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Bao Noms
Bao Noms

The dry noodles with mushroom sauce really allowed the noodles to shine. The dish looks deceptively simple and plain, but it made for a hearty meal. The prawn paste balls came in a separate bowl in tomato soup which was delish!

Loved the tomato soup base for the Marinated Beef Shank Noodles ($12.90)!! Tbh don't quite remember how the beef was, but the soup and noodles are EVERYTHING 😍 noodles were qq, and soup was thick and flavourful. Do give this a try if you like tomato soup!

The Cheesy Chicken ($10.90) at Grillhood is tender and juicy, and the accompanying sauce was a good complement. The sides were nothing to shout about, but the potato wedges were fairly well seasoned. A real value for money meal with burpple beyond!

Dropped by this neighbourhood cafe to utilise our burpple beyond. Enjoyed the Chicken Quesadilla ($9.90 iirc). Quite value for money (especially with burpple beyond) as the quesadilla was stuffed with filling! And eat it while it's warm for a slight cheese pull. Yum!

Was deciding between the gelato and the soft serve. But when a junior scoop of gelato costs $4, while the soft serve was $5, it was a no brainer. Really enjoyed the soft serve even tho it's quite pricey. It was really creamy, and the milk used tasted quite premium. Prob should share this (both calories and price!)

Loved this flavour! $5 per scoop, and it's the same price whether you get a cone or cup. The cone isn't much to shout about, but we loved the ice cream! It was creamy and nutty. They were also generous with the macademia nuts. Would recommend!

The Peranakan high tea set comes with your choice of two drinks. The drinks selection ranged from TWG tea, iced and hot coffee. Worth a try with the Burpple Beyond deal - paid $51.48 for two pax after GST and service charge. Preferred the savoury items though, and i thought the ang ku kueh was surprisingly not bad. The sweets were not bad too, especially if you have a sweet tooth. There is also free flow ice cream (really small scoops though, so manage your expectations) with your choice of toppings.

They were probably understaffed though, we waited for almost an hour for our food to arrive. It was difficult to get the waiter's attention to order our drinks too.


The Bettership is small outlet where you sit surrounding the "kitchen prep" area. We ordered a truffle beef donburi and black garlic butter beef donburi. Unlike other reviews, we thought the truffle taste to the donburi was fairly decent. The rice was flavourful too, thanks in part to the well marinated beef. They were generous with the amount of beef and rice!

We ordered with burpple beyond 1 for 1 and paid $24.90. We are unlikely to visit again without burpple beyond - think there are other more value for money donburi options. The meal came with green tea and miso soup. The miso soup was bland though :/

Just one thing, we were seated near the prep area where they were trying to fillet salmon. We witnessed the entire process from descaling to chopping of the fish head and filleting of the fish. Must say it wasn't the most appetising sight 😅 so you might want to try avoid sitting there if possible!

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Pork is tender and juicy. Pineapple gave the burger a good amount of acid to balance the heavy taste of the pork. Worth a try!

This pasta is really good! Prawns are crunchy and the linguine is nicely done and well flavoured.

We ordered the highly raved about duck confit with rosti ($20.50). Unfortunately with only hollandaise sauce to accompany the dish, it was a little dry. Perhaps they could be more generous with the sauce? The rosti was not too bad, but could be more flavourful and crispy. We were slightly perplexed at the inclusion of long beans in this dish though.

I quite liked the Mushrooms on Toast ($17), tho the price is really quite steep for what is just mushrooms in a truffle cream sauce + bread + fried egg + vegetables.

Iced mocha ($7.50, not in photo) was good! Would come back for the coffee, but maybe not for the mains due to the steep prices.

Dropped by for a respite from the heat on a PH afternoon. We got the blueberry scones ($6 for two) and Seasonal Iced Tea ($6.50). The scones came with butter and blueberry jam and was warmed up. Butter was at room temperature so was easy to spread - a much appreciated detail! Scones were quite affordable, but probably not the best in the area. The iced tea wasn't really worth $6.50 imo. It was not bad, refreshing. But for that price, it could definitely have been a bigger glass.

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