Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

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Abbey Fair
Abbey Fair

Good vibes. The tart is well made and not too sweet. Able to taste the lemon flavour. It’s pretty too!

Only able to testify for strawberry cheesecake and salted caramel.

Strawberry cheesecake tasted more milky than strawberry. Not the usually strawberry cheesecake w both a tinge of sweetness and saltiness from the cheesecake.

Salted caramel was salty. It was light but it tasted like some floral perfume. Had a strange aftertaste. My friends and I did not finished it before we left.

Overall, I won’t choose to visit here again only for the ice cream. But then again, it may just be my personal preference. Or perhaps the waffles and soft serves are really more of their specialty.

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Here my usual cake is always Camembert cheesecake but I was ready to try something new this evening. Their strawberry shortcake is soft, refreshing and light. The cream is light too, hence personally it wasn’t too ger-lat. Strawberries are quite fresh. I like it. This may seem ordinary and nothing too fancy, but it’s simple and good. Thank god I choose not to share and I get to eat it on my own! Kid you not. Recommend.

It was a tough pick but of course I got to try the NDP special of kaya toast ice cream, well since it’s only available this season right. Taste wise, the kaya toast is unique with a light kaya taste that is not too heavy, the sauce which is coffee Caramel seems to remind me of gula melaka. Plus the coconut shedding, they are a good pairing.

Earl grey lavender is in all season and definitely a pick which won’t go wrong!

Downside for me is that their ice cream is served in large portion, hence a cost $8.50 for one flavour. So eating this takes up a large space in my desert-stomach storage.

Refreshing lemon cream at the top w a tint of lavender scent. Basic light cake. Good for sharing.

Espresso cloud jelly was an interesting drink too. For a relatively caffeine avoidance person, the coffee is not to much for me. The drink was also not too sweet nor bitter to me. The jelly and the cheese cream on various layers kinda provided different textures just in a a simple cup of drink - which makes drinking it more fun - to me at least!

Being tired of the usual commercialised ice cream. Hardly eaten interesting ones recently until I meet this one! Pistachio and strawberry honey. The Pistachio has a fair amount of nutty flavour. strawberry honey won’t go wrong if u r a fan of bnj strawberry cheesecake!

Good portion size after a meal.

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