Burpple 1-1

Burpple 1-1

For what I’ve redeemed during my 1 year relationship with Burpple beyond!
Celine S
Celine S

Lots of salmon! Rlly on the creamy side sought be hit jelat

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Sooo worth w Burpple

V nice ambiance & hospitality

7.5/10 dish!

“Hack” : if it’s your first time visiting the store, sign up as a member of their chain brand, Black Hole Group at ( https://advo.io/u6zEFr ) and get $5 off your first meal! Membership is completely free 😉

V spicy (good for those who have a high spice tolerance), flavours blended well together & prawn was good!

Miso salmon was v nice and the miso sauce was amazing (only thing was wished there could have been more sauce)

Also their truffle fries is rlly worth your $$

V sad their Burpple 1-1 is coming to an end this September! :(

Something like bacon, this combo is even better than a chicken + waffles conbi!!! Sauce is g8 too

They recommended the natural jus sauce and it was a v good pairing. 300grams of ribeye for $30++ is v worth it!!!! And even more worth it with Burpple 1-1.

Truffle fries was cheap at $6 but the truffle taste wasn’t Super profound and it was a bit on the salty side.

Foie gras masago ($23) + truffle fries ($10) + welcome mocktail ($8)

Pasta was soo heart eyes...very generous with the masago it’s basically a carbonara + foie gas + masago!! Would rlly recommend this. Their truffles fries was also very generous and good for sharing.

Service staff here was amazing

Chicken & waffles ($20) & pulled pork tacos ($22) & summer ale ($14). Good chicken and semi dry pork. Also wished that the waffles were served crispier & hotter.

There’s happy hour before 8pm (for Budweiser & sg lager)!!! Also, staff here were v nice, they held the table for us even tho we were late 😅😅

used Burpple 1-1 so total bill came out to $44

A very wholesome plate - with a big piece of salmon fillet, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli & cherry tomatoes.

Would recommend this if you’re looking for something healthy!

We got the squid ink risotto ($18.90) & supposedly the tortellini pancetta ($14.90) but they run out of tortellini so we basically got linguine with truffle oil & bacon.

The squid risotto was soft & squid was cooked nicely. Only thing is that the there were a few bits which weren’t so smooth?

The linguine was Soo good tho. V generous with the bacon & truffle oil!

Overall v worth with Burpple beyond and this place doesn’t have gst or service charge!

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