Featuring Ramen Keisuke Tori King, Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke, Box n Sticks, Kanada-Ya (PLQ Mall), Buta Kin (Beauty World Food Centre), YAYOI (United Square), Makan Koryouri
Benjamin Sim
Benjamin Sim

Talk about table service! Each Don (even if you didn’t get the Kiwami Wagyu-$29.90) is lovingly prepared a la minute in front of you. The Singaporean chefs are quiet and meticulous. Medium-rare recommended! Love the shimeji mushrooms and scallions. Seating is really limited (10pax) so if you don’t reach before 6pm on a weekend, be expected to queue queue queue!

Don’t leave your car in your k-aarage just yet! Makan Koryouri does a decent rendition of this Izakaya staple. You get that uneven texture of Karaage crust when you coat battered chicken with clumpy flour. That should be the separation between Japanese karaage and popcorn chicken. Yah better than Tori-Q’s.

I have a thing for grilled eggplant that extends beyond cai png. Every Izakaya should have kio (茄子) on the menu! It’s bang for bucks and you get a good sized one to boot 🤭. The miso paste could have been sharper to cut through the layers of booze I was having (this is an Izakaya after all). Otherwise this is the vegan Izakaya experience all in.

Their okonomiyaki menu is extensive! :D with the tonkatsu sauce, Mayo and bonito flakes, this really was an umami bomb. Let the grease in this dish sponge up your alcohol and serve as a stepping stone to your whisky/shochu highball binge. As an Izakaya goes this place is crowded yet cosy! You’ve GOT to reserve seats on Fri/Sat to avoid the wait.

Came here for the Truffle Ramen but it was sold out (limited to 20 bowls a day!). This was a pretty competent bowl, the black garlic oil wasn’t heavy or bitter. It gave a nice accent to the thick tonkotsu broth. Came here on a Friday evening and there was already a queue! Make sure to reach before 6:30pm to snag seats quick.

Ordering Ramen at Keisuke joints is like customising a windows PC. You can choose the richness of your chicken broth, the texture of your noodles, whether you want spring onions etc. The chicken broth at “normal” is just right on the palate. I think a tad richer than Marutama’s. See the entire chicken thigh/drum there? It’s a winning formula of affordability and taste. Thankfully, the preponderance of ramen joints in and around 100AM means you don’t have to wait too long for a space in this 20+ seater restaurant.

The rice here is a tad mushier than I’d have liked. But that tends to happen when you fry short-grain rice. They did quite a good job from keeping the garlic bits unburnt. This greasy spoon is good for weighing your stomach down before your bira or sake binge. I’d order this again!

An Izakaya must have some form of salmon aburi maki. It’s something unspoken! It’s colourful and a burst of flavour! There’s a bit of everything in this one, aburi salmon, Ikura, prawn...I like the textural treat of tempura batter bits. Watch the kick of spicy mayo tho~ it’s there underneath all them layers of stuff.

One needn’t break the bank for decent food! Beauty World Food Center’s tenant mix is really eclectic. You’ve got korean fusion joints next to old school ban mian and char kway teow. This hawker-style ramen comes with a whole flavoured egg and 3 thick slices of pork belly charshu. For a limited time, you get a free noodle upsize! I’m done.

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Grab Food had this 1-for-1 Promo:

$14.89- chicken teriyaki 1-for-1
$18.09- gyu don 1-for-1
$11.36- Oyakodon (Regular)

Teriyaki chicken skin could have been crispier tho...otherwise a little better than Yoshinoya.

I can eat Nasi Lemak 3 times a day for a month.

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