As usual, the cheese fries here do not just use nacho cheese sauce. Although the Shackmeister fries and normal cheese fries are priced the same, these come with the indulgent addition of a small mountain of the same bawang goreng on top.

PROTIP: I asked for mayo but they didn't have any, so they gave me shake shack sauce -- tasted like garlicky thick sour cream!

Ooh boy this burger's patty was deliciously thick and gratifying to sink my teeth into. It managed to achieve that while still remaining juicy and wonderfully beefy -- not mushy or anything. Combined with the streaky bacon and mozarella cheese, this burger was outstanding. Just skip the bowl of nacho cheese that only detracts from the burger's meaty juices.

Onion Rings (+$2 from fries) ๐ŸŒฐ 9/10
I was a bit skeptical about adding 2 whole bucks to change my fries to onion rings but it was so worth it! The sweet rings of onions were coated in a well-seasoned layer of crispy batter, leaving the rings crispy outside but juicy inside.

This was quite similar to the Bunker but its patty was split into 2 instead of 1 gloriously thick patty. On top of the Bunker, this burger also includes 'caramalised' onions but turned out to be just light brown onions with an unnatural amount of added sugar :(

I thought the usual shake shack burgers were heavenly enough but the extra fried shallots in the burger really add an extra umami crunch to each bite. The shallots themselves are small but still juicy inside and not dry at all.

The price of a single shackmeister is $10.90 but I'd recommend upgrading to a double to turn up the burger's JUICY level.

Even though this outlet is new, I went on a weekday at lunchtime and there wasn't much of a queue โ˜บ๏ธ

NGL, these fries actually impressed me more than the burgers. The fries were medium-cut, which left the outsides cripsy but empowered the insides of the fries to remain fluffy. The truffle taste was really intense -- but if that isn't enough for you, the fries are accompanied with truffle mayo that even had black tartufata bits in it. The gratuitous amount of truffle fries in this $7 order was so worth it.

Cheese fries ($6) ๐ŸŸ 7/10
Same as above, the size of the fries are perfect. However, this was just covered in an INSANE amount of nacho cheese. If you are about the nacho cheese life, you'll absolutely love this because there is absolutely no shortage of nacho cheese here.

Briney melon gose beer ($9.20) ๐Ÿบ
With a taste like a mix between suan mei (sour plum juice), pickle juice, and vinegar, this drink is certainly an aquired taste! I personally think this goes well with the dry-aged beef, but on its own, it's citric salinity may be quite a shock to the senses.

Juicer than thou Heretic Pale Ale ($13.20) ๐Ÿป
I love IPAs and this was quite amazing. At first whiff, I thought I smelled notes of grapes and orange but I realised that they were the fruity smells of mango. So refreshing!
Btw, this was pint sized.

That patty belies a concentrated beefiness, juiciness, and robust texture without being mushy at all! It's even pink in the middle without me calling for it with a great texture. And yes, I get that dry-aged beef is expensive, but I must say that at $17.90 for JUST the burger ala carte, the minced patty could be a lil thicker than this.

This crispy boy consisted of a fried chicken thigh with a drizzle of salted egg yolk sauce. The fried chicken's texture is very on point -- it's just the right amount of crunchy and has tender meat within. SO different from the one I ordered from grabfood :') However, tastes vary and I'm more inclined towards a decadent amount of salted egg taste, so I just wish there were more thick salted egg taste to this burger.

These burgers are made of Impossible vegan patties and taste exactly like real burgers, albeit a bit dry because the patties were quite thin. The black tie burger came with truffle aioli and rocket salad, while the happy days burger had an onion ring and BBQ sauce in it. The black tie seemed better than the happy days burger because the latter was quite boring with just the BBQ sauce.

Let me get this straight -- as a meatless burger, it's quite amazing. I didnt even remember I was eating an impossible burger until I was almost one. But stacked against a real, juicy, oily, meaty burger, it falls short by just a bit.

Overall ยฎ๏ธ: 7/10 because it's definitely overpriced without Burpple Beyond, but it's quite a novel concept to have a food truck selling impossible burgers in Singapore!

Bun DMC ($18) ๐Ÿ”
You certainly won't be 'running' from this burger! This playfully-named burger features a Tasmanian Vintage beef patty within two artisan brioche buns. With sauces like Three Islands mayo, ketchup, onion puree, and even watermelon relish covering the patty, the burger was far from dry and got me hooked from start to finish. That said, the patty itself was also perfectly pink in the middle and juicy. Given my encounters with them during carnival events, I expected no less from the Three Buns.

Dirty miso fries ($9) ๐ŸŸ
I expected the miso fries to be gritty but the sauce tasted smooth and almost... caramel-like. It brought bursts of sweetness and umami flavours over the unique flat fries and was very enjoyable! My only concerns were its small portion size and the dry sausages.

Overall: the food was very good, the ambience alright, the service was good, but the prices too steep, especially when you can get their bangin' burgers for cheap at carnivals.

ยฎ๏ธ: 7.5/10

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I haven't gone out to eat but I had this eye-catching feast from this local Korean-styled gourmet burger chain! |

Even though the burgers were delivered, they were still packaged so beautifully, with their signature black background and neon pink logos. The fries came in little trays and the burgers came in cardboard boxes that only cover half the burger -- something I recognised instantly from k-dramas! Even better, the fries were still crispy and soft inside, and the burgers weren't soggy by the time they arrived. |

The burgers were wrapped in soft potato buns which give the burgers a starchier flavour than normal buns. The Chicky burger ๐Ÿ” was really moist inside while the fried chicken was still crispy despite a hearty serving of mayo in it. I was surprised that there was real boneless thigh meat inside because I thought "Chicky" meant it was going to be ground white meat but thankfully I was wrong! And it's so worth it with this special deal that lasts until 2 July. |

The bulgolgi burgers, with their unique bulgolgi sauce, were quite good as well. The price above was 56% off so I thought I'd give the delivery a try. However, the patties could be a bit juicier and were a bit dry when I ate them. I've had these in the Wisma Atria outlet before and must say that in the restaurant, the buns are crispier on the outside, and the patties are juicier too. I guess this can't be helped, but I'd give their food a 8/10 if it weren't for this issue... ๐Ÿ˜ข Still really worth it though! |

Burger+ is having various other delivery/takeaway deals on their website up to 60% off. They offer deliveries for $8 with a minimum order of $30. Better check it out before these deals are over! | ยฎ๏ธ: 7/10 |

Throwback to this black beauty! ๐Ÿด It did not only have a thick juicy Wagyu beef patty, but also garlic shrimp floss and citrus-truffle dressing nestled between it's soft charcoal buns. If that wasn't enough, it even had crispy truffle fries to accompany it. This burger was a surf-and-turf match made in heaven. | ยฎ๏ธ: 8/10 |

This German restaurant is a personal favourite for it's awesome burgers and fantastic fries! The burgers are juicy and have a delicious meaty flavour while their fries are thick and fluffy! |

Pictured at the back is a naked chicken patty (without a bun) which wasn't too bad as well but I really recommend the beef if it's within your diet. The sweet potato fries are also pretty good. |

Overall, I really love this place for the cheap add-on deals ($5 for fries and 2 drinks, or $9 for fries, an alcoholic drink and a hot drink) and it makes for a fantastic place to catch up with friends over delicious food. | {ยฎ๏ธ: 9/10} |

Hello! I'm a uni student who loves eating (on a budget) ๐Ÿค— More active on insta โคต๏ธ

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