the whole bagel of spam egg and hash i love the combi!! onion bagel no onion taste thankfully for non-onion eaters

pretty good if u r hungry and need alot of food LOL it comes w free flow pickles which blew my mind it was my first time having pickles but my friends were all gushing about how good they are too hehe

had the dubu jeongol instead of the usual buddae and yup its nubbad just rly rly rly filling for 2 small appetite ppl to finish all that! liked the anchovies, salad that came along; the corn dish was slightly disappointing :( overall damage 46 for 2 pax! do make a reservation before heading down they seem to be doing pretty well

tried the mushroom pot and signature (both non spicy) and the mushroom pot was the more popular choice at our table. think wld have been more shiok if it was just a tad spicy! skip the chicken skewers they were q dry but the lamb and pork belly ones were another fave at our table! total damage was pretty gud with burpple 1 for 1 and the staff there was pretty friendly too!

Love the ambience, cakes were so so hahahhaaa and not cheap but they don’t chase you away so it’s a gud place to hang out at! (Weekdays)

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tried their salmon ($18) and sweet potato fries ($10) and wa the salmon has gotta be one of the better cooked salmon out there! it took awhile but def worth the wait; no fishy-ness and the meat was the right softness 👌 even better with burpple 1 for 1!

tried both the mushrooms ($18) and lamb/beef meatballs and gotta say the winner is def the mushrooms it was so fragrant when served and it tastes just as good as it smells! not a fan of the meatballs bcus of the slight lamb smell that comes after a few bites! am a fan of their pita bread too its so so soft!!!

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generous portions w attentive staff n pretty good food :-) plus point is theres no gst or service charge ~

came before they open at 6pm on a weekend and alr theres ppl slowly coming to q up. pizza portions were pretty good as compared to their pastas hahahaha but ok la the pizza not bad just wasnt wowed! the famous burrata pizza was sadly not avail when we went~ preferred the meat pizza to the truffle mushroom (felt it was slightly lacking) which was a surprise as the mush pizza was cream based was expecting smtg like dominos hahahaa

ummm the portebello burg here was slightly disappointing cus it wasnt served hot:((( but the fries here was way better than at jewel; hot and crispy but still a fan of thin crisp/soggy fries hehe

love the sesameeeee but the vanilla is wayyyyy too sweet. my friend cldnt even eat past a few mouths. wish there was more black sesame, afterall isnt it open sesame and not open vanilla??? HAHAHA the brownies were pretty avg~

Came here before and didnt rly have a good impression previously but was pleasantly surprised this time!

Had their charcoal egg tarts - size n taste iz goooood

the maggie mee HAHHAA good also leh i mean maybe not worth but seeing how they put in effort to fry egg in star shape so cute

enjoyed the crispy bbq pork bun also altho not as good as THW but still gud enough for me :-)

overall damage: $18/pax

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