Top Restaurants For Casual Dates

Top Restaurants For Casual Dates

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Tiffany Cheong
Tiffany Cheong

It was my first time trying Russian food, and it was such a great and unique experience! We ordered the beef, pork and Potato + Bacon dumplings, the Pork Chebureki, and Salmon Cheese Crepes. Each dish was very generous in portion and filling.

The dumplings were soft and moist, offering an explosion of flavour upon biting. Each flavour was distinct and sumptuous.

The salmon was complemented beautifully by the cheese, and the crepes added an extra fragrance to the dish. A very delightful, silky smooth texture!

The Pork Chebureki was crisp on the outside! The meat had a slight hint of sweetness on top of its well-marinated saltiness. A well-balanced flavour.

The service was great and atmosphere of the place was cozy. I especially liked the Russian posters pasted around the walls, which made me feel like I was in Russia itself.

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Had set lunch here to celebrate my anniversary with my partner. Had almost a half an hour wait between the serving of appetizer and main course.

As a result, the restaurant was closing by the time we were finish the main course. We felt that the waiter - a bespectacled Chinese young man - was very rushed in clearing our main course, serving the dessert and bringing us the bill. I was still three-quarters through my main course when he simply placed the Tiramisu with "Happy Anniversary" written on the table, without saying anything. No congratulations, no "enjoy your anniversary/meal", nothing. My boyfriend had told the restaurant that he wanted to surprise me for the anniversary. Do you honestly think it would've been a surprise when the waiter simply placed that cake on the table and walked away without any word, when I was still halfway through my fries?

So we asked him to serve our other dessert, and he looked obviously confused. He did not even know that we were waiting for another dessert. So if we had forgotten about it, perhaps we wouldn't even get to eat the dessert we ordered?

That young bespectacled Chinese waiter seemed to have placed more attention entertaining his friends at the table beside us. He even asked if they wanted dessert to be served long after he hurriedly placed that Tiramisu on the table and gave us our bill.

Did it need to be so rushed towards the end of our meal, if they hadn't made us wait for half an hour between the appetizer and main course? The rush completely ruined my appetite. I felt so anxious to finish the fries and the dessert because of how hurriedly he served the dessert, cleared the plates and brought us the bill.

The dessert (two scoops of gelato) came in such a miserly portion, the circumference of one scoop was barely more than the size of a 50-cent coin. I had to place my camera one inch away from the ice cream to capture it.

Overall, ambience was good and food was good, but portions were quite small and service was bad (perhaps it was simply that young bespectacled Chinese man). Sad to say that his actions alone may have brought down the entire team, I may never step foot in this restaurant again.

Authentic skewers with great taste! I tried the meatball, Iberico and pork belly (salt and teriyaki flavours) skewers. All were perfectly tender, with just the right amount of charredness. The chicken skin was extremely addictive, and the grated radish added a refreshing zing.

I particularly loved the Japanese bar atmosphere and decoration in the restaurant. There was a relaxing vibe in the restaurant, much like a place where office workers would hang out on a Friday night.

The food was a little on the pricey side, but if you're searching for an authentic Japanese izakaya experience, this is the place to go to.

The Mushroom Cheese Boat Pizza (La Barca Funghi E Tartufo) was very unique. The smoked cheese had a sharp and distinct taste; and it complemented well with the mushroom and truffle. The portion is generous and perfect for 2 people to share.

The Black Angus Ribeye (Bistecca) that we ordered was extremely tender and gave an exquisite hint of truffle. While I usually don't think much of side dishes for a a steak dish, the cubed potatoes here were wonderfully cooked - very slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauteed vegetables were soft and well-flavoured as well.

The chicken was tender and separated easily from the bone. The truffle renders the chicken a musky and intense aroma, giving it an exquisite flavour that is addictive but not too overpowering. The foie gras was a good complement that gave the chicken a buttery and creamy texture.

The Iberico Pork Chop was succulent and nicely grilled; the slight char on its outside caramelises the fat and gives the pork a subtle sweetness. Its savoury and robust taste emerges from the wholesome seasoning of 10 herbs and spices. The pesto sauce adds a beautiful colour to the dish and a satisfying kick!

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I've never seen any mentaiko fries quite like that! The portion was so huge that my partner and I even had trouble finishing it. The mentaiko fries was slathered with a generous amount of silky mentaiko sauce. The fries were a perfect balance of texture, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Absolutely sumptuous!

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