Steak / Meat

Steak / Meat

Medium rare, please
Coleats 馃崯
Coleats 馃崯

Like the other famous french steakhouse (relatively) nearby, this bistro offers free flow fries with a beautifully done steak. In fact, the medium rare I asked for was so perfect I just had to take a picture of the cross section to share!

The speciality here is their special "secret sauce" that they douse each steak in. The gravy is rich and meaty with a slightly tart finish and had me licking the plate when I was finished with it -- just kidding, you can ask for an extra serving of sauce at no extra cost, and I certainly did so to dip my fries in.

Couldn't recommend this more for date night or a celebration!

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Get some pen and paper, folks, because this affordable 200g steak from @homeground.grill is one for the books.

Charcoal grilled whiskey ribeye ($26) 馃ォ 8/10

How they achieve such a consistent pinkness within grilled steak I'll never know. Maybe it has something to do with the ~20min wait time but each minute was worth it. The steak delivered a satisfying mouthfeel that veered towards chewiness but was oh-so-worth it for this price point.

One glaring flaw in this dish is their red wine reduction sauce, which tasted nothing like red wine and was awfully thin. Nevertheless, the coarse flakes of salt were more than enough to season the juicy steak.

Poutine ($12) 馃崯 6/10

When I spied "poutine" on their specials' board, I knew I had to give them a try. After all, the steak didn't come with any potatoes. I appreciated how the fries were handmade and not not too oily, but my tastebuds yearned for good ol' white potatoes that would go with the gravy better.

These were all-round okay but didn't have any quintessential cheese curds.

There's a reason why the brazil churrasco at ave 6 has been around for 27 years -- it's amazing charred meats and atmosphere!

The moment I stepped into the churascuro, I was enveloped by a jovial atmosphere and surrounded by large chunks of speared meat. Gulping down my salivation, I flipped my "want meat" token to green immediately.

Finally, a passador approached our table and cut us a thin sliver of meat. "More, please!" I pleaded, and the passador acquiesced. In fact, he later proceeded to dump humongous slices of smoked duck, lamb, beef, roast chicken, and even chicken hearts on my plate! 馃槀 We ate till bursting but it was smiles all around throughout dinner.

They have a wide range of heavily charred meats here but go for the rump, and the shortrib -- you definitely won't be disappointed. Bonus points go to the fried kailan, which delivered a light respite in between the meat, and the scrumptious Brazilian beans.


After the outstanding showings of meat, this dish paled in comparison. I'm not sure whether it's because I was too cheapskate to afford the more expensive cuts (the hangar was oos), but this steak was really chewy and average. Well, at least it was impressive that the done-ness was consistently medium rare throughout. Probably through sous vide as it took a good hour to arrive.


Looks are deceiving because this was heaven in a mouthful. The cured beef carried an euphoric amount of spices while the outside of each slice screamed with smokiness. All I wanted was more.


Marvelously layered with a modest amount of melted fat and roasted char, each slice of the brisket packs a delectably tender texture.

Though this plate looks small, you wouldn't want to miss this. I haven't tried a lot of American barbeques but quality-wise I found this miles ahead of the one at decker barbeque.


For all of us metric-educated ones, that's a 340 g slab of juicy medium-rare meat right there. The steak had perfect texture and a thick cross section of maroon flesh. Unfortunately, around 10% of my cut of beef was inedible gristle but my dining partner didn't face the same problem.

As for the side dishes, the bone marrow jus was pretty rich and the goat cheese and marscapone polenta was chunky and creamy.

Was pretty hyped for this meal and it didnt disappoint... but didnt exceed expectations either. Bit of hits and misses here:

The brisket was tender but wasn't that special. I only found it tasty near the sides where there is more fat. Since most people get the middle cut, it doesn't have much of a barbeque flavour.

The really tender and sizeable portion was the ribs. Actual rib bone was only a third of its length so that leaves you a lot of juicy marbled rib to devour.

The pulled pork was quite dry but was better with all that barbeque sauce they supplied us with.

The cornbread was a bit dry and tasted a bit like sponge cake...

The mac and cheese definitely good comfort food but was very milky and a bit one dimensional.

The baked beans were a spicy treat which flavours harmonised well with the meats!

1 for 1 with 馃叡锔忦焻憋笍!

This was at least 200g of an enjoyable cut of meat. It was consistently medium rare throughout and juicy within because it was cooked -- sous vide. I also loved the way it was plated -- the two halves of the steak was perched atop crispy asparagus strips and fluffy mashed potatoes in a large heavy plate.

Lighthouse bistro was a relaxed yet stylish restaurant-bar that's marvelous for date night. Also, it's right next to lavender MRT, so that's a plus!

I was also rather impressed with the steak, which was made from wagyu rump cap and drizzled with bone marrow butter and capers. I had asked for medium rare but I found that the meat could have been more rare. Nevertheless, the meat retained a good mouthfeel with a minimum amount of fat.


This place is a vegan's absolute nightmare. The spread here is small but includes 3 main roasted meat selections: chicken, pork, and steak. The cooks personally slice a cut off a big slab of meat when you present your plate to them.

The side selections also includes grilled trout, creamy mushroom soup, and roasted garlic and onions. Marvelous and a must go.


Great ambience, severely undercooked steaks. Not worth breaking the bank to come here.

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