Asian Noodles

Asian Noodles

Featuring mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Putien (Kitchener Road), Pek Kio Market & Food Centre, Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant (Ngee Ann City), Ming Fa Fishball (Upper Thomson Road), Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant (Dover), The Frontier (NUS Science Canteen), Le Shrimp Ramen (Paragon), Blanco Court Prawn Noodle, Greyhound Cafe
Anne Tay
Anne Tay

I love this bak chor mee. Every strand of mee pok is slick with vinegar (I chose vinegar, no chilli), yet it’s not too oily. There’s just the right amount of ingredients and noodles, and the soup is brimming with pork bits that make it light and tasty.

Most people order the dry version, but I prefer my wanton noodles with soup. This wasn’t the Hong Kong type of wanton noodles with a light clear soup. Instead it had a very strong tasting, aromatic and salty soup that was not to my liking. I liked the springy QQ noodles, but the wantons were hard and the char siew was dry.

Quality comfort food. There’s a good amount of bouncy fishballs, smooth fish cake, and a single her piao. I like it that they use the slimmer type of kway teow. The soup is light yet tasty. You can see the tiny pork remnants that they used to boil the soup, and it doesn’t leave you thirsty.

Thin ee mee served with vegetables, mushrooms, and half a lobster. This was delicious! There were only a few lobster chunks but they were fresh and well-sized. The dish was large and full of other ingredients as well, and too big for one person to finish.

One of the rare occasions when the actual dish turns out better than the photo. This humongous bowl contains lots and lots of chunks of tender beef and tendon, smooth slippery la mian noodles, some xiao bai cai, baby carrots and radish slices, immersed in a large amount of tasty beef soup.

I’ve never tasted crispy noodles that’s as crispy and dry as this, without being burnt. The crispiness is amazing, and when you get to the bottom, while you’re left with the soggy parts of the noodles, there’s prawns, fish and clams to complete the joy of eating this. This dish is good for sharing. If you’re alone and can’t finish twin towers of noodles, they also have a version with just a single tower.

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The mix of prawn and pork ribs comes in 3 sizes, small ($5), medium ($9) and large ($11). The price refers mainly to the size of the prawns. I like the soup. It’s the dark brown type that’s not very prawn-y but still very tasty, and it doesn’t have much MSG. Prawns are appropriately sized for the price. Not my favourite bowl of prawn mee, but this is definitely one of the better bowls around. Some of the aunties are rather grumpy, and one repeatedly chased us away from our table.

The best thing about this is the light, clear and flavourful soup. There’s no milk and it doesn’t taste like there’s MSG in it, it’s just naturally tasty. There’s a good amount of smooth batang fish – the fish isn’t spectacular but it’s good enough to satisfy any fish soup cravings.

I’m not usually a fan of milk fish soups, but I wanted to drink up all of this fish soup! I’m not sure why it’s so good – is it the XO? Or the slices of ginger? Do they boil the fish bones in it for a long time? It’s so tasty!

The other highlight is the fish. The fish here are not fish slices. They’re thick hefty meaty chunks of fish, and there’s lots of them, making it a very value-for-money bowl.

Quite a nice seafood soup with a tasty clear soup, though expensive for the amount of ingredients. There’s prawns, fish, minced pork, a fishball, meatballs, fried fish cake, fish maw and lettuce. An extra $1 got me a lot of extra bittergourd. I like this with Ipoh hor fun.

Zion Road prawn mee is my favourite! Prices have gone up over the years and they’re now 8/12/16/20/25, but when you see the size of the prawns you understand why. The prawns are huge, and are of monstrous proportions if you pay $25. There’s also a good portion of tender pork ribs, and the soup is wonderfully rich with both a prawn and a porky fragrance.

I had the fish maw noodle soup which this stall is famous for. It comes in two sizes, $11 and $13, and I got the $11 one. I loved the huge soft chunks of fish maw. There’s also pork liver, mushrooms, minced pork and a few cabbage leaves. Unfortunately I didn’t really like the soup. Yes it is cloudy and eggy, but it is also loaded up with an overwhelming amount of MSG.

Anne Tay

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