Donki drinks are rlly my happy affordable comfort thrills!!! Personally I have tried sweet potato, matcha and hojicha latte - they premake them so you canโ€™t opt for no / less sugar but itโ€™s not too sweet itself so allโ€™s good :-) the drink itself is really smooth (especially with the Hokkaido milk that they used). Out of the 3 I would say that hojicha is my favourite - has the roasted earthy taste ; matcha was slightly sweeter and sweet potato was slightly too thick for a drink for my liking (got gelat real quick), felt more like a dessert!!

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Ok prob another unpopular opinion but actually I didnโ€™t enjoy this (read on before you shame me!!!) โ˜น๏ธ itโ€™s really full-on orh nee milk tea with orh-nee pearls (with lumps of orh nee in the milk tea so it was too much for me (I really donโ€™t like orh nee Iโ€™m a taro blended kind of milk tea fan..). if you love orh nee this will be the drink for you!! I did like the taro bubbles tho!!! Good chewiness reminded me of blackball taro balls with more yam fibrous! I will just stick to my dong ding oolong next time!

My first heytea experience and honestly itโ€™s so expensive for a drink!! We must be crazy!! Ok but the cheese was REALLY GAO - it was savoury thick and yet not overly jelat and light enough to eat more. I rlly like the fresh grapes topping the best I was confused by the cheese and drink mix tasted like milk towards the end? Would not get again but worth a first try! Perhaps I will try the taro next time that was highly raved by my friend

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Popped by hvalaโ€™s new outlet (3 storeys!!!!) and its first floor was already beautiful and chill / have always loved hvalaโ€™s hot matcha and trying this ice-blended (no sugar) for the first time / slightly sweet for me still but enjoyed it nonetheless (btw my friend got the hojicha ice-blended and it was a no go)

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The shakes here fared much better than the chicken burger. The shake was thicc and creamy, but not super sweet. I also liked the coffee flavour, it was pretty strong and aromatic.

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Only the large option was available and I would say that itโ€™s not cheap but actually most bobas ainโ€™t cheap nowadays ๐Ÿ˜ข I got it in 0% sugar and surprisingly it was still slightly sweet! refreshing and the passionfruit taste was pronounced but I wished there were actual passionfruit inside!! Prob wouldnโ€™t get it again.

Super aesthetic classy cute (but wasteful) packaging!! On the whole enjoyed the refreshing cup of healthy goodness (wasnโ€™t sweet at all but apparently you may opt for less sugar!! They are generous w their fruits and the fruits tasted really fresh :-) nice alternative to bbt!!

Donโ€™t usually buy drinks other than coffee when Iโ€™m out (water is sufficient), so if I do it better be good. And this was good! Creamy, refreshing, with sweetness from the gula melaka, this was indeed worthy of a buy. Would return to try their other flavours :)

This was refreshing and had a distinct pink guava taste! 25% sugar level works for me as it wasnโ€™t too sweet, and we both preferred this over the black tea macchiato. The honey pearls had a mild honey taste which could be stronger I feel, but overall q satisfied with this drink. I havenโ€™t bought bbt for ~1 year, and I didnโ€™t regret this purchase :)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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