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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Dumpling Darlings (Amoy Street), Omoté, Umi Nami, Perch, Shake Shack (Neil Road), Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar), Tipo, Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen (Jem)
Nat N.
Nat N.

I liked Umi Nami so much, I went twice in one week 😅 I always order the $12 Special Salmon Don - a seasoned Mayo Aburi salmon donburi.

So this don is quite filling for the price and there’s Burpple 1 for 1 on normal days and non-PH! It’s topped with aburi salmon cubes and their special seasoned mayo and it’s so frickin DELISH. The salmon is so so silky and breaks apart with a poke from your spoon.... I think the portion is super generous too! The ebiko does wonders for a good crunch and adding that ocean-salty-umami flavour too!!

I really liked the Carbonara from Perch! None of that cream-based bs iykwim HAHAHA but the cheese they used was SO funky I’m not sure the general public will get used to the taste after being exposed to so many creamy alfredo-like carbonaras out there in SG!

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For $10.90, I’d say this bowl of ramen is an ansolute STEAL. It was spicy, rich and super packed with flavour! I loved how rich the sauce was and how springy and bouncy the noodles were, though I’d have liked a little more meat in the bowl.


I’ve always been a fan of Shake Shack’s burgers since day one and I have never been disappointed by them, no matter how many times I visit. The patties are always juicy and flavourful, the cheese is oozy and melty and since I order the Smoke Shack, I always enjoy the smoked peppers inside. It’s simply one of the most perfect burgers ever!

Bonus: get cheese fries and ask for sauce on the side. When you’re about to finish your burger, dip it into that cheese and just explode with happiness.

Verdict: Always a 10/10

I was recommended to eat at Chirashi King Konh by so so many people and I have to say I now understand why it was on the tip of so many people’s tongues.

The salmon was fresh and 6 thick cut slices sat atop a strongly truffled mushroom and garlic rice. The mentaiko sayce was generously drizzed and then torched. The don was also topped with wakame seaweed and sesame jellyfish which were above the usual average for those particular jap sides in SG.

Super affordable for a filling mentaiko bowl!!

Verdict: 9.5/10

I had some of the most amazing dumplings at @dumpling.darlings the other night!! Other than being super affordable, these dumplings were really one of the most delicious I’ve eaten in Singapore!!
A dumpling platter is $20 for 15 dumplings (5 flavs, 3 pieces each)! My fav dumplings were the Curry Momo (with Impossible meat) and the Pierogi (cheese, potato and bacon) 🤤 smth interesting they have is their Dessert Dumplings (poached pear and Tasmanian ice cream)

The Miso Mushroom noodles ($6) were really nice and filling too!!

Verdict: 10/10 (affordable and super delish!!!)

Park Bench Deli is notorious for their spectacular sandwiches that are full of rustic charm, but also chocked to the brim with handcrafted, premium fillings, seasoned and flavoured to perfection.
The Impossible Melt was by far my favourite – seemingly simple but with a world of flavour. You really wouldn’t know it wasn’t real beef! The fries on the side were so damn good too. Hefty pricetags were pretty worth the sizeable portions and impeccabke flavours!

Verdict: 9.5/10

Visited Omote after the LONGEST time pining over their curated chirashi bowls 🥺 thomson plaza is SO out of the way for me but it was so damn worth it!! I had the Truffle Garlic Chirashi ($21.90) and bubz had their signature Upsized Chirashi ($18.90) 🤩⁣

Firstly, I have to say the fish was so fresh and super silky and delicious, none of that fishy aftertaste that puts me off sashimi very often!! 🥺 in my bowl there were bits of prawns, tuna, octopus, salmon and i think swordfish? It was all so fresh and it was definitely a great portion of fish for this price point!⁣

I also loved the SAUCE. Girl... this sauce is not for the faint-hearted. The truffle sauce was literally an assault of truffle and when paired with the garlic chips, oh MAN it was so freaking good??? 🔥 i also really liked how the sauce paired with the rice really well despite it being a more modern twist to a chirashi. (I do think it may get quite cloying if you’re not into heavy sauces!!)⁣

Verdict: 9.5/10

So I built my own pasta which contains 100g of pasta – I chose their Cayenne Mafalde, which is a long thick strand of curly wurly pasta. I quite enjoyed the texture of it because the ridges allowed for maximum sauce clingage HAHAHA

I opted for the alfredo sauce, truffle pate ($3 for a THICC blob), and some king oyster mushrooms. In total, my pasta was $15.90 and I think it was quite affordable and the sauce was really addictive! Especially with that gigantic lump of truffle...

Verdict: 8.5/10

Nat N.

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