Phase 2: Burpple Eats

Phase 2: Burpple Eats

Making my way through my CB wishlisted places!
Chloe Yong
Chloe Yong

Head to Haji Lane for an authentic Turkish feast at this cozy restaurant! From Lamb Kofta ($24.90), Spinach Pide ($19.90) to classics such as Chicken Shawarma ($16) and Falafeel ($17.50) wraps, you'll be spoilt for choice. Take Burppler Shiba Yukari's lead and indulge in their Mix Grill Kebab ($44.90 for 2 Pax), which "tasted good, the lamb was well seasoned and not gamey."
Photo by Burppler Shiba Yukari

Known for their spitfire chicken, Chico Loco was a Mexican-inspired bistro and bar along Amoy St! Headed over for their happy hour (before 7pm) and had the frozen margarita ($8), alongside the Half Chicken and Lamb Tacos! Shared the food amongst 2 and was just nice. Chicken was tender and flavorful, though the Lamb Tacos had a strong taste so if you’re not the biggest fan of mutton, you might want to order something else.

Had some kimbap cravings so we decided to try this out for the first time! Got the Original Kimbap, Kimbap and Spicy Chicken with Tteokbokki (total was about ~$30?)
The kimbaps were alright, nothing to shout about. But the Spicy Fried Chicken was pretty good! The fried tteokbokki was a nice touch to the dish 👌🏻

Head over during peak hours and you’ll see snaking queues outside this cozy eatery! If it’s your first time here, definitely opt for the Three Bowls Set w Drink ($15) to get the full experience (Lu Rou Fan, Oyster Mee Sua, Chicken Rice). Personally I really love their Lu Rou Fan ($4.50 for ala carte, $8 for set) because it’s fragrant and tastes just like Taiwan! From their menu, to the seating and decor, it’ll have you reminiscing of the good old days in primary school too 👧🏻🧒🏻

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Found this hidden gem on SG Food on Foot blog and can confirm that this was one of the best Soy Sauce Chicken I’ve had! Never used to be a fan and this humble stall in Telok Blangah Crescent totally converted me.

Affordable and delicious, we ordered Half Chicken ($7) and two plates of noodle ($1 each) which only amounted to $9? The chicken was tender and just the right amount of saltiness 👌🏻 The noodle was my favourite, QQ and packed with flavor from the chili and sauces! 💯

Had cravings for green curry (not pictured) and headed back to my old TP after school haunt for some affordable thai food! One of the best dishes would be the Pad Thai ($7?) and Red Tom Yum Soup (if that’s your jam because we realised we prefer the clear version over the creamier red version)
The Green Curry Chicken was also very generous with their ingredients and was pretty good IMO 😋

Would give the Pineapple Fried Rice ($6/7?) a miss though! Lacking in any flavour and barely had pineapple in it. Would skip on their Basil Pork too as it was a tad too salty and lacked the basil punch...

I’ve never had Pate before so I’m not sure how this is supposed to taste like but it was pretty good! The taste was akin to our “luncheon meat”, and the baguette and picked gherkins served alongside definitely helped to balance out the saltiness 👍🏻 the Pate portion size was decent for two people as well

Went to L’Entrecôte for my birthday dinner and had the best steak + fries! Ordered the Trimmed Entrecôte Steak ($36.80) and it was so tender! Especially liked the “legendary secret sauce” which was creamy, peppery with some citrusy notes. The steak came precut so it was easy to devour too (lol)

I’m a sucker for shoe string fries so free flow fries fried to crispy perfection and served hot? That’s a win for me! It was very nice of them to offer us birthday complimentary glasses of champagne and white wine infused with berry as well.

Ordered this just for the pandan pearl but sadly the pandan taste was barely there... But the texture of the pearl was good, chewy but not overly soft or hard. Would suggest to get the classic Thai milk tea with their standard tapioca pearls instead!
Liked that they offered customizable sugar level for those who prefer lesser or zero sugar for their drinks 👍🏻

Had mad dimsum cravings last weekend so decided to try 126 instead of our usual Mongkok Dim Sum haunt 🥟🥢
We spent about $51 for 2 pax there and had a filling good time. Notable dishes included their Deep Fried Carrot Cake, Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun and Yam and Pork Belly Beancurd. Other than that, the food was just normal and char siew bao was lacking in sweetness tbh. The 红油云吞 was a measly portion as well 😕

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Super fluffy and not overly sweet, these donuts make indulging worth it 🍩
Tried the Chocolate ($2.90), Kaya ($2.90) and Limone ($3.20) donuts, which were filled with light and creamy fillings. Personally prefer the chocolate and kaya over limone? The limone filling tasted similar to the Khong Guan lemon cream biscuits so if you’re a fan of those, you might want to give this donut a try!
The kaya was the best overall, with fragrant pandan flavour oozing from the pillowy soft donut!
Do come by early as they make only a few batches daily and tend to sell out pretty fast! 💨

Used the #BurppleBeyond deal for 1-for-1 Main + Appetizer + Drinks which was very worth it! Managed to save $21 and portion sizes were decent. Had the Thai Boat Noodles ($10), Mango Salad ($12), Moo Ping ($8) and Thai Milk Tea ($3). Would recommend the Beef Thai Boat Noodles if you’re looking for a rich and thick broth, infused with the meaty flavors, otherwise the Pork version is a lot lighter.
Mango salad and moo ping was good, but might not recommend the Thai Milk Tea because it was lacking on the tea aroma and overpowering on the milky side.

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