Aesthetic Cafes

Aesthetic Cafes

$5 for a coffee because why not.
EatdiarybyRach .
EatdiarybyRach .

The Rosti was surprisingly very well done as it was perfectly crisp on the edges, well-seasoned and not too oily.

The hotcakes were light and airy and perfect to pile on maple syrup, lemon curd and blueberries to create that amazing burst of flavor. Really a unique dish I would come back for!

This was a bit pricey for basically avocado toast but very very good. The roasted cherry tomatoes are so tasty and smashed avo is well seasoned. Portion is generous as well.

Looks photogenic but not very good. Not sweet, creamy or rich like a shake should be. Has the texture of ground-up ice. Cup was quite small as well.

This original creation is simply delicious - the tender duck, creamy yet light sauce, garlic pieces, hazelnuts and homemade tagliatelle is just genius. Will go back for it for sure.

A light, clean eating option. Seems a bit pricey for egg whites and avocado though, other options on the menu might be more worth it.

Buttermilk waffle was well done, crisp and fluffy. The candied bacon was way too sweet when paired with the maple syrup and powdered sugar that was on the waffle as well.

Place is is quite bustling so not that chill or quiet. It does have a beautiful interior though. Be prepared to queue (20 mins for 2 people, longer for bigger groups).

As sinful as it sounds. Eat this only for a cheat day because in addition to the candied bacon it's drenched in maple syrup and has caramelised bananas too.

Enjoyed it a lot. My only complaint is the vanilla ice cream was weird, had an icy texture and didn't taste that creamy. The bacon made up for it though. 😊

Love the attention to detail with these rustic teapots. This light, floral tea is great for evening drinking if you prefer not to have caffeine. They have a full selection of other teas and take care to brew it for you perfectly.

Way more care and thought put in compared to other cafes that may charge you the same price for a tea bag.

I love TCS for the old school atmosphere and just the awesome laid back location. Unfortunately food-wise, its fairly overpriced - $15 for fries, $20-30 for a main. I suppose you are paying for the ambience but it is still quite steep. Fries were okay only as I think Singaporeans are now spoilt for choice on truffle fries choices so this wasn't particularly impressive.

Quite a unique take on miso salmon, with bouillabaisse sauce and fluffy mashed potatoes ($20). Salmon had a nice crispy skin and inside was moist. Very worth it with burpple 1-for-1. Ambience was also great with board games and soft toys and just overall being a super chill place. 👍

Healthy place where they have lighter versions of common dishes. Yummy and filling sandwich, packed full of meat and veggies, not greasy at all which was great but still having that shawarma smokiness. Mushroom soup was okay only, maybe because they don't use as much cream as normal 😅. Nice place for a quick lunch.

Enjoyed a weekend brunch here, with baked eggs ($15) and all-in brekkies ($19) and coffee. All dishes were really well done and a super good deal with Burpple 1 for 1. Only exception was the bacon carbonara ($15) which was somewhat average.

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