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Enjoyable Places!!

Enjoyable Places!!

Featuring Dumpling Darlings (Amoy Street), Apiary, EVENTASTY Noodle Bar (Funan), Old Hen Kitchen, Cafe de Paris, Hvala (111 Somerset), Plain Vanilla Bakery (Telok Ayer), Hong Jjajang
Han & Ko
Han & Ko

Ordered the Pistachio and Blue Milk ice cream ($8.00 for double scoop) on a plain waffle ($6.00). The Pistachio had an intense nutty flavour which I totally loved, and the Blue Milk one had a milky taste, with a hint of saltiness. A perfect pairing! The waffle was really good too, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Very worth visiting honestly, will come back to try their other flavours in future! ・ᴗ・

- JH

Ordered the Butterscotch Banana Cake ($8.90), Earl Grey Lavender Cupcake ($4.20), Chai Tea Latte ($7.00), a Mocha ($6.00$ and a Café Latte ($5.00).

The cake was the best item we had! It was sweet and dense in a good way, not jelak at all. Pretty worth the price as it was quite a large slice as well.

The cupcake was good, just like most earl grey lavender flavoured bakes. I feel like it's a little overpriced for a small cupcake though. I would recommend going for the sliced cakes/loaves instead!

The mocha and lattes were decent, but it's understandable since this place doesn't really specialise in brewing coffee.

+points for the interior because it's so aesthetic! My friends were like "wow this place really screams you" when we walked in hahaha. It's a really nice place to hang out or do work at, though there's limited seating so it might not be a good idea to work there during peak hours. Really worth visiting at least once! ・ᴗ・

- JH

The jjajangmyeon ($12) here was really good. The sauce was thick, there were many chunks of meat and LOTS of onions 🧅 (which I love) and overall I enjoyed it! It is quite comparable to the jjajangmyeon I had in Seoul, if not even tastier 🥰 This is my first time eating jjajangmyeon in Singapore so there might be better ones, but I think this is pretty good already. The people running the place are Korean and they're all very nice and friendly, a big plus point for me 💯

However, the portion runs a little big and it might be good to share a bowl if you're considering ordering other dishes. My friend and I ordered one bowl each and we shared a Kimchi Pancake ($20) so we couldn't finish everything 🙊 The pancake was good, albeit a little expensive. I don't think I would recommend ordering it unless you're craving it (like I was), or if you have >2 people sharing it ・ᴗ・

- JH

My two favourite types of green tea are matcha and hojicha. This place incorporates both into their menu and I absolutely looooove it 🥰

We ordered sliced cakes ($7.80 each) 🍰 — Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut, Goma Slice, and Matcha Azuki (not on the menu, check cake display) and matcha drinks 🍵 — Matcha Latte ($5.80), Matcha Hojicha Latte ($5.80) and Matcha Hojicha Latte Ice Blend ($6.00).

The Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut cake was my favourite out of the 3! It was very light and refreshing, just the right amount of Earl Grey flavouring. The cream was fluffy and not too sweet, which complemented the cake well 😍

The Goma Slice — black sesame sponge layered with sesame cream — was good too. It had a rich black sesame taste which I really liked. My friend found it a little too sweet, so to each his own for this!

The Matcha Azuki was a little dry but still good nonetheless! A classic pairing that can never go wrong ・ᴗ・ It's not on the menu so I'm guessing it is a seasonal item? Not too sure but we would have went for the Matcha Petit Gâteau instead if it had been available.

I had the Matcha Hojicha Latte and it was good!!! My two favourite flavours incorporated into one latte, a dream come true 😋 The matcha flavour was more intense, but there was definitely an undertone of Hojicha. The drink comes with a chopstick for stirring, not a straw (although we subconsciously almost tried drinking from the chopstick lol) so beware, don't make an embarrassing mistake 😆😆

All in all, I enjoyed my first visit to Hvala and I would visit again if my wallet allows for it. 🌞

- JH

I ABSOLUTELY love dumplings (ate a lot of bibigo ones during cb), so I really loved this place!

I came here with four friends and we ordered a total of 3 set lunches ($16 each) and a few ala carte dumplings. Our total came up to $101.20, which was a decent price for five people in my opinion, since the food was good! (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

The Miso Mushroom Noodles ($8 ALC) was decent, it tasted mostly of the mushrooms. Not a big fan so I wouldn't reorder this but nonetheless still pretty worth.

The Braised Pork Noodles ($8 ALC) was quite nice, I loved the pulled pork bits! Nothing really special though, I wouldn't reorder either.

The Sichuan Pork Noodles ($8 ALC) was the ✨BEST✨ out of all 3 noodle dishes and my friends agreed! It had a small spice kick to it, definitely suitable for those who don't really take spice! ・ᴗ・

The Original Dumplings ($7 ALC, 5 pieces) were good, but I still prefer my bibigo ones 🙊 worth the try though if you're looking for good old plain dumplings!

The Sichuan Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) were pretty meh in my opinion, but my friends liked it. It was definitely much spicier than the Sichuan Noodles (I think there was more chilli oil added) so some might not be able to take it.

The Fried Pierogi Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) were ✨ DEFINITELY THE BEST DUMPLINGS WE ORDERED!!! 😍🤤 We ordered 2 extra plates hahaha. It had a slight truffle taste to it and the sauce accompanying it was really good as well! I would definitely recommend ordering this.

The Smoked Duck Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) was the second best dish we ordered. The smoked duck was just salty enough and tender, but my dumpling had a little too much mushroom which I didn't like. Would recommend ordering this too though!

I had the Passion Fruit Ginger Soda ($6 ALC), which was pretty refreshing, but I mostly tasted the passionfruit flavour only, didn't really taste the ginger soda.

My friends had the Grapefruit Thyme Green Tea ($6 ALC). I had a few sips and it was really sour, so I didn't really like it. I think the sourness overpowered everything else 😖 They still finished the drink though, so I guess it's a personal preference thing!

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with this place. The staff were really nice and friendly as well, so it's a big plus! Would definitely revisit again in future 🌞🥟

P.S. do try to make a reservation before heading down! We had to wait ~20mins as it was full house when we arrived.

TLDR; order the Sichuan Pork Noodles ($8 ALC), Fried Pierogi Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) and Smoked Duck Dumplings ($8 ALC, 5 pieces) 🥳

- JH


In photo : pistachio rose cake and red dates tea , speculoos cheesecake and iced yuzu tea ❤️

The pistachio rose cake was nice and had a smooth consistency while the speculoos cheesecake was average. Both cakes werent too sweet and went well with the drinks!

- HY

Dish on the top left is tomato soup based wagyu beef noodles which was q tasty and meat was tender~
Dish on the bottom right is herbal soup based wagyu beef noodles , which had a flavourful broth and meat was also tender.
Overall, this visit was worth it due to burrple 1 for 1 main dish as each bowl was almost about $15 without this deal.

- HY

Biophilic designed cafe which had fish and chips with the batter being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Choice of truffle fries is available upon a top up of a few dollars and the truffle taste was strong enough so it was worth the top up!!
I also ordered their white cold brew which was q satisfying given that i enjoy a strong cup of coffee~
The chai latte had a nice aromatic taste to it but the portion was a bit small for its price~
Food and coffee were good so its definitely worth a visit!

- HY

JH & HY | two friends conquering cafes one at a time 😚💖

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