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Some of our favourite Mexican spots!
Jon & Lori
Jon & Lori

Soft tortillas served w battered fish, lettuce, salsa fresca & spicy mayo. This was the star of the show! Although their burgers were average, this was to die for! They were very generous w their portions & the fish was crispy on the outside & soft on the inside without being too oily. Tasted soooooo good! It also came w nachos & cheese which we preferred compared to the salad & potato chips that were served w the burgers. This is a MUST TRY!!!!! So worth w the 1 for 1 on entertainer too 🤩👍🏼

Beef w chimichurri, avocado, melted cheese & coriander mayo. Beef was so super soft that it almost melted in our mouths & it was a good combination w the chimichurri! Couldn’t really taste the avocado & coriander mayo tho but still a really good dish overall! The tomatoes & onions on the top were abit meh tho - didn’t have that refreshing taste to cut thru the heaviness of the cheese, which was abit disappointing! But overall, we prefer the beef to the chicken quesadilla!

Marinated chicken w tomatoes, onions & melted cheese. This was surprisingly good! Chicken was tender and well-seasoned & the tortillas were nice & crispy. Portion was decent too & they were v generous w the cheese which tasted delicious a the chicken! Definitely worth it w the 1-for-1 deal on entertainer 😛 we feel that this was more value for money but taste wise, we still prefer the quesadilla at papi’s!

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Crispy corn tortillas served w avocado guacamole and sour cream. Chips were nice & crisp but the guac & sour cream were just average. Definitely wouldn’t pay $10 for this :(

No regrets ordering this! The chicken was really nicely seasoned & it was grilled till it was really tender that it practically melted in our mouths. We also loved how generous they were w the cheese (we managed to capture the satisfying CHEESE PULL 🤤) & their portion size was decent too. Would recommend to share this w a friend bc it may become a bit too jelat after a while bc of the cheese. The salad was slightly zesty & sour but it was good bc it helps to cut thru the jelatness, making it easier to eat! We actually preferred this to the fish tacos! RECOMMENDED 🙌🏼

These were fresh corn tortillas with fresh tomato salsa. This was one of our favs! The chips were flavourful & crisp & the salsa was amazing! Really fresh & had the right amount of acidity so it was really easy to eat & we didn’t feel jelat at all. The salsa portion was quite small tho, we finished it w just half of our chips so we had to order another portion of salsa which cost us $4 ☹️ but really good appetizer & great for sharing!

Grilled white dory, fresh cabbage, and smoked chipotle aioli on a flour tortilla. We really enjoyed this bc the grilled white dory was soft & flavourful & they were also v generous w the fish portions. We liked the cabbage as well as it helps to cut thru the ‘jelatness’ of the dish. It’s a lil different from the fried fish tacos that we get from other Mexican eateries but it really depends on your personal preference! Only thing was that the sauce could have a lil more kick bc we thought it was a bit tasteless, but we added some of the habanero sauce that was provided & it tasted better! Recommended 👍🏼

Battered red snapper fillets, avocado & mango salsa, chipotle aioli and red cabbage slaw, served w fries. Fish was crisp & nice, & it wasn’t too oily, which was a plus point. Avocado & mango salsa also went well tgt w the taco w a little bit of spice because of the chilli padi inside. Fries were good too as there was a v light hint of truffle! Nothing special about the salad tho but overall good dish! The raspberry mint mocktail was ordinary as well, we felt that there were too many seeds inside so it made it hard to drink 😫

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