This cafe is known for its little cakes but I was too full from brunch to sample any of them!

The coffee here is quite smooth but what I must note is that the ambience and interior decor is fantastic. There weren't many people around when we arrived around 12+pm on a Sunday and we had almost the whole place to ourselves.

Go a little earlier than teatime (before 1-2pm) or face a long queue outside in the sweltering heat.

Back at Sarnies! Honestly wasn't that impressed the last time and this visit was only slightly better. The food here is not that special and ghastly overpriced imo but there seems to always be a lively buzz about this cafe (which certainly earns this place ambience points).

Breakkie burg ($19) 🍔 8/10

Was a bit hesitant to order this because it seemed small in photos. But boy was I wrong -- this burger was huge! It may not look like it but that scrambled egg right there was a good 1/2 inch thick at some areas and was as fluffy as a cloud.

The smashed beef patty itself was sizeable and consisted of firm, fresh meat that I savoured with every juicy bite. It's a simple beef, egg, and cheddar burger but so well done.

Truffle scrambled eggs ($23) 🍳 5/10

The moment this was set down on the table, we were greeted with a heady smell of truffle. However, when we actually dug in, the truffle taste pretty much dissipated and we were left with a pretty tasteless mishmash of grey eggs splayed atop withered spinach, soggy mushrooms, and slightly burnt and stale toast.

Maybe it's the food presentation that needs work (who puts wet spinach on bread and leaves it to condense under some eggs?) or it needs more seasoning, but this dish left me yearning for more.

This beautiful café took my breath away with their decor full of living plants and dried flowers, and most importantly -- delicious food!

Soufflé Pancake (S$20.50) 8/10 🥞
Doesn't this pancake look like a darling with charming little fruits adorning it? Well, it tastes as good as it looks! The pancake was thick enough for that iconic /jiggle/ that every café-hopper has a boomerang of, and is topped by a generous helping of whipped cream and refreshingly sweet fruits. Personal preference but just wished that the pancake came all in one thick piece!

Beef short rib ($29.90) 8/10 🍖
DID YOU SEE HOW easily the short rib fell apart?? The demi-glace sauce wasn't that flavourful but I'll overlook it seeing how I could pick every morsel off the bone with a spoon. What I found most unique about this dish was the 3 types of salt they provided us with, which included this brown smoked sea salt -- it tastes like a barbeque going on right in your mouth!

Korean style fried chicken ($25.50) 8/10 🍗
This crispy fried half-chicken remained fantastically crispy despite being slathered in a sticky sweet-and-sour yangnyeom sauce. I'm still wondering how they got the inside of the pieces SO JUICY -- even the breast meat came apart wonderfully.

Was actually not expecting such a beautiful café to have both aesthetics and good food as well, but this is one of the rare few as you can see from my honest review. Thank you @wossg for having us and collaborating!

I haven't tried these famous brownies before and didn't know anything about its hype, but I have to say it is a bit expensive but can stand on its own. Each brownie was dense AF and chewy, but I loved the texture of the 74% bittersweet dark chocolate the most because it was consistently chewy inside with a slightly crisp crust. The ones with interesting flavours are mostly only flavoured in its core, so for example the hojicha didn't really taste like hojicha at all.

From left to right, top to bottom: ($5.90-6.90)

🎂 Premium hojicha
🎂 Peanut butter & pink salt
🎂 74% bittersweet dark chocolate
🎂 Nutella & hazelnut bomb
🎂 Banana nut crunch
🎂 Melt-in-your-mouth mocha

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I was quite excited to try their 'signature' Belgian waffles as I really enjoyed crispy Belgian waffles in Brussels. However, these kinda disappointed me as they tasted way too yeasty and they couldn't blend the sweet-and-salty taste well. The strips of bacon were also dry and stale? That said, the chive sour cream sauce was tasty and thick -- it /almost/ saved the dish by smothering it...

Overall ®️: 6/10 The ambience is pretty nice here and I felt like I was transported out of Singapore with its spacious floor plan and stained glass windows. Can't really say the food was very good nor bad but what I tried out of the breakfast menu (before 11am) didn't impress. Perhaps I'll try their dinner menu next time...

This was enjoyable but not memorable. It included a 150g piece of steak that was thick enough and only had a bit of gristle but I wouldn't have ordered this if I had access to the lunch menu (they have very limited choices before 11am).

Big breakfast ($14) 🍩 8/10
You might think all the different flavours of a big breakfast may not all blend together in one bite, but strangely, the subtle sweetness of the honey in the hash browns ties all the flavours up together so well that it leaves you speechless. Yet, when you're ready to talk, you're ready for another big BITE!

Something fishy ($11) 🍩 8/10
This bagel had me swimming with the fishes because there was SO MUCH SMOKED SALMON! It also came with the completely classic pairings of capers and cream cheese! The bagel was quite simple but i loved how it was literally bursting with ingredients.

®️: 8.5/10 Previously friends tried this but said the ingredients were lacking. Glad to see that they have now changed their menu and don't hold back on their fillings! Their interior is also quite chill and aesthetic -- it even has a hammock.

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These fluffy white french toast was embellished with the unique ingredients of caramelised bananas in rum, candied bacon, and raspberry jam. The bacon was great because it was very streaky and charred in all the right places. Sadly, the caramel on the bananas didn't quite add anything to the dish, and the homemade vanilla ice cream was quite icy. Furthermore, the egg and spices did not penetrate the thick slices of bread past the surface, which left it quite tasteless inside.

This bowl sounded interesting but the flavours of the dish didn't blend together well even after pouring the truffle sesame soy sauce all over the dish. Also, the kale wasn't crispy and the steak pretty dry and rubbery.

I bought this expensive af pastry because there were so many good reviews. The top layers were very flakey and crispy but the inside was a bit monotonous after a while. Ultimately, I did enjoy this unique treat but I wouldn't have paid $5 for this.

This was a really thick cuppa that kept me staring at my ceiling till 2am that night. Ahh. I don't really know how to describe good coffee can someone teach me?

What I can describe is the ambience though. It was a quiet weekday afternoon when I went and I chatted with my friend on a low sofa and stared out of their windows for hours. I'd say it's a really homely place to unwind and catch up.

This carbonara was the creamy kind topped with a sous vide egg and bacon done in 2 styles. Can't really go wrong with that! Though it was enjoyable, I felt that the cream was a bit watery.

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