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Big breakfast ($14) 🍩 8/10
You might think all the different flavours of a big breakfast may not all blend together in one bite, but strangely, the subtle sweetness of the honey in the hash browns ties all the flavours up together so well that it leaves you speechless. Yet, when you're ready to talk, you're ready for another big BITE!

Something fishy ($11) 🍩 8/10
This bagel had me swimming with the fishes because there was SO MUCH SMOKED SALMON! It also came with the completely classic pairings of capers and cream cheese! The bagel was quite simple but i loved how it was literally bursting with ingredients.

®️: 8.5/10 Previously friends tried this but said the ingredients were lacking. Glad to see that they have now changed their menu and don't hold back on their fillings! Their interior is also quite chill and aesthetic -- it even has a hammock.

These fluffy white french toast was embellished with the unique ingredients of caramelised bananas in rum, candied bacon, and raspberry jam. The bacon was great because it was very streaky and charred in all the right places. Sadly, the caramel on the bananas didn't quite add anything to the dish, and the homemade vanilla ice cream was quite icy. Furthermore, the egg and spices did not penetrate the thick slices of bread past the surface, which left it quite tasteless inside.

This bowl sounded interesting but the flavours of the dish didn't blend together well even after pouring the truffle sesame soy sauce all over the dish. Also, the kale wasn't crispy and the steak pretty dry and rubbery.

I bought this expensive af pastry because there were so many good reviews. The top layers were very flakey and crispy but the inside was a bit monotonous after a while. Ultimately, I did enjoy this unique treat but I wouldn't have paid $5 for this.

This was a really thick cuppa that kept me staring at my ceiling till 2am that night. Ahh. I don't really know how to describe good coffee can someone teach me?

What I can describe is the ambience though. It was a quiet weekday afternoon when I went and I chatted with my friend on a low sofa and stared out of their windows for hours. I'd say it's a really homely place to unwind and catch up.

This carbonara was the creamy kind topped with a sous vide egg and bacon done in 2 styles. Can't really go wrong with that! Though it was enjoyable, I felt that the cream was a bit watery.

1 for 1 with 🅱️🅱️!

The golden snapper in the tacos was well fried and very cripsy even after I spent a while taking this photo. It was covered in fresh mango salsa which really livened up each taco. However, I thought the chipotle mayonnaise was lacking and the taco came off as overly dry.

The menu boasted that the burger would be 200gm but it came with two thin and very dry patties. It even came with an unappetising slice of cheese that wasn't melted at all. The only redeeming factor was the crispy and fluffy fries.

Overall: not really worth going, even with Burpple Beyond. ®️: 5/10

The salmon was acceptably tender inside but the miso sauce and the veggies wasn't anything special. Quite a small cut also.

I've reviewed this Muslim-owned cafe twice before but I haven't dined here in person until now. I must say that it's a much better experience dining in, with their fresh food in heavy plates, free-flow drinks, and small range of board games to choose from (including both the original and local version of Cards against Humanity). My comments on the food remain the same but here are some recaps:

1 for 1 with 🅱️urpple 🅱️eyond!

Laksa mania ($16.90) 🍝 9/10
Fantastic fusion food and heavenly blend between milky laksa sauce and pasta.

Crazy carbonara ($14.90) 🍝 9/10
Great cream sauce, and superb replacement of pork with smoked duck. So addictive.

El spicy burger ($16.90) 🍔 7/10
Not bad but the patty could be more dense. I liked the fries.

Hunky dory fish and chips ($14.90) 🐟10/10
Fried to absolute perfection. I loved the piping-hot battered fish and the thick fries.

Sambal fish and chips ($16.90) 🐟
You're better off just getting the original fish and chips. The tiny smidge of mild sambal hiding under the fish isn't worth $2.

Overall: quality western food. ®️: 9/10

This one had garlic sausage, salami, and caramelised onions on it, which sounded good... except the portion size and toppings were very scant and the toast was quite stale and hard to bite through.

Some people said this is the best souffle pancake they've ever eaten, but I wonder if they've ever eaten other souffle pancakes... This one was too dense to be fluffy -- I'd even describe it as almost bready on the inside. The cocoa powder and coffee ice cream didn't save the dish either, because they didn't add much to the flavour and I couldn't really taste the coffee taste.

Overall, even though the food here isn't great, I'd still come again for the breath-taking decor. The place had a real sense of authenticity with its real, living flowers and their fragrance wafting around the cafe. So by all means, put on a flowery dress and have a cup of tea here! 7/10

Hello! I'm a uni student who loves eating (on a budget) 🤗 More active on insta ⤵️

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