Puchong Gems ✨

Puchong Gems ✨

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Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

Whoever came up with this brilliant idea of pouring a strong cup of espresso over smooth and creamy ice cream, you have my respect.

Not kidding when I say the pancakes were wobbling non stop when the server brought this heaven on a plate to our table.
It’s melt-in-your-mouth and almost foam-like texture. I had mine with their unbelievably refreshing matcha ice cream and I cannot stop myself from taking the next bite.
Good thing desserts for dinner isn’t illegal because I will totally make this a thing just for this beautiful creation.

I find it odd how this place isn’t bustling with patrons already? Delicious food at an affordable price (they do lunch promos every day!), amazing service, and a comfortable space.
This is one of my to-go. Marinated tender pork belly slices stuffed in between soft mantou buns.
Comes with a side salad and grilled potatoes. Their potatoes are outstanding! You have the option to switch out your regular french fries/wedges for the grilled potatoes, just talk to the friendly servers about it.
They specialise in pork, but everything else that I’ve tried from the menu (that includes grilled chicken, pasta, rice bowls, big breakfast) are all just as tasty!

Rainy season got me craving for something spicy. Eggs cooked just right. Especially loved the al-dente noodles. Some people may deem it to be too hard, but it was perfect for me!
Chilli was spicy, but oddly addictive.

Found a new hang out spot in Puchong! This cute cafe is situated in a plant shop (cute!), so even the cafe itself is painted in green and surrounded by greeneries!
Seating is kinda limited and no WiFi available, so probably not the best work station.
No hot meals beside quiches and cakes. But just nice for a chill coffee break with friends.
This came as a recommendation by the staffs as I asked for something not too sweet.
Surely enough, it wasn’t. It was, however, very tangy! It was a refreshing snack for the afternoon, not too heavy on the icing too, which I liked.
I think I’ll be hanging around here more often now that I found this gem in Puchong!

Basically iced latte, but shaken (perhaps for 3 minutes no kidding)
There’s a thick layer of froth at the top of the drink! Kudos to the barista for the creamy drink.

Hai Siang is a long standing eatery in puchong. They have been surviving for 10 years now and the quality of the food and beverages are still preserved!
Their Nasi Lemak is absolutely amazing, so much effort put into all the elements on the plate. I don’t usually eat rendang but the gravy is so addictive I couldn’t stop eating it!
Also good are the toasts, and chicken rice!

A basic banana leaf rice set that comes with aromatic curry that goes so well with the fluffy rice, 4 side dishes (the highlight was the yogurt cucumber for me!).
Everything was super yummy! Finished the whole portion of rice because the curry paired so well with it.
Friendly owner who kept checking in on us because we look like banana leaf rice beginners. Even offered his homemade Indian tea for us to try!
It’s a bummer they only open on weekdays (10-3pm), otherwise I’ll be making this a weekly affair.

They come in a set so if you’re a sucker for scones, you’re in luck. I like that it’s not dry at all and was moist (although some might deem it to be TOO moist).
Served with strawberry jam and butter, definitely order this is you want something to nibble on.

Confessions of a foodie/cafe enthusiast/bread lover from Puchong: we are in need of more cafes like these!
Menu is still limited as of now, but I quickly became a fan after I’ve had a taste of their signature drink, the Matcha Matcha Sakura.
It’s basically matcha latte with watermelon popsicle-like cubes, then garnished with Sakura petals. As elegant as it looks (and sounds), it sure does taste good!
Absolutely adored the richness and umami-ness of the matcha.
I’m lactose intolerant but boy would I tolerate the pain for this glass again.

Perhaps I have been utterly spoiled by Ebony & Ivory’s scrambled eggs, so I was expecting my eggs to be creamy and uber flavourful.
It was good, not great, but average at best.
Though I loved the sourdough.

Always a fan of their oh-so tender and juicy chicken. Served with steamed veges and the best roasted potatoes.
I will totally pay extra for more potatoes!

Pictures capture the fondest memories. A foodie and a fattie.

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