healthy noms 🥑

healthy noms 🥑

Featuring An Açaí Affair (Upper Thomson), nomVnom Bistro (Clarke Quay Central), Project Açaí (VivoCity), Spinach & Soup (Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market)
on the hunt for gud fud  ✨
on the hunt for gud fud ✨

first time at this vegan joint! the steamed mushroom patty had a substantial bite and was, quite surprisingly, almost meat-like in texture. the mushroom flavour was quite mellow, not too distinct or overpowering.

lettuce was fresh and truffle mayo was creamy, though lacking strong notes of truffle. bread was soft and fluffy. all in all, i think this is a burger that would be well-accepted by many :-)

$8.90++ | 7/10 🌟

this was a limited edition flavour and came with bananas, chia seeds, granola etc. to be honest, was a bit disappointed as the lemon flavour wasn’t very prominent—the açai had more of a honey-lemon flavour to it, and was lacking distinct sour notes. acai was sweet and not too icy, which was nice. opted for almond butter, which was tasted very natural and healthy, being unsweetened with a strong nutty taste.

would say the lemon açai fr another popular açai place is better because it comes with lemon sorbet and thus a stronger lemon flavour 😛 but if you’re not a fan of sour things project acai’s rendition might work for you!

$14.90 for large; wish the portion was bigger! | 5/10 🌟

ordered set B, the spinach soup with minced pork, wolf berry, century and salted egg! a rather mild and clear soup infused with a light spinach flavour. definitely tastes clean and healthy, if not possibly a little bland for some 😂 the salted & century egg did add a tinge of savoury and salty flavour though!

ingredients were fresh and came in generous servings, however the soup alone is unlikely to fill you up. best accompanied by a hearty bowl of rice 😋

6.5/10 🌟

friend & i both ordered the triple A, their signature açaí bowl, in the medium size with cookie butter! was pretty delicious & healthy with a variety of fruits (kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberry, banana, strawberry), nuts, chia seeds & granola! the granola was tasty & added a nice crunch. we had this for lunch and it was pretty filling! not bad overall 😉

place has a nice, chill vibe too, great for meeting up with friends 🌸

tip: you get 10% off if you’re a student or if you bring your own bowl! 🌿

$8.90 | 8/10 🌟

first time trying this flavour & was pleasantly surprised. the tangy lemon sorbet complemented the sweet açai really well, a very refreshing combination & probably my favourite from here ✨ toppings were generous & enjoyable as usual. will come back for this again! 😊

$14.90 | 8.5/10 🌟

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