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Jesslyn Goh
Jesslyn Goh

$7.63 after Burpple 30% discount. Love their Swiss rolls!

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You can find drinks / dessert / ice cream in this cafe and definitely nice!

Tried the mix and match dessert before I had Burpple Beyond and it was good. Used Burpple Beyond this time to get 1 for 1 Beverage. Had the Yuzu Grapefruit Smoothie + Honey Royal Milk tea with just the price of $6.90. Quite affordable!

Definitely will return again if I’m nearby the area! I really love the Yuzu Grapefruit Smoothie! Great for the weather because it’s ice blended!

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• Classic Cinnamon
• Hazelnut Rocher
• Garlic Onion Cheese

$10 for 4 because of Burpple Beyond which saved $3. It’s delicious!! Definitely gonna go back and try the other flavors because most flavors I wanted is sold out. 🥺 but I also love all 3 flavors that I bought?

And I believe I’m going to redeem my remaining 3 more deals for this. 🤣

• Lychee White Peach
• Dark Chocolate
• Yuzu Calamansi
• Earl Grey

Used Burpple Beyond for buy 2 get 2 free and total damage is $17. It’s more worth it with Burpple Beyond. First time trying it and definitely wanna try other flavors too! Very special with different flavors and fillings in it.

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• Thai Style Bingsu ($16.90)
• Mango Sago Pomelo ($6.90)

Was overwhelmed with the taste of the Thai style Bingsu. Better than expected. The cream really paired well with the Bingsu and there’s like cereal or some sort in the Bingsu which makes it taste better too. Almost neglected the complimentary mango pomelo from beyond redemption. But it would be better if it’s colder? Love the Bingsu though!

• S’mores Waffles ($15)
• Houjicha Soft Serve On Waffle ($9.50)

Went around 10pm and manage to get a seat after around 2-3 minutes wait. Used the Beyond 1-1 deal to get S’mores Waffle (chose sea salt caramel ice-cream) & Houjicha Soft Serve On Waffle which we saved $9.50.

Personally preferred Houjicha Soft Serve On Waffle over the S’mores Waffle. Either because we were too full to finish both, or either because the waffle is too big compared to the Hojicha one. If I were to visit again, I would give other waffles a try!

• Miso Mushroom Noodle ($8)
• XO Prawn Noodles ($12)
• Dumpling Platter of 15 ($22)

Not in photo:
• Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea ($6)
• Passionfruit Ginger Soda ($6)

Had a reservation at 930pm but reached early and managed to get a seat outside. Food was great, and the platter is definitely best to try out different flavors of their dumplings. Personal favorite is the Fried Pierogi. Will definitely go back and try those flavors that are not included in the platter. Personally prefer the Miso Mushroom Noodle over the XO Prawn Noodle because it’s a bit too dry. Will try other noodles on next visit! Love both the drinks too!

Thanks to Beyond, had a 30% off total bill so it became $60+ > $40+. Affordable price!

• Truffle Cream ($14)
• Berry Thyme ($6.50)

Cafe was very quiet when I went on a weekday early afternoon giving a cozy feel as well. Food was alright, got a bit jelat but still manage to finish the entire pasta. I love the drink though, will definitely get another one in future.

Ordered Hokkien Mee, Fish & Chips and Spam Fries. Don’t really like the fish & chips but the hokkien mee was good though on a pricier side. Spam fries is just normal, but I do love the dips that are provided.

6 cookies for $30. Air frying the cookies will make it taste much nicer, however it’s too gelat when all the fillings are chocolate. Get a mix of different fillings, it will taste much better!

Ordered the 6 piece chicken wing and it was good. I love how crispy it is and the batter was really nice even without any chilli or sauce. Eat it while it’s hot because it tastes so much better. Would definitely return back for the chicken wings!

I can’t recall the price, however luckily the steak is larger than what is shown in the menu. Was afraid that it will look like fine dining. I love the sauce and the mash potato, however I required more sauce which was an additional of $1. Couldn’t bite on some parts of the steak but overall it was good.

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