Pork tenderloin grilled and topped with truffle cream sauce. We chose onion rings as the side. First of all, the onion rings were really crispy & nice so highly recommended (even tho the portion was abit small). The pork itself was okay but it wasn’t as tender as we expected it to be. Truffle cream sauce was okay too but we couldn’t taste the truffle in it. Overall, it was pretty meh compared to their other dishes but it was still worth with the 1-for-1! Also, sorry for the horrible photos, we were just too excited to eat!

Rating: 6/10

Applewood smoked ribs served with in-house bbq sauce. We also chose chilli corn as our side. Honestly this was really good! The ribs were tender & it slid off the bone really easily, & it went well w the bbq sauce. Chilli corn was pretty impressive as well as the chilli powder gave it a slight kick. Salad was pretty normal, but they drizzled it w citrus juice so it was quite refreshing! Also do get their truffle fries as a side for $7, it’s really good!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Rating: 8/10

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Potato skins baked until golden brown, topped w sour cream, bacon, chives & cheese. Couldn’t really taste the sour cream & this dish was really oily! Also didn’t expect it to only be 5 pieces........ the potato skins were slightly burnt as well, so all we could taste is the charred potato skins & the cheese, would not pay $8 for this!

This just tasted like nachos & cheese that u could get at a supermarket.......... we would recommend trying their other sides instead!

Savoury pork chops coated in buttermilk biscuit, paired w housemade coleslaw. We felt this dish was really disappointing. Although they were quite generous w the pork (3 average sized pieces), we felt that the pork tasted really bland & dry. It wasn’t served w any sauce (except chilli or ketchup if u ask) so we would have liked it if it was more seasoned. Nothing special about the coleslaw as well. V underwhelming dish, we would recommend the charcoal grilled chicken or the ribeye instead!

Tender whole chicken leg w crispy sweet skin, served with salad & a choice of creamy seafood sauce or garlic chilli. We were actually really impressed by how tender the chicken was! It was nicely charred & evenly cooked as well. We opted for the garlic chilli sauce & we really enjoyed it bc it tasted like the kind of sauce u would get in thai salads (slightly tangy but really refreshing) so it goes really well v the heavy chicken! Salad was good too, they were v generous w the sesame sauce, which we loved. Worth a try, especially w the 1 for 1!

Original battered pacific dory, served with fries, garden green salad tossed in a balsamic dressing and homemade tartar sauce. We actually upgraded our fries to truffle fries so we paid an extra ($2). Overall, we were really satisfied! Portion was super huge and the batter was thick (but not too thick) & very crispy! I usually take awhile to finish my food & the fish remained crispy till the last bite 🤩 The balsamic dressing on the salad was good for non-veggie eaters like me! Gobbled the whole salad up! Only thing is that the fries didn’t have much of the truffle taste so we wouldn’t recommend upgrading the fries to truffle fries, other than that, we would totally come here again for the fish!

Buttercream poached pork ribs drizzled with pesto mayo, served w grilled corn, broccoli, tomatoes, onion and pickled beetroot. Very aesthetic dish! The pork ribs were super tender & flavourful & it came right off the bone! Mash was nice & buttery too. However, we felt like the portion of the pork was a bit small. Nothing special about the veggies too so it was just v little pork & a whole lot of veggies, which was abit disappointing. Although the pork was good, it wasn’t v worth (even w the 1 for 1).

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We were definitely more impressed by the pandan pancakes! It was really rich w pandan flavour and it went well with the gula melaka syrup (we even asked for a syrup refill!) The coconut shavings & fresh fruits also added a nice crunch to the dish. Great dish overall, but they could work on making their pancakes slightly softer & fluffier!!!! Worth a try if you’re a fan of pandan tho 👍🏼


We really liked the croissant as it was really well toasted & very buttery, which we appreciated! The crab & poached eggs were a little underwhelming, because the yolks were not runny (it was more of the soft boiled eggs kind of texture) & there was just too little crab & it was kind of dry! The salad was just normal too. Would not pay $18 for this :(

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At first we thought this cafe would be gimmicky (something like the DC cafe) but the food was actually decent! We ordered the duck carbonara, smoked duck pizza & truffle fries! The duck carbonara was delicious, it was rich & creamy, & the egg was poached perfectly. The smoked duck pizza was good as well, we enjoyed the crispy wanton skin on top, it could have been better with more hoisin sauce tho bc we couldn’t taste any! The truffle fries were crispy, with a v strong truffle taste! Highly recommended w burpple 1 for 1 😄

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