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Street Food & Takeaways

Featuring Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup, Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), The Goodburger Food Truck, RK Eating House, Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Hanuman Thai Cuisine, Broadway (Hougang Ave 8), Don Signature Crab, Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun (Pek Kio Market & Food Centre)
Audrey & Cady
Audrey & Cady

Bun was fluffy and soft, fillings were quite standard. A pretty good deal for the price - sometimes it goes down to an even lower price during Flash Deals too.

We visited on a weekday evening and there was about 1-2 people in the queue, wait was not too long.

What a comforting bowl of noodles! The curry was strong and flavourful without being too heavy or overwhelming, making it wonderful pairings with the generous ingredients and beehoon. Serving was quite filling.

There was a little bit of a queue during lunchtime hours but other than that, food was served quick and piping hot. It’s nice that they pack the noodles + ingredients separate from the curry. Good to try especially if you like curry :)

Each spoonful of this broth packed a flavourful punch, perhaps slightly towards the salty side but sinfully delicious nevertheless. May get slightly overwhelming towards the end of the dish just because of how rich the broth is.

The duo style came with steamed and fried fish, similar to a fish soup dish. I liked the fried egg floss and crispy rice puffs as toppings which added texture to the dish.

We visited on an early weekday evening so there was little to no queue. Not too bad to give a try if you’re around the area, but I wouldn’t travel for this.

Yummy! The soup here was so fragrant and the pigs organs were fresh. Each spoonful was flavourful, satisfying and so comforting. If you’re a fan of pig’s organ soup, I would highly recommend for you to give this place a go!

It’s very reasonably priced as well - you can get free refills of the soup if you need. Definitely worth the price.

We visited on a weekday evening and it was fairly busy, but we managed to get seats for two as we were slightly earlier than the usual dinner crowd.

Quite a solid, standard no-frills plate of economic bee hoon. Simple but reliable. Sambal chilli was great too. Very affordable as well.

Definitely a good go-to as there was no queue compared to some other stalls in the hawker center, which can be really long during Sunday lunchtime!

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This freshly hand-made chee cheong fun here was super silky and soft! The accompanying sauce was very flavourful, almost to the point of too salty towards the end of the meal, but still delicious.

We queued for about 30 minutes on a weekday afternoon - the long wait is due to the amount of effort and time required for each serving of food. You can watch them steam, skillfully transfer and cut each and every rice noodle roll individually, and then repeat it all over again for the next plate.

Worth the wait. This place also has a “Michelin Plate”, with good reason. Serving size is turned out to be quite big and filling so the price was good.

Quite worth it for 99 cents on Shopee! There’re three different flavours inside - red bean, coconut, and peanut. Pastry was quite hard in terms of texture, could be more chewy.

I think when I said I was using this voucher, the staff gave me the older rolls in a different packaging, as opposed to if you just bought this normally without the deal.

There wasn’t too long of a queue here on a weekday evening.

Duck meat was tender, the sauce was very tasty. I liked the chilli as well. This is worth a try, and definitely quite worth it for the price - you do get quite an amount of duck meat.

We visited on a weekday early evening and managed to get seats for two easily. The owner of the store is very friendly and sat down to tell us about the menu. :)

Soup was so flavourful, noodles were springy, beef slices were tender. Overall a pretty tasty bowl of Vietnamese noodles.

We visited on an early weekday evening and there was no queue at all, seats were easy to get for two of us.

Got a small dish of Yu Kong Hor (月光河) this evening, and we scraped this plate thoroughly clean! The horfun was very fragrant and the raw egg really brings the whole dish together - both taste-wise as well as texture-wise. Overall a very yummy dish that we enjoyed.

We visited on an early Tuesday evening and had to wait about 20 minutes to get our food, including queueing times.

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I got this in the evening so it was a little soggy, having being left out for a significant amount of time. Pancake was soft and chewy, texture was alright. Red bean was very minimal, it was more of a little bit of red bean paste slathered between the pancake. Overall average.

If you like starchy, paste-like cantonese style porridge, where you can hardly see the rice grains - this is probably it for you. I liked that the porridge was quite mild tasting and not salty at all, making it a good accompaniment to the stronger tasting century egg and minced meat.

This was pretty worth it. It was quite a large bowl of congee and was very filling!

The store is located in the food court of ARC 380, which has limited indoor seating but numerous outdoor seats. We visited on a weekday evening and the food court wasn’t too packed - we managed to get a seat outdoors. It wasn’t actually hot because the fans were really strong! And made our dining experience very pleasant.

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