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There’s always room for desserts!
Jon & Lori
Jon & Lori

Vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbs topped w a ‘cookiewich’, crumbles cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle. Yes, it sounds like a lot bc IT WAS ALOT 😲 the cookiewich & cookie crumbs were really good tho but the actual milkshake itself was just too sweet! Only order this if u have 3 pax or more bc you’ll get ‘jelat’ after a while & u gotta eat this FAST bc the whipped cream will just drop everywhere 😢 recommended to ask them to serve the milkshake later so u won’t have to worry about them melting all over the table while u enjoy ur burgers!

Delicious eclairs which were crispy on the outside but really soft & custard-filled on the inside. It wasn’t too sweet, which was good, but we wouldn’t pay $8 for this (or even $4 with the burpple 1 for 1). These were more like a try-once-but-won’t-try-again kind of dessert for us! 😛

We were really impressed by this dish! Cheesecake was perfectly molten in the centre, with a nice charred top & passionfruit sauce, which helped to reduce the ‘jelatness’ of the whole cake. The crumble was also delicious, just wished that they could be more generous with it! We would definitely come back for this (but not the steak) HAHAHA

The Earl Grey Lavender had a very strong lavender taste, not our cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of v floral-y tastes, then u should definitely give this a try! The Honey Dalgona was slightly too sweet for our liking as well, & the buttercream for both cakes were slightly too thick. I think we’ll stick to our chocolate speculoos cookie dough cake next time!

We tried the strawberry lemon, pecan, grasshopper, apple frangipani, morello cherry & Sunday Roast! We wanted to get their banana almond brittle & toucan but it was sold out by the time we got there! The strawberry lemon, morello cherry & apple frangipani we’re slightly sour, so if u want something that is more tart, definitely consider getting these 3 (the cherry was the most sour in our opinion). We tried the grasshopper before, & it was still as good as we remembered :’) the pecan was unexpected delicious! We thought it was gonna be too sweet, but the brown sugar filling mixed w the pecan nuts was a really good combination & it wasn’t too sweet! The Sunday Roast was a little bit weird (but it could be just us) because we just thought the chicken biscuits & truffle butter (which were really salty) did not go well with the rest of the sweet tart (white chocolate curd, caramel glaze etc). But it was worth a try (esp w the 1 for 1!)

Managed to snag 5 pies during their visit to Pasir Ris! Tried the grasshopper ($6), toucan ($6), s’mores ($6), apple frangipani ($6) & banana cognac ($6). There were all really good!! Loved how the pies were not too sweet, & I especially liked the almond brittles in the banana cognac as it gave the pie a good crunch! Loved how they incorporated a chocolate cake layer into their grasshopper pie as well which makes it stand out from the rest of their custard-filled pies. Overall, decent pies, I would come back again! 🤗

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