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Check out my video review of this and nearby Tai Seng cafes at https://youtu.be/ZHYA7x0yefQ !

Their dirty chai latte was a little more bitter than the usual sweet chai lattes I'm used to, and could use a little more spiciness and fragrance. But I'm someone who likes sweet drinking frappes.

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This certainly isn't your authentic style of carbonara -- it's FULL of cream. Some reviews remarked that this was too rich to finish eating alone, and that's when I knew this dish would be perfect for me. If you are the kind of person who likes smothering your pasta with cheese and cranking your creaminess meter up to the max, this is a perfect carbonara for you.

Check out my video review of this and nearby Tai Seng cafes at https://youtu.be/ZHYA7x0yefQ !

This was quite underwhelming as other than its visual aspect, it didn't differ from a normal cheesecake at all. Even as a normal cheesecake, it still wasn't very inspiring because it didn't have any notes of tanginess that I like cheesecake to have. It was quite dense and dull throughout.

Check out my video review of this and nearby Tai Seng cafes at https://youtu.be/ZHYA7x0yefQ !

I wasn't too keen on ordering this since breakfast food is really easy to make at home but it was WORTH IT! I even came back a second time just to sample this again. I'd say that their waffles are their main pulling point because of their crispy outside and fluffy centre. It really brought the word 'buttermilk' to mind with its full, milky flavour. It even reminded me of the 'liege waffles' i had in Belgium.

Check out my video review of this and nearby Tai Seng cafes at https://youtu.be/ZHYA7x0yefQ !

Located within the Tai Seng industrial area, this Alchemist branch was located in the evocative Khong Guan Biscuit building behind atmospheric blue metal shutters. Once you step into interior, however, you are transported into a niche and modern cafe, complete with a hanging golden shards in between light bulbs, and a gigantic coffee roaster machine you can watch at the back of the establishment.

We took a seat by a large window with large windowsills we could use as tables. The seats didn't have enough backing, which made it uncomfortable to chill at for long periods of time, but still enjoyable to have a cup of joe with a friend. The cushy seats that do have backs didn't have a table you could comfortably use a laptop on, so I wouldn't recommend this place for camping with a laptop.

Mocha ($5.50)
The one on the right is the mocha, which they used a nutty-tasting Brazillian bean to brew. It blended very well with the rich chocolatey taste.

White ($5)
The cuppa on the left was my white coffee with a fruity-tasting Ethopian bean. I was really stunned when I took my first sip because the fruitiness really hit me hard! It was like drinking an IPA and was much stronger than I had expected. It was a bit strange to taste these refreshing notes in a thick coffee, but it made the drink fragrant and refreshing in a pleasant way.


Check out my video review of this and nearby Tai Seng cafes at https://youtu.be/ZHYA7x0yefQ !

It took quite a while to find this cafe as it's located in the heart of a lazy HDB district. When we finally found the cafe after marching through the blazing heat, we were really disappointed to find that they sell out of savoury food after lunchtime. We were about to leave when I started reading up on great reviews about their tarts.

We decided to reluctantly try a matcha tart that looked rather light and mousse-y. Once I had a taste of it, though, I realised how dense it was, and how smooth the gentle taste of matcha blended into the creamy white chocolate. I don't usually like green tea but the mellow sweetness coaxed me into sliding my fork into the tart to take a bite again and again.

Atmosphere wise, the cafe is quite minimalist and nordic, with its white walls and wooden furniture. I went on a late Friday afternoon and I only saw another two girls there. A very nice place to camp with a cuppa and your laptop.


The chai latte and rose latte was quite sweet, which was exactly what I wanted. Not that inspiring, though.


As for the korean chicken burger which I read many reviews on, I didn't really like the sauce, which was quite one-dimensional -- tasted kind of like thai chili sauce. The chicken was quite crispy though.


This floral-themed cafe in the heartlands received many raving reviews but I personally did not really enjoy the ambience. It's located in a very tiny second level of a HDB shop space and one of the walls is a floor-to-ceiling length window with blue and purple cellophane. This might sound pretty but the result is an echo-filled small space with not much ventilation and lighting that isn't very conducive for photos.

This may just be me, but I felt that the decor here was a bit 'off' as well. The flower-wall was just a bit too small, the dried flowers looked a bit scraggly and dusty, the tables clearly had a stick-on marble pattern on it, and the walls were a bit dirty with many scratch marks on them. You'll have to see it in real life to get a sense of what I mean -- and I still recommend a trip there and see the place for yourself.

"Okay?? Enough snooty comments about the decor! What about the food?" I hear you cry. Alright, alright. The laksa pasta was honestly fantastic. Perfectly creamy and spicy, with a thick sauce that had me scraping up every last drop with my fries.

8/10 for the pasta

This cafe was really pretty because of how the entire ceiling is covered with autumn leaves. The staff here is also very friendly and helpful!

This dalgona scone, however, was not very moist inside and was a bit too dry and cake-like. The dalgona candy on top of the scone also tasted too burnt (I also had a dalgona coffee and the candy wasn't as bitter in the coffee).


Apple crumble pancake ($12) 🍎 Walking into this cafe is quite a whirlwind because every room seems to have been designed differently and is full of knicknacks.

For example, they have a swing on the second floor! In the attic, they even have a huge bear and other toys. 🐻 They also have an outdoor section on the roof with and AstroTurf and white tables and chairs if you opt to dine alfresco. 🌄

Personally, I'd prefer a more minimalist design but their cafe (albeit bustling) makes for good photo ops.

This skillet pancake cake piping hot and bubbling. It was topped with caramelised apple slices, some crumble, and peppered with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. I really loved the contrast between the sweet, mushy pancake and the crumble! It was a perfectly comforting dish in this homey cafe.

| ®️: 7/10 |


Pictured is a bacon sandwich and "chips" while behind is a cordon bleu. The last time I went, the food wasn't very special and I was a little miffed about the "chips" which just turned out to be lightly salted crisps 😔 I do seem to remember that their food was slightly cheaper than the usual $16-20 in other nearby cafes, though. |

Their interior, with its white tables and brown chairs, has a clean Scandinavian colour aesthetic that was quite minimalist. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite empty and we weren't packed like sardines in an echo-filled hall unlike in other cafés, so that was good. |

Unfortunately, they're closed until further notice so I'm not sure if you'll be able to give them a try even when Phase 1 ends 😕 But I hope this picture gives you cafe vibes and reminds you of the times where we could meet friends over a cuppa and marbled cafe tables! ☺️ | .

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