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Elsie Goh
Elsie Goh

4 for $11.40?! Cheap la! They gave lots of yoghurt and adequate amount of toppings. I like that the frozen yoghurt was not too sweet either. But i think would be q ex if not for the 1 for 1 deals.

A very fragrant dish full of chunks of garlic and strong green onion taste! Got a zhong la but its wasnt too spicy, and there was no numbness on the tongue at all. Ingredients were fresh but the pork was a no go, too tough and too chewy... overall, it was too ex for not a lot of meat hence, i prefer ririhong.

Got the chocolate, strawberry cream cheese and mango cream cheese flavoured roll cakes! So worth the calories, so pretty and there is a lot of fillings inside each bite! 5/5! Yummy~

Not bad, but the matcha chocolate on top is very qooey with a distinct matcha taste (obviously). Taste more like a cake instead of a cheesecake, with very little kit kat bits. Does not taste very sweet so its good with a cup of coffee at the side! 3/5, can try once but i dont think i’ll order again.

We got the smoked salmon brioche ($16) double pork bratwurst + scrambled eggs ($18), a cup of cappuccino and almond latte! First time trying their food here and it was way beyond expectations, better than your average cafe food :) Portions were big and atmosphere in the cafe was lively, service was great too 🌼

Trying yomie’s for the first time! Although i liked the yogurty taste of the drink, i did not like the chewy texture from the oats because it tasted kind of weird. Will prefer the purple rice one instead! 3/5 (depends on your preference tbh)

Ordered 鸡排w/蛋炒饭, 盐酥鸡, 牛肉汤面 and 红油虾肉抄手. Amounted to arnd $42 for 4 dishes which were all so damn good! My fav is the dumplings, love the chilli oil that came together with it and there were so much fillings inside each dumpling! Also loved the chicken cutlet cause it tasted so similar to the ones at the night markets in taiwan. The smaller chicken cutlet balls were more peppery and crunchier so it depends on what kind of texture you like more. The fried rice tastes good toooo, kinda like the ones in dtf. Lastly, the beef in the soup were so tender, melting with each bite, and the knife cut noodles were chewy and well cooked. The soup was herby and really refreshing to drink on a chilly rainy day. All in all, 5/5! Love the food here so much!

Very nutty sponge cake with layers of milk chocolate cream. Tastes exactly like ferrero rocher hence personally dont really like it. Had a bitter and sour taste to it as well.. not sure if it was spoilt or originally like that. A 3/5, worth to try once, but not for a second time.

Dense and rich cake, with layers of cream cheese and gula melaka sauce drizzled over it. Overall, the flavours really complemented each other, and it wasnt very sweet as well. 5/5! (This is my 3rd time eating this cake!)

Ordered 2 lunch sets.
Miso mushroom noodles, smoked duck dumplings and longan osmanthus pu erh
Szechuan noodles, fried pierogi dumplings and grapefruit strawberry green tea.
I expected the miso mush noodles to taste quite hawker centre-ish, but it exceeded my expections. Noodle portions were just nice, with a lot of well seasoned button mushrooms. My friend who tried the szechuan noodles loved it, especially the szechuan spice. Smoked duck dumpling contained lots of duck bits, which complemented the oyster sauce provided. The fried pierogi dumplings really impressed me! I loved the mashed potato filling, but especially their spicy creamy sauce!! On the other hand, drinks were so so, tastes like what you would think it will taste. Will be back for the dumplings platter! 5/5, worth the money!

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Love the fluffy yam bread, but especially loving the sweet potato chunks inside the bread! Super worth the money and super filling! 5/5!

Expected the beef to be tender and soft to bite but nope. Meat was tough and i couldnt bite through it easily and had to use a bit of force to split it into half. The portion of the meat was also quite little compared to the rice, but maybe it is because wagyu is expensive (?). Luckily, the mushrooms were well seasoned and complemented the white rice. However, not much sauce were given compared to the amount of rice and i think the quality of food has significantly dropped compared to the last time i ate it. Super not worth the price. 2/5. (Try their famous buta instead)

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