Local Delights

Local Delights

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Doreen T
Doreen T

Worst possible food to buy here. Freaking tiny dry chicky bits smaller than a sauce packet for $7.90?!? You kidding me? I’m heavily offended. Questioned the staffs and was given a nonchalant ‘ya’.

No no no no nope.

Ordered their garlic cheese bread ($3.90) as well. Menu illustration showed a whole piece but we were only given half. Too disappointed to even take a photo of it.

Biggest rip off in a hawker center. Even restaurants selling wings at this price give a bigger portion.

Heck, even my airfryer does a better job.

Crazy good. I rate this the best Hokkien mee in the north! Very flavourful and full of zhup.

Partner and I became an extreme regular patron for this stall.

Duck meat is meaty and portion is good. Gravy goes well with the rice. Portion is very reasonable for this price.

I don’t exactly like their complimentary soup as it is ‘spicy’ from the incorporation of ginger.

Owner has hearing impair so he usually read your order via your lip movements. Due to covid-19 situation, the owner brilliantly thought of displaying the menu with prices for you to point at.

Radish white cakes were flattened and mash instead of the usual cube ones you get elsewhere. Not as crispy as I expected but still a decent plate of chai tau kueh. Flavourful without being overwhelming.

Nope. First and last.

I had amazing Ayam Goprek in a small hawker back in Bintan so I had a lot of expectations from this stall.

Unfortunately expectations were not met and the cashier took my $7 cash without returning a 10cent change. Partially my fault for not checking with her too.

Picked level 4 for the spice which is also the max that I can take it. Any higher and my nose and eye tap will be open. Chicken taste cheap and soggy, no thanks.

Will not be back. Still sore about my 10cents. Hmph.

Light prawn broth.
Noodle’s not fantastic and the minimum order is $8.

Very much prefer the prawn noodle I had previously in Sengkang.

Noodles al dente, chilli got kick, fishball diong diong. Didn’t take me long to get my food despite the Long queue which I highly appreciate.

Will be back!

Claypot rice cooked with basmati rice. Unfortunately, rice and sauce was mixed before serving up to our table much to Doreen’s disapproval. I very much prefer stir frying the rice in the sizzling hot claypot myself.

Rice was salty, basmati rice was hmmm....better off in briyani. Serving portion isn’t enough to share among 3 other friends. (Order the big size instead if you’re in a group of 4!)

Chinatown’s lian he ben ji set the benchmark too high for my claypot rice. Next.

Eh walao eh I ordered cause everyone who posted it on ig said it’s nice. Allow me repeat what my fiancé commented, ‘it’s glorified rubber band. Even the Pasar malam one is nicer and more value for money)

I know it looks rather unassuming here but I find their meejiankuehs one of the best since having it in my school days. Not sure what their operating hours are like but do come in the morning. Another favourite of mine is the one with crunchy peanut fillings.

Good plate of Hokkien mee! Uncle and aunty closing shutters in end August 2020! Try before it’s gone!

I really want to love this after seeing so many raving reviews but unfortunately my plate of Hokkien mee was watery and salty. :(

Won’t be returning.

Doreen T

Level 6 Burppler · 110 Reviews

That’s my dog, Pancake. He’s a Japanese soufflé pancake with butter if you can see it. ;)

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