There’s always room for desserts!
Jon & Lori
Jon & Lori

New subway cookie!!!! 🤩 Honestly, this is their best cookie hands down!! The mint taste was so distinct & paired w the generous amount of choc chip inside............ so good!!!!
Rating: 8/10

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We ordered: Black Sesame Paste ($4) with 3 tangyuans (forgot the price, sorry, but I think it was around $2+) & mao shan wang durian shaved ice ($9.90).

The black sesame paste came with a layer of ginger pandan cloud, which we found too ginger-y for our liking. The paste itself was rich & creamy, but it wasn’t as smooth as the ones u get from Ah Chew. The coconut crisps gave it a nice texture tho! Overall, it gets abit jelat so this would be good for sharing!
Rating: 6/10

The tangyuans came in 3 flavours, caramel, peanut hazelnut & green tea, so they’re not ur conventional peanut & sesame flavours. Overall, the tangyuans were chewy & nice & we found the flavours to be really unique! It was pretty small tho so not sure if it was worth the price. The green tea filling had a slight bitter-ness to it & the peanut hazelnut just tasted like a melted ferrero rocher!
Rating: 7/10

The mao shan wang shaved ice was the star tho. It was served with a coconut shaved ice, chendol jelly, kognac jelly, durian paste & a gula melaka cheese cap. The durian paste was really rich & u could see the durian fibres inside! The coconut shaved ice also went really well w the jellies & gula melaka cheese cap. This is really a must try!
Rating: 9/10

We got the cookie-based egg tarts bc the pastry ones were out of stock by the time we went (around 7pm on a Saturday). The queue was around 20 mins long & honestly, these egg tarts were not worth the price or the queue. The egg tarts were v meh, & there was a plastic-y taste in a few of them 😢 the cookie tart was really meh as well. The only saving grace was the smooth texture of the egg custard but honestly, you can definitely find better egg tarts elsewhere (even those egg tarts at neighborhood bakeries are better than this). What a disappointment :(

Rating: 3/10

Bought this from a few weeks back & honestly it was nothing special :( the brownie was too soft for my liking so it was more like a rich chocolate cake instead of a brownie (didn’t have that fudgy-ness) & the mochi inside was just meh. We also find that their bakes are more on the sweet side, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless u have a sweet tooth! 🥺

We used the entertainer 2 for 2 so we got 4 cupcakes for $8.70. The original price of each cupcake is $4.20 but we got one seasonal flavour so we had to pay an additional $0.30.
Cookies & Cream - chocolate cupcake itself was not bad but the buttercream tasted too sweet & artificial (4/10)
Red Velvet - biggest disappointment bc the buttercream did not have any cream cheese flavour at all (3/10)
Salted Caramel - the best out of the 4 bc it didn’t taste as artificial as the rest but it was slightly too sweet for our liking (6/10)
Dark chocolate marshmallow (seasonal flavour) - tasted like an ordinary chocolate cupcake, cream on top did not have the texture of a marshmallow & we didn’t taste any marshmallow (5/10)
Overall I would say that the pv cupcakes were a really big disappointment (only saving grace is that it looks aesthetic) & we would not be back for more :(

Tried to find reviews for this chocolate lava cake but there wasn’t any so here is our review! This chocolate lava cake was amazing! It was super rich & chocolate-y, so chocolate lovers should definitely go for this! The whipped cream at the side really helped to cut through the richness of the chocolate, & overall it was a decent dessert (kind of smaller than we were expecting tho). Sadly the lava inside spilt out before it was even served (probably because the train ride to our table was a lil bumpy) 😅

This was delicious! They were v generous w the walnuts & it was buttery, soft & slightly chewy all at the same time. It was abit sweet tho bc of the white choc but overall, it was quite a decent buy!

Cake was soft w tiny pieces of dates inside, finished w a caramel glaze on top but it was too sweet for our liking! $6 was kind of pricey as well as the slice was not very big 😟

They essentially taste like melt-in-your-mouth love letters!!!!! The egg taste was not too overpowering & it was not too sweet either, although abit pricey, we would definitely recommend this!! 👍🏼

6 pieces for $15! Queued for about 40 mins for this on a Saturday afternoon! However, no regrets bc they were freshly baked & the pastry was buttery and flaky & the wintermelon paste was delicious & gooey! Read the reviews & some people said it was too sweet but we found it just nice! Really melts in ur mouth & we would definitely come back for more!!!! 10/10 🤩

Grasshopper: 9/10 (one of my favs bc I love the mint + flourless chocolate cake combo)
Banana cognac: 9/10 (another one of my favs bc I love the almond brittle + light banana whip combo)
Rum & Apple: 7/10 (The classic apple pie)
Toucan: 8/10 (love the tanginess of the passionfruit)
Strawberry Lemon: 6/10 (was too sour for my liking)
But overall, their pies never disappoint!

This was by which is located inside Onalu. They ran out of Mochi cookies when we got there but we waited 20 mins for them to bake a fresh batch. Cookie was nice & the mochi gave it a very chewy texture. Sort of tasted like a subway cookie but slightly sweeter. Not sure if I would pay $3.50 for this tho!

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