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Featuring Mad For Garlic, The Beast, Two Men Bagel House (Novena), The Forage Cafe (Tanah Merah), The Co-op (Tampines)
Sam K
Sam K

For a store named Mad For Garlic, this dish did not live up to it. Maybe garlic was used to saute the individual ingredients? but other than that I really couldn't find that hit of garlic that I was looking for. Additionally, this was listed as a 🌢🌢🌢 dish but it was NOT spicy at all (this coming from my friend who opts for small spicy for mala) I guess the redeeming factor here was the relatively generous amount of seafood! The truffle carbonara (not pictured) was a lot better in my opinion! However, it might get a bit jelak so I'll recommend sharing with a friend if you don't have a strong stomach.

Overall, I'd rate my experience a 7/10

Rating: 7/10
After hearing many good reviews, I have been wanting to try The Beast's chicken waffles for the longest time. To start off, the plating was well done and looks really nice in pictures. My favourite part of the dish was strangely the waffles & bourbon maple syrup as they went SO well together, I would definitely buy a bottle if they sold it seperately. That said, the waffles were a little cold? and after a while it become pretty tough :( The fried chicken on the other hand was super tender and went well with the maple syrup too! However, I do think that they could afford to season the chicken a little more because the seasoning was only on the chicken skin (which I removed in attempt to be healthier) and the meat itself was pretty bland and a bit too fatty for my liking. Nonetheless, a pretty good experience there as the staff were efficient and the vibes were nice!


Went there at ~1130am and 3 of the bagel flavours were already unavailable :( BUT! Hawaiian was a delight, the saltyness of the spam paired perfectly with the creaminess of the egg yolk and cheese, the pineapple added a tinge of sweetness which was rly nice too!! Warthog was a lil bit of a disappointment because this outlet is known for its inhouse smoked meats but for us, the meat did not seem well seasoned (or maybe bc we ate this after the extremely flavourful hawaiian). I got to give it to them that the cuts of pork belly were extremely succulent but the lack of flavour and sauce of the bagel was quite disappointing.

Will be back to try the different menus at other outlets though!!

Hunky dory fish & chips ($14.90)

Fish was tender and succulent, batter wasn't too thick or jelak, everything was just nice!! The coleslaw looked a teeny bit sad but ok lah, the star is the fish & chips right. The fries were VERY GOOD!!! Well seasoned, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. A very safe yet yummy dish to order, i rate 9/10!

HEADSUP that the menu on burpple and the menu IRL is a little bit different,, like items were missing and couldn't be ordered :(


My friend and I ordered the smoked salmon & egg buttermilk waffles (17.90) and turkey ham & cheese waffles (15)! The food was served within maybe 10 minutes after ordering! Both dishes came witb multifloral honey which complimented the savoury waffles very well. If you are a mcgriddles lover AKA fan of sweet & salty, you'll love this!! I'm not the biggest sweet salty combo person but the honey provided a very pleasant twist to the dish and we enjoyed it a lot.

Sam K

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