Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

The grand daddy of the hawker food here ! It is extremely scrumptious with the rice, the soup, the chilli and most importantly, the chicken !
Ravishing Rick Rude
Ravishing Rick Rude

Absolutely delectable !! So far my fav chicken rice ! The chicken meat is tender n white !! The rice is terrific n the soup jus tat gd... Gotta try it !

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Delightful rice n decent chicken. The soup is abit different lol... Not sure if its fair to say u might wanna consider return n patronise... i personally dun like People's Park food centre but the chicken rice at least offset those -ve perception of the food ctr

The chicken is very tender n it feels great havin it ! The rice was fine n so was the soup... its still worthy n i find its chicken very delightful.

A veteran Chicken Rice stall... highly popular ! Chicken breast meat is succulent n the rice is decent... Great place to tuck in w the crowd for a rated highly chicken rice !

This highly recommended chicken rice stall is a fav not jus w the locals but the foreigners. It has a queue n sells like hot cakes... decent chicken meat n delectable rice n the veg is pretty scrumptious. I like the main n 1st outlet at Maxwell fd ctr !

In Orchard, to have a hainanese proper chicken rice is rare. Hence this stall has given great hope. The chicken breast meat is splendid n taste scrumptious. The rice n the soup r jus mouthwatering. I enjoy this chicken rice v much !

A place to dine at popular makan hangout place Serangoon Gardens. This chicken rice restaurant is a old timer and rings a bell with residents around the area even folks who stay far away like me. The rice is aromatic n the chicken is tender as well as mouthwatering. Its a very cool place for a chicken rice rather hustling with everyone at Chomp Chomp. This shows u noe where to eat great stuff.....

A decent place for a decent Chicken Rice ! Appetising n delightful esp the chicken n the rice. I love patronisin this stall and its in Orchard. The rice is inviting too n u can replenish for more soup to satisfy the craving.

In my personal preference of all the wonderful chicken rice stalls in Singapore, this is my fav. Not becuz of the similar dialect, but the chicken is absolutely delectable and scrumptious. The rice is oso mouthwatering and heavenly. Although theres no soup somehow, u can compensate w a dish of healthy green veg ! Highly recommended !!

I find this chicken rice very appetizing ! The roasted chicken breast meat is jus tat magnificent ! Theres green ginger spice to add up with delightful flavor. The rice is scrumptious n its worth the wait, i do frequently come here w my family, they love it too !

Decent dining place in town ! Chicken meat is succulent and the rice is brilliant ! You can side order other delightful Zi Char dishes with it. I like the bean sprouts esp as they r made crunchy and yummy !

Very decent chicken rice and it has very tender chicken meat esp the boneless breast meat. The rice is magnificent and the soup is delightful. I may come from the East but i find it very worth it to go all the way to the West for this Chicken Rice !

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