Featuring Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown), An Açaí Affair (Katong), JW360°, Wursthans Switzerland, Johan Paris (Shaw House), Alibabar The Hawker Bar (Katong), W Acai (Singpost), Gyu Jin (Itadakimasu by PARCO)
peepapoopi pooman
peepapoopi pooman

Rotisserie chicken, roasted vege, potato, cumin aioli
Meatloaf, roasted vege, signature rosti, sour cream
Sauces were great. Portion size was also great. Paid $18.40 in total for these two items. Highly enjoyable! Chicken was tender. Roasted vegetables and potato were kind of oily but I’m not really sure if it’s oil or water.. rosti was also not too oily and was adequately crispy!
However the staff are not too polite, which can be overlooked because of the cheap price with the burpple subscription.

$6.80 for small. not as nice as an acai affair. Unfortunately there are no options to add on any sort of nut butter (that I can remember). payment is only by grabpay(???). Pumpkin seed overload and not enough fruit. Place is literally shrouded in darkness bcs the adjacent shop is permanently closed. Will not be returning even though it serves decent acai.

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Studded with sweet potato and white chocolate chips. Sweet potato flavour is not prominent. Matcha flavour is DIVINE. Bitterness was well balanced with white chocolate. Must get while it’s still in stores

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I miss this bread so much but it hasn’t been in stock forever... 🍞🍠 it tastes really good though

super expensive($37.5 per person after GST... wtf....) (GST rly kills my dudes...) but felt so nourishing. u know how after eating sukiya u legit feel like trash? yes well this one was so .. nice. we got 2 beef 2 pork 2 chicken n each plate had a lot of meat so u don’t feel the need to unnecessarily order to get ur money’s worth. also the sides were SO good. tender quality meat! it also comes w icecream B)! AND JAPANESE CURRY. but the focus is the meat n sides. sauce selection is AMAZING. 🥵 soup bases chosen : yuzu salt n suki dashi. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 feels so bad to spend so much but also feels so good to treat urself. 😵9️⃣/🔟 will return if I want hotpot

Coconut sorbet mixed with acai. I still prefer normal acai but this is a pleasant twist if you want smth different

Triple a is my favourite and I’ve only gotten that over the numerous times I’ve come here. Topped with almond butter and no granola, this is my favourite dessert

Spring roll $3
Grilled pork $7.5 (200g)
Braised pork $5 (honestly.. so worth it because it comes w vege :D) Easties.. if u ever want thai food now u know where to go

ok sup dudes.. best sesame icecream w a lot of sesame seed ~ crunch. review on the sweet potato thing on TOP: it kind of has the texture of a cake.. feels like smth I can get at matsuzo potAto (the sweet potato shop in isetan👊🏼😦) overall, rly rly gud with the icecream siq asf I want to go there tmr but no one is free Boo. this place also sells sweet potato icecream which (from the tester..) isn’t that good so YEP. their matcha/houjicha is v nice. my Mother liked the walnut caramel one but I think it’s so-so. Sesame tho.. big fat cop! all my money is spent on icecream. If u like sesame definitely try this :D side note: their strawberry icecream is v special because it has no milk no sugar just puréed strawberry.. try the tester at the very least!

Buttery and amazing. Best eaten hot but it’s still pretty good eaten cold too!

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