Featuring Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), Egg Stop (Paya Lebar Square), Rolling Rice, MOM'S TOUCH (PLQ Mall), Waker Chicken (Toa Payoh)

This was really delicious!! The fried chicken thigh was super thick and the batter/breading was very tasty. I also liked the huge slabs of cabbage that helped lighten the overall flavour profile of the burger.

There are 6 hidden toppokki amongst the pieces of chicken, which were cooked a little under al dente. It is not to everyone's tastes but I liked the crisp outer layer and chewy inner layer of the toppokki. It can be a bit too tiring to eat more than 1 or 2, though, so I've never tried ordering the toppokki as a main. Anyway, the fried chicken pieces were very thoroughly fried, maintaining the crispy skin even after being drenched in a sweet-spicy sauce that tastes JUST a bit like sweet-and-sour pork sauce....

It is a really high price tag for a small portion of a dish that comprises relatively cheap ingredients, but somehow it is so tasty that I ordered it both times I patronised the restaurant. The stew is very thick, and some may find it too concentrated with the gochujang/gochugaru paste but I like it.

Perfect mix of salty veges, bulggogi beef and tightly-wrapped rice!

(+$1.50 for rice)
The soup broth was sooo earthy and tasted extremely nutritious, like a magic cordial of sorts. The chicken was also tear-apart tender, including the breast meat which usually tends to be tough and bland in soups. However, the chicken doesn't come stuffed with glutinous rice as other Korean restaurants do it -- this is more of a straight-up, no-frills samyetang. But it is super tasty.

I've tried this once before so I am glad to say that the stir-fried hot plate pork is not only delicious, but CONSISTENTLY delicious 😋 can be a bit too spicy for some, though.

The noodles are thick and extremely bouncy, but unfortunately the bean paste was rather underwhelming as it didn't really taste like anything at all. Also, there were only a few pieces of meat throughout the dish so I wouldn't really recommend someone to order this as their sole main dish. It is a pity because the noodles are excellent, but the sauce is extremely lacklustre that I probably would not order this again.

This is an extremely small portion and I was honestly shocked when I saw it, because I was expecting something a bit larger like all the other dishes we ordered. Nevertheless, what this soondubu jjigae lacked in size, it more than made up for in taste. The gochujang/gochugoro base is veryyyy concentrated and each spoonful is pure umami. Really a league above any other Korean tofu stew I've tried.

This kimchi pancake was very thick and chewy, almost remniscient of the starchy bits in oyster omellette, except much less gluey and way more crisp. I liked it, but would much prefer seafood pancake with the squid rings, eggs and chives. Unfortunately, only kimchi pancake is sold here so this has to be good enough.

This massive plate of pork was marinated so perfectly, the on-point taste + generous quantity almost transported me back to Seoul where I holidayed a year ago. It is a notch higher than standard food court Korean fare, so its huge quantity and reasonably low price makes it a winner in my books. Note, however, that steamed white rice is not included and would cost an additional $1.50.

You can choose the level of spiciness you want and we opted for Less Spicy - it ended up being much more sweet than spicy but there was still a very mild kick that kept it from tasting like sweet and sour pork. 😂 The sauce is obviously very unhealthy but somehow soo addictive, pairing well with the crispy fried cubes of chicken and toppoki. I would order this again with a higher level of spice.

A humongous roll of kimbap stuffed with tender bulgoggi beef slices, shredded vegetables and a thick omelette. This was enough to fill 1 hungry gal and I felt it was a very complete and satisfying meal.


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