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Must-Return-To Places

Must-Return-To Places

Once i like a dish/place i would keep going back there till i’m sick (or maybe id never get sick of it). These places are taking too much money from me because they’re too good.
Amanda L
Amanda L

Spent ~$12-$13 on a DIY bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in a cheddar bagel. Super soft and easy to bite into bagels which was super good and the eggs ans salmon were juicy (and not dry, esp the eggs so it seemed more or less freshly cooked). I shared on bagel with a friend cos one whole bagel was quite big and eating both halves would get very jelak especially with the cream cheese (trust me i’ve tried). But this is a combination i would go for again!

Firstly the ambience at the store was so calming and nice. Secondly, their matcha is so damn good especially for its price. My friends and i wanted to try the matcha petite gateau ($8.80) becausw first of all super good marketing, i was enticed by the description of the cake alone. And second of all, the description doesn’t lie. The different textures in the cake makes it so good and the flavour of the matcha ofcourse made it even better. Super smooth and fragrant. The bitterness of the matcha gently carresses your tongue and gives you a matcha orgasm. My only issue with the cake is i couldnt really taste the matcha crumble but its okay. This cake was still delicious (or i could just be a biased matcha lover)

We also got the matcha lattes. We got the yuki matcha latte ($5.80) which used a premium grade matcha. Super smooth and thick and gao but not overpowering and jelak as well. The matcha houjicha latte ($5.80) was also super balanced. The houjicha flavour was not as strong and may have slightly been overpowered by the strong matcha fragrance and flavour but i could definitely taste the subtlty of the roasted “burnt” flavour within the drink which made it even better. The dirty genmaicha latte ($5.80) was a matcha and espresso latte. I seem to have an impression that it would be very heaty from my experiences with the matcha espresso drink from starbucks last time. But this is different. It smells close to the starbucks variation of it but tastes worlds apart. As cliche as this sounds, there was really a perfect balance between the matcha and coffee flavours. Neither overpowers the other. i like how i could taste the flavour of one of the elements in the drink and the next second, the other flavour would hit your tongue. And its just a tea and coffee party in your mouth.

A further plus point is how affordable the lattes are for the amount they give you. The cups were comprable to a starbucks venti or even larger. And not cos they had a heaping amount of uce either. The amount of ice was just right to keep the drink cold but not dilute it once the ice melted. Would come back here again.

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My friend got the crazy carbonara ($15.90) which is alfredo sauce with additional toppings of smoked duck and sous vide egg. She added truffle oil ($2) as well. Firstly, the dish was very nicely plated. The egg was also perfect. The cream wasn’t too thick and jelak which makes it perfect to comfortably finish on your own.

Been wanting to try this pasta for quite some time. The staff were so friendly and the atmosphere of the place was very date night appropriate. The food was so good. Firstly, the pasta was perfectly al dente with enough bite to every piece/strand of pasta. And no it wasnt too overcooked either. It was perfect. I got the pink sauce which was a mix of alfredo and pomodoro sauce (cream and tomato) and it tastes so amazing. Good enough for me to drink the gravy as soup if it were possible. I liked it as it wasn’t sweet like other places have unfortunately made it. There was a balance of flavours like the fragrance from the spices together chili flakes i added, some saltiness, and sweetness and tanginess from the tomato. It was truly 100% to my liking. I merely added some white button mushrooms as my topping but probably didnt need that haha my dish was $11.90 before service charge. Would come back here with all my friends.

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Super freshhhh and so so good. Super worth it on mondays and thursdays during their “50% off sashimi” which equates to $3 for 5 slices of sashimi. Would come here everyday if i could

Been coming here a lot especially because of the burpple 1 for 1 deal here. Salted butterscotch still the best. Love the balance between the sweetness of the ice cream and the very slightttt salty and crunchiness of the topping inside. Also ordered the matcha ice cream and thai milk tea which were superrrrr good and gao but after awhile became a bit jelak cos i had to finish both the milk tea and matcha haha but one scoop would be perfect for me. Really super good must try place.

They specialise in this one cut of meat (featherblade) on top of their daily specials which u would have to ask them about on the day itself. Their featherblade steak costs $21 for ~200g. Was pretty filling for me but i think people with a larger appetite would find this portion just nice (if you have sides as well). I opted for medium rare. The meat had a nice bite to it and was very nice and juicy. Wasnt overseasoned as well, likely seasoned with just salt and pepper. Really enjoyed the red wine sauce ($2 per sauce) which helped bring out the flavour of the meat even more. Slightly more towards the tangy side i feel but was not an overpowering sauce as well. As for sides, i tried the mushrooms and the potato. Was not a fan of the mushrooms cause there was nothing special about it. Something i could do at home. But the potatoes were really delicious, very crispy and crunchy on the outside with a slight burnt flavour. Would 10/10 recommend this place!!!

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