[Eat-up] A mainstay at Clarke Quay, Cuba Libre has been hosting revellers with Latin American eats and gigantic mojitos for the past 14 years. Their Latin American chef recently launched a new menu, bringing Cuban signatures right to the riverside shores of Singapore.

When I heard that a full steak burger was offered here, I jumped at selecting this. What was delivered was crispy fries and 3 layers of steak in a thick burger which definitely didn't skimp on its meat. I really liked the accompanying tomato-based sauce that did wonders for the rest of the dish.

Sadly, because the steak was separated into 3, it was overcooked and consequently slightly dry. Though unfortunate, I still thought the burger was really reasonably priced!

Seperately, I had a taste of their ropa vieja and was quite impressed despite its tiny size. If you're a fan of Mexican black beans, definitely give this a try!

Thanks Cuba Libre for having us and Burpple for the eat-up!


[Eat-up] A Cuban classic, their popular mojitos were a must-order at this Cuban joint. What was plonked down in front of me was a huge mason jar of minty goodness. Though gigantic, I felt that the alcohol level of the drink was rather mild -- perfect for those who prefer a light and refreshing drink.

Thanks Cuba Libre for having us and Burpple for the eat-up!


[Eat-up] If you're a fan of this classically Spanish treat, definitely go for this! The sides were crispy and the insides chewy and moist. It even comes with vanilla ice cream for you to dip your churros in, if the heavy handed drizzle of chocolate sauce wasn't enough for you!

Thanks Cuba Libre for having us and Burpple for the eat-up!


The chye poh fries 🍟 charmed me with their subtle radish bits (tasted like the stuff in chee kueh) but could have used more radish to really sell its unique flavour.

The 10pc Har Cheong Drumlets 🍗 really impressed me with their crispy crumbs outside and tender interior. The prawn paste taste could be stronger but this was a good take on the classic har cheong gai!

If you're feeling adventurous, you can even add on to the set with kombu, umami, and Japanese curry mayo 🌊 to add some exciting dimension to your fries. I felt that the kombu was the best because it gave a hint of unique seaweed flavour that gave a more satisfying umami kick than the umami mayo itself.

Last but not least, the bundle is topped off with mala popcorn 🍿 that isn't spicy but just peppered and flavoured to taste like mala sauce.

Taco feast bundle ($99) 🌮 8/10

Believe me when I say this was a feast. This set includes: 12 Tacos + 2 boxes of Fries + 2 Sambal Mayo + 10pcs Har Cheong Drumlets + 2 Mala Homemade Popcorn!

Each taco was delightfully combined with Asian flavours at provided for an extremely satisfying and hearty meal. Pictured are the:

Ebi Fry Chilli Crab 🍤
Beef Pot Roast Taco 🐄
Hoisin Duck Taco 🦆
Vietnamese Cha Ca Cod Taco 🐟
Nanban Chicken Taco 🐔
Filipino Pork Soft Bone Sisig Taco 🐖

I would say all of them taste really good -- the beef pot roast and cod were quite flavourful with the cod being quite spicy and exhillarating.

However, the nanban chicken tasted a bit strange with the chunks of chicken and achar, and the sisig was a bit too shredded and bland.

Firstly, the nachos took at least 10 minutes after our food to come despite being the easiest to make and repeated reminders. Secondly, I wasn't too impressed either because the amount of cheese in this is lacking. We already ordered extra nacho cheese in the dish but all I could taste was crumbly feta.

This burrito had a reasonable amount of chicken inside but wasn't much to shout about. Quite enjoyable if you like a stuffed chicken burrito!

This taco boasts coffee-braised beef but the coffee taste wasnt very strong -- only a semblance of a slightly nutty and bitter flavour remained. Some of the meat chunks were very juicy and tender but the parts with tendons were quite chewy.

Had to wait more than 1h and the waitress kept 'forgetting' that I was in front of the queue but oh well, the food was good.

The ban me tacos was quite full of flavour. The stringy beef was quite tender and I appreciated the fried onions at the side. The feta cheese gave the taco a bit of a Mediterranean dimension but it all came together quite well.

Ceviche ($25) 🐙 7/10

The first spoon of this gave me a shocking perk-me-up with the sharpness of the refreshing citrus juices the seafood is marinated in. I couldn't get enough of the electrifying sauce and even poured it on my burrito afterwards.

Ceviche involves slightly cooking raw seafood by marinating it in a acidic sauce and I must say that the seafood was actually quite cooked as a result. However, it comprised of mainly octopus and shrimp -- it could do with more fish in my opinion.

Oh and sorry for the out of focus pic, I guess I was too excited to dig in 😅

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Arroz con pollo ($26) 🍗 9/10

Didn't have high expectations of chicken and rice but this was done perfectly in almost every single way! The chicken was beautifully charred, and well-marinated to the point that every mouthful involved smokey tenderness.

Surprisingly, the rice was the real show-stealer. The Mexican rice grains were firm but not hard, and individually coated with the tart and almost creamy sauce. I also particularly loved the zesty hits of crispy capers and mild onions that covered the dish.

Also, 1 for 1 with Burpple beyond!

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Pork burrito ($20) 🌯 7/10

The pork chunks were of a fatty cut that definitely provided richness to the burrito. However, compared two the previous two dishes, I found this the least interesting. The rice wasn't very flavourful and there weren't a lot of sauce in the burrito.

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