Augustine List Of Wonders

Augustine List Of Wonders

Too lazy to create multiple list, all my reviews are dank and you should try them out (I don't review foods I didn't enjoy)
Augustine Hoe
Augustine Hoe

Chendol ice-cream, it's taste as sweet as me.(comment by girlfriend)


Their beef burger is alot like Barney actually, big, loveable and really generous. Not just their burger but their fries too because I am pretty sure we went home with ulcers developed from eating too much or their fries. Fusionopolis workers will probably miss eating at this place when they WFH. For those not WFH come and try this place if you have the time ah, come on. Do something.


Ever wondered why their mascot looks abit like Thanos? Because there's no balance of flavors in Their drinks. No, it's actually a good thing. You see I don't like those plain Jane milk tea that just taste like the teh bing from kopi house (cough TEEHO) cough cough. This store really makes sure that you're getting what you've ordered. I brought for my girl their macha latte and I swear I have never kena stun by a drink for 10+ seconds from the bitterness of the macha. My girlfriend likes it because that's just how she rolls. I brought their speciality mung bean milk tea and for some I never imagined that it would work but it did. Want to know how it taste like? Come down and try🔥
PS, their sugar level has no balance too, try to order below 10%-20%


This meal marks my $500 saved 😘, good stuff, I was born in the year of the mouse so obviously I have a thing for cheese. Why? Because the cheese reminds the mouse of the cow that brought it to win first place in the zodiac race.Duh, that's how science work. The food was good, environment was good and I would recommend y'all to check this place out if you have the time and if you're born in the year of the rat like me. (P.S. the cheese burger was made from cow so maybe that's why I liked it as well)


The last time I was happy to see foam on a duck was when I was a little baby playing with my rubber duckie in the shower. That foam reminded me of the childhood days when everything was carefree and not everything was about work and work and work. After tasting the duck I suddenly been drawn back into reality and realised that work = money = live like a king. I then proceed to order another one of this duck dish because I sure felt like a king when I was eating the dish. My English was C5


You know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words but not for this dish because it made me speechless after eating it. It's surprisingly extremely good. Damn if this is what a sin taste like then I am sure I kinda want to go to hell? Ok enough memes. Come and try this place out you won't regret it


No seriously, you're not. Hell, I don't even get how this store isn't popped off yet, I mean yeah I get it theres alot of steak houses in Singapore but this has to be one of the best steaks I have ever eaten. I know I said that for alot of steak houses I ate but this restaurant nailed every bit and delivered beyond expectations. Y'all "foodies" better come and try this place out before it's the Burrple beyond promotion is over. Peace👍


I can't spell my orders so I am just gonna call them the Mac and cheese and $20 sausage, food was pretty good but please give the Burrple premium members a chance to order the pork knuckle or sausage platter,I don't feel very German without them 🥺


We gotten the Dear Darla and BBQ chicken pizza and wah the Dear Darla made me accidentally call my girlfriend Darla instead of darling eh, not sure if it was worth the ear pinch but definitely would recommend the Dear Darla to all pizza enthusiast, steady lah yellow cab!


Okay listen here, I had alot of fish and chips in my foodie career and the best value for over 24 years of my life was Long John silver's. Now, before you start flaming me for lack of taste, I had ate in many F&C restaurants like BLISH AND FO, VANHALIAN BLISH GASKET and SICK BLISH DRAW GLISH. They all freaking suck and lost to LJS, ya I #saidit but today I found something that actually may BEAT LJS after 24 years of fried fish tasting... The Mad Sailor. We ordered the fish and chips as well as the Pesto fish and I have to say that I am now Nemo because I am hooked by what I ate today. If you ever need me, I'll be at the fish tank inside The Mad Sailor trying to hatch a plan to escape back into the ocean, but I'll probably end up back there anyways because the fish was absolutely succulent, flavourful and delicious. Peace out🤪 (P.S. LJS, I still love you)


The best Southern fried chicken in Singapore! Meat is tender and skin is crispy. The sauce was to die for, I had to use my tongue to lick the sauce off my fingers, girlfriend judged me but it's okay, she knows how good the sauce is as well. Excellent service too.

I eat KFC almost twice a week so I can vouch that this is one of the better fried chickens I had in Singapore. Kentucky step up your game pls😂


Delicious, juicy and perfectly cooked Ribeye steak. Every bite was packed with beefy tender goodness that will make you come back for more. People pay over $70 for a steak like this and I paid a mere 19.50.

Add that with the burpple beyond 1 for 1 offer and you're crazy to miss out of this offer.

Come and try before they explode in Popularity. The burger was good but I would had rather just gotten another steak 👍


What if... We like each other burpple reviews... Haha... Just kidding... Unless😳

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