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Jo Y
Jo Y

managed to buy the matcha sesame tartlet, pulut hitam tartlet, strawberry rhubarb tartlet and earl grey macadamia tartlet. absolutely enjoyed the early grey macadamia tart, which had a surprisingly fragrant earl grey flavour. the pulut hitam is a close second as well, would definitely recommend to try! the matcha and strawberry rhubarb however fell short of my expectations.

not photographed is the hojicha yuzu cake which was a father's day special, which was the best item from the bakery! the textures and flavour profiles were both special and done well, definitely give it a try before they remove it from the menu (:

had the 88% dark chocolate & matcha ice cream, both of which were exceptional and delicious! enjoyed the pairing with biscuit soil at the bottom and the dark chocolate shot. the shot was rich and bitter, so would recommend dipping the ice cream rather than pouring the whole shot over the ice cream as it can get overwhelming. overall a great dessert that i would come back for (:

a little pricey but it's worth every cent! absolutely enjoyed the oolong ice cream which had a strong and fragrant tea flavour to it. the great pairing of the cold ice cream with warm donut made the dessert one remember (:

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love the collaboration box with chicha! especially loved the black tea croissant which was a lava-croissant with melted centre and the osmanthus oolong had a great balance between the two teas. the dong ding oolong however was a disappointment despite being the one i was most excited for :( do give the above 2 a try if they do bring it back!

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rather secluded place although it's conveniently located just opposite somerset mrt! the owner was extremely friendly and shared that all ice cream was made in-store at the mini production house at the back of the shop.
bought the pistachio, genmaicha, strawberry marshmallow and cookies & cream for a total of $11. value-for-money especially given the generous serving of each scoop (: especially enjoyed the genmaicha which was strong and flavourful! would definitely recommend giving this a try, and to support a small business owner selling quality dessert at the same time.


bought the Hojicha & Raspberry tarts, both were very decedent and hit the sweet spot for us! the Raspberry tart had several layers within and we especially appreciated the crunch in the bottom layer. it's a little on the sweet side though, so those with a sweeter tooth can opt for this! the Hojicha tart is less sweet but was the perfect blend of dark chocolate and hojicha. Personally I enjoyed the Hojicha tart more but both were a sinful and delightful treat!

bought 2 single scoop gelato with cone, opted for the "Coconut & Mango" and "Lychee with Raspberry Bits". both flavours were delightful and definitely hit the sweet spot 😊 each scoop of ice cream was especially huge as well, making it value-for-money at $3 each (premium flavour).

Overall this is a very solid cheesecake shop, with many good fusion flavours that we loved. They also execute classics well, but just be mindful of some flavours which missed their mark!

(Disclaimer: based purely on personal preference!)
Over the moon - very standard but good 7/10
Sicilian wild cats - very good tiramisu, light and not jelat 9/10
The Emperor’s romance - really great if you like lychee and raspberry! Has multiple layers and dimensions to the flavour 9.5/10
Apple of my eye - good, solid and surprising cheesecake. Had a good balance of sweet and tangy 8/10
Russian whiskers - stood out from the rest with its bold and clean flavours. Surprised us with chunks of frozen mango which added a contrasting texture to the cheesecake 9/10
Paw of fury - did not meet expectations, you’re better off with yuan yang from your local hdb coffeeshop 4/10
Once in the blue moon - no one in our family liked it, was the worst of the fruit cheesecakes. Blueberry flavour was barely there and felt very artificial 4/10
Maneki Neko - tangy and refreshing, delightful with a balanced sweetness 9/10
Jiggly fluff - better than expected, sprinkling the cheese at the top was a fun experience and they are super generous with the toping. Flavours were salty and extremely cheesy, which we enjoyed. 8/10
Modern duke’s pudding - v standard but solid, if you want a good oreo cheesecake, both top and bottom layers are soft and not the crunchy kind if you’re expecting that 7.5/10
King cat of the mountain - a very solid durian cake, not much cheese (thus not much cheesecake flavour) but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Had real durian flesh inside which added to the pleasant flavour of this cake 8/10
Milo dinosaur - standard but good if you like milo, can be a bit jelat even with one slice 7/10
Naughty and nice - surprisingly good quality chocolate cake from a cheesecake store, brownie on top is of great quality as well 8/10
Charred eclipse - nothing special, lack the burnt flavour and we prefer the normal cheesecake which was more moist (due to lack of burnt-ness) 5/10
Sweet and smokey taffy - exactly how you would imagine it to taste like, great if you like salted caramel but it can get jelat even with one slice 7.5/10
Madam roselle - aesthetically pleasing but don’t let the appearance fool you! Lacked tea fragrance and did not taste of anything. Texture was also odd and different from the rest. Came with chunks of frozen rose jelly which sadly did nothing to salvage this cake 3/10


mushroom pie - buttery crust with perfect blend of mushroom and onion, feels like a concentrated mushroom soup that is delicious 8.5/10
chicken and bacon pie - thick crust is solid, sweet and buttery. savoury taste of chicken, bacon and mushroom blends well with the sweetness of crust and onion. definitely not for those on diet! 8/10
matcha eclair - if you love matcha this will be delectable! not sweet and has a strong matcha taste 8.5/10
signature eclair - tastes a bit like bundung with lychee and raspberry, where the base has a salty aftertaste which brings out the sweetness of the filling 8/10

Jo Y

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