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Coffee Spots

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Maxi Coffee Bar, Narrative Coffee Stand (Bras Basah Complex), Glyph Supply Co. (111 Somerset), Upside Down Coffee Roaster, Alchemist (Design Orchard), Foreword Coffee (Temasek Shophouse), Morphine Coffee (PLQ), The Glasshouse - Specialty Coffee & Toast Bar, Toby's Estate Coffee, Robertson Quay
Nat N.
Nat N.

I liked how the oat didn't mask the flavour of the coffee; it had no acidity and had a great lingering hint of dried fruit the more i drank it. Wouldn't get tired of this cup!

Verdict: 10/10

This was actually quite a refreshing iced mocha that was more coffee-forward but I did appreciate that hint of malt and chocolate, finishing with a bit of muted acidity – was super satisfying and would love to come back and try their breakfast!

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This was so so so good! Pricey and a little steep for your usual cuppa joe but this was so deliciously malty and creamy in mouthfeel. I loved how there were almost milk chocolate notes melding with the malt and a rather pleasant finishing of sweetness. I don’t think it’s coffee-forward, but it did give me a lil buzz!

I always enjoy going to Glyph, not just for their coffee but also for their Kombuchas. This in particular was their Vanilla Mint Chai rendition and it was refreshing, mellow and quite subtle on the mint – something I appreciate. The mint peeked out only towards the end, giving off a wonderful freshness.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Foreword Coffee has always been one of my top spots for chilling, especially at their Temasek Shophouse outlet. I love that they bring awareness and familiarity to the differently anled community as well as support local home bakers by stocking their bakes – my favourite is their Chocolate Cloud Cake.

Drinks-wise I really enjoy their Timeless Yuan Yang which is an iced white with an earl grey tea ice cube! Super innovative and delicious. Their hot chocolate is a little too milky for my liking though!

Verdict: 9.5/10

This was the Hot-Siphon Coffee Cocoa from Morphine Coffee! I’m not usually a fan of acidic brews but I think this was well-balanced with the flavour of the chocolate! ☕️

Went on a short coffee ban so I’d stop being so reliant on coffee but it resulted in me being super cranky after 2 weeks...but, one sip of this made me really energized! I’ve hardly ever seen hot-siphon coffees in Singapore, so it was quite a good experience! Will come back for their speciality Cold Brews next time!

Their coffees are all really affordable too! Each cup is around $2-4 ✨

Verdict: 8.5/10

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with Alchemist Coffee... But yes, I finally visited them at their new(ish) outlet at Design Orchard!! It’s on the third floor but you can just walk all the way up the steps past the green vines – don’t walk up via the side and make one huge round like me and bubz LOL
As usual, I always order their iced mocha but their iced chocolate is worthy of a mention too!

HOWEVER, the real star of the show has to be the Chocolate Almond Croissant 😭 it’s part of their new lineup of pastries 🥐 I thought I loved their pain au chocolat, but this is OODLES better?? I really like how crumbly and flaky the almond crust is on top!

Verdict: 10/10 (as always w my favourite coffee place; now nearer to school)

Looking back, the Burpple price probably made me sway a little towards the positive side but I wasn’t exactly raving about my Iced Mocha. It was kind of flat...? I think that’s the word to best describe it. I liked that it had a nice chocolatey aftertaste but I liked Sarah’s drink a lot better – an iced white with oat milk. Though she did say usually it tasted better.Overall, I don’t mind going back if it’s in the area, cos it’s $3.50 per coffee with Burpple! Though, maybe I’ll try the oat milk next time round HAHA

It’s hidden away in Bras Basah near the National Library but definitely worth the hunt! The coffee is smooth and not too acidic, and I really enjoyed the almost berry-like notes. The brownie was super fudgy and satisfying – whoever says sea salt and dark chocolate aren’t a match... We can’t be friends.

This was pretty eye-opening and I’ve always loved cereal milk as a flavour, be it in ice cream or in cakes so I don’t know how it never occurred to me that I could use it for coffee! I loved how it was slighty oat-y and had a bit more of a creamy mouthfeel than if normal milk was used. Towards the end of the drink, you can definitely taste the cereal notes more prominently!

Nat N.

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